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Verbal Phrases: Participle Phrases

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Verbal Phrases: Participle Phrases. Participle: a form of a verb, acting as an adjective. Verbal Phrases. When a verb functions as another part of speech such as a noun, adjective, or adverb , it is called a verbal . What is this word’s function in the sentence?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Verbal Phrases: Participle Phrases

Participle Phrases

Verbal Phrases:Participle PhrasesParticiple: a form of a verb, acting as an adjectiveVerbal PhrasesWhen a verb functions as another part of speech such as a noun, adjective, or adverb, it is called a verbal.Types of Participles: Present and pastPresent Participles usually end in ing.Ex: frightening or aching

Past participles usually end in ed en,-t.Ex: annoyed or confusedEx: Fallen or BurntThe frightening clown scared the kids. What is this words function in the sentence?Annoyed, the teacherSighed at her class. What is this words function in the sentence?Participles act as adjectivesGrinning, ralph described that the island was good.Ralph could hear a tiny chattering noise.Deserted, the mountain was empty save for two abandon sticks and the thing that bowed.Frightened, samneric described that beast.Participial phrasesA participle can be expanded into a phrase by adding modifiers and complements.Traveling, the group arrived on time.Traveling quickly, we arrived on time.Traveling at breakneck speed, the car arrived on time.In this case, the entire participial phrase acts as an adjective.Combing sentences using participlesTwo sentencesWe were troubled by the lack of news.We checked our phones again.

The tree had fallen.It made a good place for a seat.

CombinedTroubled by the lack of news, we checked our phones again.Verbal Phrases:Gerund PhrasesGerund: A form of a verb that acts as a nounGerunds end in -ing-ing verbs that function as nouns in a sentence.

Functions of Nouns (Gerunds)Subject of a sentenceReading is my favorite pastime.Direct ObjectI gave my friend a painting.Indirect ObjectI will give horseback riding a try.Predicate Nominative (Noun)Her favorite sport is swimming.Object of a PrepositionThe students are good at writing.AppositiveHer profession, teaching, is stressfulVerbals: Verb, Participle or Gerund?The little girl is coloring in her room.The coloring book is her favorite possession.Coloring is her favorite thing to do.ActionDescribingSubjectGerund Phrases: Gerunds with modifiersThese phrases act together as nouns.The dogs constant barking woke the baby.

Running consistently makes for better exercise.

Sleeping on the job is frowned upon.

The woman tried dancing the salsa.

Verbal phrases:Infinitive PhrasesInfinitives can act as nouns, adjectives, or adverbsGenerally appears with the word to in front of it.Infinitives as nounsInfinitives used as nounsSubjectTo pass, you must study and complete homework.Direct ObjectThe friends decided to eat.Predicate Nominative (Noun)The prisoners only option was to surrender.Object of the PrepositionWhen I woke up, the bus was about to leave.AppositiveYou only have one choice, to go.Infinitives can also act as adjectives and adverbsThe witness showed a willingness to testify.The injured girl was not able to run.

What are these Inf. Phrases doing in these examples?

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