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    Primii pasi Tutoriale despre torrents

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    10-08-2007, 08:15 PM #1 (permalink)

    SesshoumaruThe Killing Perfection

    Join Date: Sep 2007Location: Western LandsPosts: 274Rep Power: 2

    Torrent Guide

    Torrent Guide

    This is the "General Preferences" screen, which is opened simply through "Options >Preferences" (or by pressing CTRL+P).

    [*] User Interface Settings

    > The Language dropdown menu allows you to select the language for the entire Torrent interface.In order for this to work, you must have installed the language pack (utorrent.lng) into Torrent'ssettings directory, or in the same directory as the Torrent executable itself.> The More... button opens the download page in your web browser, where you'll find the languagepack available for download.> check - Check for updates automatically tells Torrent to connect to the Torrent servers tocheck for newer versions upon startup (always best to have the latest version!)> check - Confirm when deleting torrents displays a dialog asking for confirmation when you try todelete a torrent job from the list. (can save you from deleting a torrent by mistake)> check - Show confirmation dialog on exit displays a dialog asking for confirmation when you tryto exit Torrent. (can save you from accidentally closing uT)

    [*] System Tray

    > uncheck - Close to tray will tell Torrent to close the main window to system tray rather than exitwhen the close button is used in the window title bar. (personal preference)> check - Always show tray icon will display the tray icon regardless of Torrent's main windowvisibility (unless hidden with the boss-key). If disabled, Torrent will only display the tray icon when itis closed or minimized to system tray. (personal preference)> check - Show balloon notifications in tray will display a bubble tooltip notification in the systemtray when certain events occur in Torrent, such as the download completion of a torrent job, anerror, and so on. (saves you from having to open it to check on the status)> check - Minimize to tray will tell Torrent to minimize the main window to system tray ratherthan the taskbar. (keeps the Task Bar clear as I always have uT open!)> uncheck - Single click on tray icon to open will make it so that it takes a single left-click on thetray icon to display or hide the main window. If left unchecked, it would require a double-click toachieve the same result. (personal preference)> check - Always activate when clicked will make it so that left-clicking (or double-clicking,depending on whether the single click tray icon option is enabled or disabled) the tray icon will onlyactivate the main window. If left disabled, Torrent would normally alternate between activating andhiding the window for the same action. (personal preference)

    [*] Display Options

    > check - Alternate list background color will make Torrent alternate the background color foreach item in a listview (be it the torrent jobs list, or one of the listviews in the detailed info pane)between white and gray. If disabled, Torrent will simply display a white background behind every

    Torrent Guide - TORRENTs.RO http://forum.torrents.ro/primii-pasi/108-utorrent-guide.html

    1 of 13 3/1/2009 1:08 PM

  • item in the listview. (very nice for a long list of torrents; keeps order)> check - Show current speed in the title bar displays the total upload and download rates in thetitle bar of the main window, before "Torrent". (always nice to have as much info handy as possible!)> check - Show graphical progress bar draws a progress bar for each torrent job in the torrentjobs list, behind the completion percentage. (same as above - as much info as possible is nice)> uncheck - Show speed limits in the status bar displays the global rate limit (if set) next to itscorresponding value in the status bar. (personal preference)

    [*] Windows Integration

    > check - The Associate with .torrent files button tells Windows to open .torrent files in Torrent.If maindoc.ico is present in Torrent's settings directory, it will be used as the icon for .torrent filesinstead of making Windows attempt to generate an icon automatically. (highly recommending - thisgreatly increases productivity!)> check - Check association on startup will tell Torrent to check associations with .torrent filesevery time it is opened. If this filetype is not associated when Torrent starts, the user will beprompted for further action. (makes sure other rouge programs don't alter .torrent association)> uncheck - Start Torrent on system startup will make Torrent start when Windows starts up.(personal preference - can degrade computer performance)

    This is the "Downloads Preferences" screen, which is shown by clicking "Downloads" on theleft of the Preferences window.

