UTAT Acclimatization Stay Toubkal ascent 4167m! Toubkal ascent 4167m! D1 (30/09) - Transfer Airport

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Text of UTAT Acclimatization Stay Toubkal ascent 4167m! Toubkal ascent 4167m! D1 (30/09) - Transfer Airport

  • Duration: 3 days from 30/09 to 02/10/2019 or from 07/10 to 09/10/2019

    UTAT Acclimatization Stay Toubkal ascent 4167m!

  • D1 (30/09) - Transfer Airport Marrakech / Imlil Hostel D2 (01/10) - Hostel/ mountain shelter Caf Toubkal

    D3 (02/10) - Mountain Hut Caf Toubkal /Toubkal Summit / Imlil / Transfer Oukaïmeden Chalet CAF + half board

    - Qualified guide

    - Full board from the dinner of the day 1 to the breakfast of the of day 4

    Stay before UTAT

    D1 (07/10) - Transfer Oukaïmeden / Imlil Hostel D2 (08/10) - Hostel / Mountain Hut CAF Toubkal

    D3 (09/10) - Mountain Hut CAF /Toubkal Summit / Imlil / Transfer Oukaïmeden

    - Qualified guide - Full board from the lunch of the day 1 to the lunch of the day 3

    Stay after UTAT

    Price: 290.00 €


  • All inclusive package, let us guide you!

    We will welcome you directly upon your arrival at the Marrakesh Airport from where you will be driven to the village of Imlil, the small Berbers’ «Chamonix» where you will stay in a charming hotel. The next morning you will go to the Mountain Hut of the Toubkal (CAF) with your guide accompanied by mules for the transport of your luggage.

    After the end of the day in high altitude, a good dinner and a night rest,you will start very early the next morning by the light of your Headlamp to conquer the Toubkal and then, will walk down to Imlil.

    Note : The description refers to the stay before UTAT, but you also have the option to experience this stay after the UTAT races

    Why ?

    Jbel Toubkal, the highest point in North Africa with its 4167m is easy to reach from the UTAT playground. It is a great opportunity to achieve this climb of more than 4000m, accessible in «hiking» mode!

    Thus, we offer you to complete your stay UTAT by this climb to contribute to your acclimatization to the high altitude of the High Atlas before the race, or simply to add a new peak of + 4000 m in your list of Mountain races.

    Acclimatization to Altitude, Why?

    The UTAT is characterized By high altitude courses (average of 2 400m).Starting from 2,620m followed by 6 passes over 3000m, including a passage at 3690m, is one of the highest trials! *»

    However, it is possible to participate and even perform on the UTAT without any acclimatization. In fact, this stay is a new option, so almost all the previous participant didn’t get acclimatized and their race went well.

    After many requests, we ended up creating this short stay to give you the best chance of succeeding and to extend your exploration.

    *No technical means can replace physiological adaptation (source: Santé et Altitude/ARPE)

  • The perfect travel kits in the High Atlas The UTAT is taking place in a mountain environment with high altitude. Thus, it requires to be suitably equipped. In this period, it is common to face favorable weather during the day (sunny and temperatures between 20 ° C to 30 ° C). However, in the evening and at night the temperature drops dramatically (from 0 ° C to -10 ° C felt beyond 3000m). Sometimes a powerful wind, an intensive rain or even snow may occur above 2,500 / 3,000m.

    keep in mind that you are in high mountains!

    Clothes • Mountain pants and Bermuda shorts or shorts for the day, • Technical T-shirts and long Sleeved Base Layer, • Warm underwear and socks, such as «Odlo, HH, Icebreaker, etc...» • 1 Down jacket, • Warm fleece jacket, • Attire gore-tex (up and down mandatory), • Warm gloves and hat, buff, etc. (body’s extremities are vulnerables), • 1 hat, • 1 pair of sunglasses,

    Equipment • 1 small backpack (~ 30L) • 1 sleeping bag (0 ° C to 5 ° C) • Toiletry case and towels (fast drying) • Sunscreen and lip blame, • Survival blanket and a small knife, • Headlamp with replacement batteries, • Hiking or trail shoes (rugged mountain terrain, abrasive rock), • 1 pair of walking sticks (optional but strongly recommended), • Wipes (it’s convenient in bivouac) and toilet paper, • 1 small pharmacy kit for headaches (this is often the case in the first days with high altitude), stomach ache (It’s sometimes the case the first days of a change of environment) and others: paracetamol, anti-diarrhoeal drugs, Smecta, antibacterial gel, antiseptics and plasters • A tip for those who wear lenses: a humectant for eyes will be useful because the altitude, combined with the sun and the wind dries the eyes. (we recommend this product: «Optone» eye spray very easy to use in the outdoor environment).

    Accessories • A watch, •All the stuff you like to bring on a trip (camera, MP3, solar charger (there is no electricity in the mountain and batteries get discharged faster with cold temperature)

    Conclusion Keep in mind that you will be in high mountains and that the first concern in this environment must be security. Thus even if the weather is often nice in the Atlas, you must have appropriate equipment to deal with any unexpected situation.

    Have a good stay with us! Utat team