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  • Venu Govindaraju University at Buffalo
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  • Current Research Activities at CUBS Mainstream Research Biometric Identification Fingerprint Verification Hand Geometry Signature Verification Speaker Recognition Multimodal Biometrics Classifier Combination Information Fusion Storage of Biometric Data 2D barcodes Smart cards Materials and Light Sources Analog VLSI and Optical Detectors Exploratory Research Large Scale Biometric Databases Indexing and binning Soft biometrics Securing Biometric Data Template hiding Cancelable biometrics Personal Hashes Biometric Hardening Novel Applications of Biometrics Pervasive Computing Information assurance Biometric Encryption Chemical/Biological Biometrics Skin spectroscopy Perspiration/odor
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  • Teams Fingerprints Sharat Chikkerur Chaohang Wu Alan Tjea {ssc5,cwu3,tjea} Hand Geometry Amit Mhatre {ajmhatre} Face Catalog Zhi Zhang Karthik Sridharan Sankalp Nayak {zhizhang,ks236,snayak} Speech Accent Shamalee Deshpande {snd3} Biometric Hardening Sharat Chikkerur Amit Mhatre Large scale Databases Sharat Chikkerur Amit Mhatre Praveer Mansukhani Skin biometrics Sarojini Ramakrishnan {sr63} Biometric Hashing Sergey Tulyakov Faisal Farooq {tulyakov} Speaker ID Face Recognition Palmprint Skin biometrics Multimodal Biometrics Barcode representation Pervasive Computing Information Assurance Biometric Cryptography YOU!!
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  • Packaged Device Bright & Cartwright Sensors (Materials Development & Characterization) Titus Analog VLSI (Smart Systems) Biometric Authentication (Pattern Recognition & Analysis) Govindaraju Cartwright Light Sources (Materials Development & Characterization) Faculty Collaboration
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  • Intellectual Resources Faculty Interdisciplinary Faculty Collaboration School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering Dept. of Electrical Engineering UB School of Arts and Sciences Dept. of Chemistry UB Law School UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences UB School of Informatics Research Scientists Four full time research scientists Students One Post-doc Ten Ph.D. students Five M.S. students
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  • Material Resources Hardware Hand Geometry Recognition Systems:Hand Geometry Prototype acquisition and verification Fingerprint Ultrascan TM ultrasound sensor E-Pad TM capacitive sensor U.R.U TM optical sensor Signature E-Pad TM digitizer Logitech digital pen Infrastructure 6,000 sq. ft of office space shared with CEDAR. Solaris and Intel Computers Funding More than 1M dollars in current grants
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  • Industrial Collaboration Handwriting Recognition INS Forms processing Biometric Fusion Accuscript : Pen stroke dynamics Hand Geometry Indexing and binning Face recognition Soft biometrics
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  • Industrial Collaboration Unified Data Systems for Medical Rehabilitation Disease surveillance Medical Form processing AFIS Implementation Multi modal biometrics Biometrics enabled smart cards INHOUSE TRAINING IRELAND Biometrics awareness training
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  • Biometrics Definition Biometrics is the science of verifying and establishing the identity of an individual through physiological features or behavioral traits Examples Physical Biometrics Fingerprint, Hand Geometry,Iris,Face Measurement Biometric Dependent on environment/interaction Behavioral Biometrics Handwriting, Signature, Speech, Gait Performance/Temporal biometric Dependent on state of mind Chemical Biometrics DNA, blood-glucose
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  • Conventional Security Measures Possession or Token Based Passport, IDs, Keys License,Smart cards,Swipe cards, Credit Cards Knowledge Based Username/password PIN Combination of possession and knowledge ATM Disadvantages of Conventional Measures Do not authenticate the user Tokens can be lost or misused Passwords can be forgotten Multiple tokens and passwords difficult to manage Repudiation
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  • Need for biometrics Reliable authentication and authorization Billions of dollars are lost in identity theft and fraud Common security measures authenticate the token or password and not the user. Repudiation problems cannot be resolved even in the face of well documented audit trails. Identity management Managing multiple tokens, badges, usernames and passwords are cumbersome Maintaining such personally Biometrics cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen*
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  • Characteristics of Biometrics Universality Each person should have the biometric Uniqueness Any two persons should have distinctive characteristics Permanence Characteristic should be invariant over time Collectability Characteristic should be easy to acquire Acceptability Is non-intrusive and accepted by a large population Non repudiation User cannot deny having accessed the system
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  • The Field of Biometrics Biometrics grew out of different fields Speaker ID : Signal processing Face Recognition: Computer Vision Fingerprints : Forensics Biometrics is the confluence of several disciplines Sensors: electrical and mechanical engineering Pattern recognition, probability and statistics Image processing and computer vision Signal processing Algorithms and databases
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  • Uses of Biometric Systems Physical access control Airports, Banks, Industry Logical access control Computer/network logon, e-commerce Preventing identity fraud Social security (double dipping), Immigration, Border Control Information assurance Audit trails, Biometric cryptography protocols Securing pervasive environments
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  • Aspects of a Biometric Systems Sensor and devices Types of sensors Electrical and mechanical design Feature representation and matching Enhancement, preprocessing Developing invariant representations Developing matching algorithms Evaluation Testing System Issues Large Scale databases Securing Biometric Systems Ethical, Legal and Privacy Issues Ergonomics, usability
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  • Applications And Scope of Biometrics TechnologiesHorizontal ApplicationsKey Vertical Markets FingerprintCivil IDGovernment Sector Facial RecognitionSurveillance and ScreeningTravel and Transportation Iris ScanPC / Network AccessFinancial Sector MiddlewareRetail / ATM / Point of SaleHealth Care AFISCriminal IDLaw Enforcement Voice ScaneCommerce / Telephony Hand GeometryPhysical Access / Time and Attendance Signature Verification Keystroke Dynamics