    [*] Location of Downloaded Files

    > check - Put new downloads in specifies the default location that the contents of newly addedtorrent jobs will be downloaded to. (Allows you to properly organize your torrents and save time)Upon checking the above setting, you'll be prompted for a location to put the torrents into. This iswhere torrents will download to by default. This is an excellent way to save yourself browsing for alocation (likely the same one) for each torrent. I've got mine set to a secondary hard drive in a foldernamed "Downloads". This is also the location you'll want to put the files for torrents you create beforeyou start seeding.> check - Always show dialog on manual add tells Torrent to display the Add New Torrent dialogeven if a default download location is. If left unchecked, Torrent automatically sets the downloadlocation to the specified location and adds the torrent job to the torrent jobs list accordingly, withoutuser intervention. (this allows you to alter the default location or pick and choose files)> uncheck - Move completed downloads to specifies the location that torrent contents that havefinished downloading should be moved to. (personal preference - good if you have limited space and fororganization)>> Only move from the default download directory tells Torrent to move torrent contents only ifit was saved to the directory specified under "Put new downloads in". If that option wasn't set, thisoption should be left disabled.>> Append the torrent's label to the directory name will add the torrent job's label to the paththat the torrent contents are moved to after they finish downloading.

    [*] When Adding Torrents

    > uncheck - Don't start the download automatically adds manually imported torrent jobs instopped mode. If this option is enabled, "Start torrent" in the Add New Torrent dialog will beunchecked by default (but can still be enabled). If that dialog is not enabled, torrent jobs will simply beadded in stopped mode, and will have to be started manually. (defeats the purpose of showing thedialog box)> check - Activate the program window will open the Torrent main window (if hidden, minimizedto system tray, or minimized to taskbar). If unchecked, Torrent will simply display the Add NewTorrent dialog. (personal preference - I like being able to instantly start the torrent)> check - Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent will tell Torrent to displaythe Add New Torrent dialog. If unchecked, Torrent will simply ask where you'd like to save the torrentcontents, assuming a default download location is not set. (to pick and choose files)

    [*] Other Settings

    > check - Append .!ut to incomplete files tells Torrent to append the .!ut extension to any file inthe torrent contents that still hasn't finished downloading. Once a file is completed, the extension getsremoved from it. Note that the state of this option takes effect immediately after the preferences aresaved, regardless of whether torrent jobs are started, stopped, paused, or queued. (personalpreference - this is a best way to keep track of downloading files)> uncheck - Pre-allocate all files tells Torrent to create and fully allocate every file you select todownload immediately after starting the torrent job. It cannot be used in conjunction with compactallocation or sparse files. Note that this option does not have an impact on fragmentation of your harddrive, as Torrent already allocates each file upon writing to disk even without this option. (personalpreference - not so good for limited HDD space if is checked)> check - Prevent standby if there are active torrents is self-explanatory; if there are activetorrent jobs, Torrent will attempt to keep the computer out of standby mode. (keeps system fromentering power saving mode)

    Torrent Guide - TORRENTs.RO http://forum.torrents.ro/primii-pasi/108-utorrent-guide.html

    2 of 13 3/1/2009 1:08 PM

  • This is the "Connection Preferences" screen, which is shown by clicking "Connection" on theleft of the Preferences window.

    Tutorial alcatuit de catre freedom @docs.torrents.ro.__________________This is the end ... DIE !!!

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    10-08-2007, 08:16 PM #2 (permalink)

    SesshoumaruThe Killing Perfection

    Join Date: Sep 2007Location: Western LandsPosts: 274Rep Power: 2


    [*] Listening Port

    > The Port used for incoming connections field specifies the port that Torrent should use to listenfor incoming connections. This port must be unfirewalled for optimal usage of Torrent. (I recommendsomething above 10,000 for good measure. You'll want to make sure this port is allowed throug

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