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  • 17/2/20Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Biological StructureWilliam Buck Papers, 1965-96

    The collection is divided into two sections: 1) William Buck Personal Papers and 2) NationalAnimal Poison Control Center (NAPCC) Records.

    Box 1:


    CORRESPONDENCE (Primarily relating to Bucks work in veterinary toxicology)

    1971Re: The Society of the Sigma Xi1975-81Re: Diagnostic Laboratory19811981-87Re: Jonathan Baldwin Turner Merit Scholarship Program (2 folders)1982 (3 folders)1983General (2 folders)

    College of Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Biosciences Memoranda

    19841985 (2 folders)

    Veterinary Biosciences Memoranda1985-881986 (3 folders)198719881990-911990-94Dean V. E. Valli1991-9219921992-9619931994-961995-96


    William Buck et al., Clinical and Diagnostic Veterinary Toxicology (1973)ManuscriptWilliam Buck, editor, Current Veterinary Therapy: Food Animal Practice

    (1981)Correspondence, 1980-81



  • 17/2/20 2

    William Buck, editor, Clinical and Diagnostic Veterinary Toxicology: A SystemsAffected Approach (1991)Manuscript


    Box 2:

    Correspondence re: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1990-91Publishers Letters, 1990-91

    ARTICLES (Primarily Buck co-authored articles, folders numbered 149-369, with significantgaps therein.)

    Folders 149-311

    Box 3:

    Folders 312-369


    Graduate CollegeIowa State University, 1951-63Veterinary Toxicology ProgramIowa State University, 1970-75 (2 folders) Graduate StudiesUniversity of Illinois, 1977-78Toxicology Resident ProgramUniversity of Illinois, 1978National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Toxicology Training, 1981Veterinary Biosciences 320ToxicologyCourse Materials, 1978


    Veterinary Pathology 341Food Hygiene and Public HealthCorrespondence, 1982Veterinary Biosciences 456Veterinary Toxicology (Iowa State University), 1965-69 (2

    folders)Veterinary Biosciences 467 (3 folders)Veterinary Medical Sciences 492Toxicology of Heavy Metals (Iowa State University)

    Box 4:

    Veterinary Medical Sciences 492Toxicologic Pathology Seminar, 1979Veterinary Biosciences 496Toxicology of Metals and Trace Elements, 1985Graduate Toxicology Exam Questions (2 folders)American Board of Veterinary Toxicology Exam Questions, 1977

    GRADUATE STUDENTS (Primarily correspondence, letters of recommendation, and research

  • 17/2/20 3

    papers, 1978-1996)

    Albretsen, JayArnold, Edward KurtBerny, Philippe

    ThesisBiehl, Michael (2 folders)Bratich, PaulaCarlson, CarlaCoddington, Kathleen (2 folders)Cook, William (2 folders)Cook, RobertCote, Marie (2 folders)


    Box 5:

    Cullison, RichardDahlem, Andrew (2 folders)Fikes, JamesGaley, FrancisHall, Jeff (2 folders)Harman, JaneHautekeete, LarissaHooser, Stephen Blair (2 folders)Javed, TariqKiesche, Amy JeanKnupp, CatherineLambert, Richard Joseph (2 folders)Lorenzana, Roseanne (7 folders)Lovell, Randall

    Box 6:

    Lundeen, Greg (2 folders)Malpas, PhyllisMostrom, MichelleNicoletti, JeanPang, LeiPfeiffer, RichardPoortinga, ErnestPoppenga, RobertRobbins, RhondaSiegel, Art

  • 17/2/20 4

    Sullivan, JohnThompson, Larry (2 folders)Valentine, WilliamVan Etten, CarolVillar, DavidVolmer, PetraWong-Pack, Robert

    Box 7:

    CONFERENCES, MEETINGS AND LECTURES (Primarily correspondence and generalinformation)

    Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases, Chicago, November 29-December1, 1970

    Seminar, Clinical and Diagnostic Veterinary Toxicology, Albany, Georgia, March 25,1973

    American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, July 10-15, 1977Veterinary Toxicology Symposium, Utah State University, June 18-23, 1978American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, July 1979American Association of Veterinary and Laboratory Diagnosticians, Annual Meeting,

    San Diego, October 29-30, 1979Toxicology Training Workshop, Raleigh, North Carolina, April 28-30, 1980Toxicology in Swine, University of Illinois, May 1, 1980Food from Animals: Research to Feed the 21st Century, Boyne Falls, Michigan, May 4-

    9, 1980Techniques and Principles in Pathology and Toxicology, Cambridge, Massachusetts,

    August 11-15, 1980Talk re: Pour-on Insecticides, University of Illinois, September 12, 1980Mississippi Valley Veterinary Medicine Meeting, Peoria, Illinois, November 5-6, 1980Illinois Veterinary Medicine Association Meeting, Champaign, February 13-16, 1981Toxicology Problems Common in Livestock and Companion Animals, Jamestown, North

