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Value Of CMC ® Wayne Outlaw, CSP, CMC ® Clint Burdett, CMC ®. Value to the Profession. History 1968 - CMC originated in Canada, USA and UK An elite designation for large firm Partners 1988 - The International Council of Management Consultant Institutes (ICMCI ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Value Of CMC

Wayne Outlaw, CSP, CMCClint Burdett, CMC

2Value to the ProfessionHistory1968 - CMC originated in Canada, USA and UK An elite designation for large firm Partners1988 - The International Council of Management Consultant Institutes (ICMCI)2000s- ANSI, British Standards Institute, others to certify persons competence (ISO/IEC 17024)

Value to the ProfessionWhy have a certification of competence?Complete a rigorous examination process the certification standardAssure a client that the CMCs engagement work, training, professional development and ethics set them apartReciprocity with other Institutes

4Value to the ProfessionHow standard is set and maintained?

ICMCI Congress just approve an update to the international standard based on UK and USA frameworks

ICMCI every three years assesses an Institutes standard IMC USA Board of Directors approve our Competency Framework and Certification

Value to the ProfessionWhat is next?For the CMC the individualMore engagement with consultants, clients, and academia to validate and update the standardFor the Consulting FirmEurope agreed EN 16114 on the consultancy, now starting working group for ISO acceptance world wide

Value to consultantEstablish Brand as True ProfessionalEthics Policy Provides Framework for Professional DecisionsProvide Collegial Relationships to Foster SupportCreates referral Network of Trust-worthy ConsultantsProvides a Tested Source for Assistance to Expand Your Consulting Reach

Dont take my word for it!Value to consultant The era of everyone can be a coach also seems to be waning, as clients are looking for proven experts.

My clients are looking for consultants who are professional and provide value. It is important that our clients see the CMC as a brand they can trust.

Todays market emphasizes solutions built on the integration of the depth of expertise across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The CMC credential and networking opportunities have aided me in this process.

I think CMC is wonderful and a very worthwhile community of professionals. The profession is changing for the good; as more members are certified, and their work product(s) are requested, utilized and publicized.

Feeling of Self-worthConfidence When Your Propose/NegotiateOthers Recognize Your Accomplishments

Value to consultant

Value to consultantPossible intangiblesCreate Competitive Advantage/ Sets you apart from less committed participants in Consulting IndustryBranding/ Provides Visible Proof to Prospects/ Clients and others

Value to ClientEthics Policy mitigates riskClients can have confidence Consultants will be ethical and honor confidentialityConfidence the Consultant is qualified for project being undertakenConfidence in the Consultants professional relationship with staffProvide measure of security when making critical decision to engage a consultantValue to clientQuotes from CMCs

Large companies and Foreign Governments are gaining a better understanding of the value of the CMC Certification and they are specifically requesting certified consultants for their engagements. Clients appreciate the honesty of their business consultants. Given the economic downturn over the past few years, the management consultant has found the importance of being creatively proactive in assisting clients in the areas of strategic planning within organizations to develop new directions for economic advancement and longevity in the marketplace.Money is tight but value is the key. Credibility matters. Expertise matters. Maybe age does matter in a good way.

Ask the CMCs you meet here!Value to client

Confidential comments of clients in engagement summary indicate true value of those who become CMC

How you ContributePlace On Your Materials/WebsiteInclude in Your ProposalsSpeak on Consulting Profession and Certification

14To apply for the the by Step Webinar on Completing the