    Dakota, March 2-3, 1981WorkshopIllinois Agriculture, University of Illinois, March 23, 1981Annual Conference, North Central Regional Research Project, Columbia, Missouri,

    March 31-April 1, 1981University of California-Davis Faculty Retreat, Davis, California, May 19-22, 1981Toxicology Workshop, Ames, Iowa, June 3-4, 1981Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, Meeting, June 19, 1981American Veterinary Medical Association Convention, St. Louis, July 1981American Association of Poison Control Centers, Salt Lake City, Utah, August 4-6, 1981Dairy Fieldmans Conference, Champaign, September 15-16, 1981American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, St. Louis, October 12-

    13, 1981

  • 17/2/20 5

    Program Review, College Station, Texas, October 26-27, 1981American Public Health Association, Los Angeles, November 1-5, 1981Swine Health Clinic, Champaign, November 24, 1981Illinois Environmental Health Association, Decatur, Illinois, December 2, 1981American Association of Bovine Practitioners, Seattle, December 11, 1981American College of Veterinary ToxicologistsWestern States Veterinary Conference,

    Las Vegas, February 16-19, 1982Mycotoxins Committee, Denver, March 24-25, 1982Central Illinois Veterinarian Association, Springfield, March 31, 1982American Veterinary Medical Association Program, Salt Lake City, July 19-22, 1982New York State College of Veterinary Medicine Annual Conference, Ithaca, January 18-

    20, 1983Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, Chicago, February 11-13, 1983Buck Presentation Before Dr. Dennis Prager, University of Illinois, February 23, 1983Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association Speaking Engagement, February 25-27, 1983Eastern Idaho Veterinary Medical Association, Idaho Falls, March 3-5, 1983 (2 folders)Metropolitan New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association, Maplewood, New Jersey, May

    18, 1983Gordon Research Conferences, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 13-17, 1983American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Conference, New York City, July 20,

    1983Symposium, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, September 16, 1983National Association of Federal Veterinarians, Las Vegas, October 17-20, 1983Symposium on Mycotoxins, National Association of Cereal Chemists, Kansas City,

    Missouri, November 1-3, 1983Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, January 27-28,

    1984Toxic Plant Symposium, Brisbane, Australia, May 14-18, 1984Conference on Trichothecenes, Federation of American Societies for Experimental

    Biology, Saxtons River, Vermont, June 24-29, 1984Thirteenth World Congress on Diseases of Cattle, Durban, South Africa, September 17-

    21, 1984Panel on Toxic Microorganisms, United States-Japan Natural Resources Group, Ames,

    Iowa, October 11-13, 1984Environmental Residues Committee Meeting, United States Animal Health Association,

    Fort Worth, Texas, October 23, 1984 Food and Drug Administration Residue Symposium, Rockville, Maryland, November 7,

    1984Society of Toxicological PathologistsCanadian Chapter, Ottawa, Canada, November 9,

    1984Cooperative State Research Service, University of Illinois, December 3-5, 1984Environmental Toxicology Seminar, College Station, Texas, February 25, 1985Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, San Diego, March 18-22, 1985Annual Meeting, World Federation of Associations of Clinical Toxicology Centers and

  • 17/2/20 6

    Poison Control Centers, Lyon, France, April 22-23, 1985

    Box 8:

    Fourth Annual Midwest Meeting, Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Hillside,Illinois, June 17-19, 1985

    Gordon Research Conference on Trichothecenes, Plymouth, New Hampshire, June 17-21, 1985

    American Veterinary Medical Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, July 1985Annual Scientific Meeting, American Association of Poison Control Centers, Kansas

    City, Missouri, August 4-9, 1985American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Milwaukee, October

    1985Rumen Function Conference, Chicago, November 13-14, 1985Presentation, Missouri Livestock Council, February 19, 1986Seminar, Animal Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada, May 1, 1986Seminar on National Animal Poison Control Center, Animal Research Centre, Ottawa,

    Canada, May 8, 1986Pathologic Toxicology Program, Colorado State University, June 1986American Chemical Society, Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, Denver, June 8-12,

    1986 (3 folders)Conference on Trichothecenes, Federation of American Societies for Experimental

    Biology, Copper Mountain, Colorado, July 7-11, 1986Incidence of Bovine Toxicoses, American Veterinary Medical Association, Atlanta, July

    23, 1986World Congress on Diseases of Cattle, Dublin, Ireland, August 26-29, 1986 (2 folders)S. K. Ho Lectures, Ottawa, Canada, September 21-26, 1986American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Annual Meeting,

    Louisville, Kentucky, October 19-21, 1986United States Animal Health Association,