USING THE VLN Suzie Vesper Former Digi Advisor - CORE Education Current Teacher – Mount Pleasant School

Using the vln

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Page 1: Using the vln

USING THE VLN Suzie Vesper Former Digi Advisor - CORE Education Current Teacher – Mount Pleasant School

Page 2: Using the vln

Getting started

Page 3: Using the vln


If you have a Google account and are logged in to it, you can choose this option. You will then continue to select this each time to log in.

Click ‘Register’ if you don’t want to use a Google Account.

http://vln.school.nz Click ‘Log in’

Page 4: Using the vln


If you chose to not link to a Google account, complete the form and click ‘Register’. Check your email for the confirmation link. If you don’t use a school.nz email address, it can take up to 24 hours to be approved.

Page 5: Using the vln

Logging in

Click ‘Log in’ Enter your

details OR use the Login via Google option.

Tick the ‘Remember me’ box to make logging in easier in the future.

Page 6: Using the vln

Your dashboard When you have logged in, you are taken to your dashboard. This is your own personalised landing page. You can customise some parts of this space.

Page 7: Using the vln

Your dashboard Activity – this is a space where you can see what members of the community are doing. This can be useful to help you find interesting groups, resources and discussions. You can also post comments here which others can see.

Page 8: Using the vln

Your dashboard VLN News – This is a space where the VLN online facilitators and support technicians post important information for all VLN members to be able to access. This includes upgrade information and PLD opportunities.

Page 9: Using the vln

Your dashboard Widgets– Adding other widgets

Click ‘Add widgets’ to view other widget options. Click again to close options.

Page 10: Using the vln

Your profile Your profile is where you can add information about yourself.

Click on the silhouette in the top left corner.

Page 11: Using the vln

Your profile ‘The wire’ posts – If you have put a status update on ‘The Wire’, you will be able to see it here. Click ‘Update’ to put on a new post.

Page 12: Using the vln

Your profile Changing your picture – You can upload a photo of you or upload a picture to represent you (an avatar).

Click ‘Edit avatar’ to change your picture.

Then choose a picture file to upload.

You can drag a square on your image to choose the section you want.

Page 13: Using the vln

Your profile Editing your profile – Your profile can include information about you and your role. You can include your location, interests, skills and contact details. You can set the level of access for each thing.

Click ‘Edit profile.

Fill in any of the information you feel comfortable sharing.

Click the arrow to set the level of access.

Page 14: Using the vln

Your profile Editing your profile theme – You can have an image in the background of your profile and can have a banner (logo) at the top.

Click ‘Edit profile theme.

Page 15: Using the vln

Making friends The VLN is a social place and you can ‘friend’ people the same way as you can in other social networks. Advantages of doing this is that you can be informed when those people add content or comments. You can also view their profile if they have set the level of permission to ‘Friends only’.

Page 16: Using the vln

Making friends Accessing your friend lists and tools – You can access the list from the top left menu or from clicking ‘More’ and then ‘Friends’. You will also see a number on the top left picture if you have friend requests.

Click here to view your friends and to invite more.

Page 17: Using the vln

Making friends Inviting friends – You can send people a message requesting to be their friend if you know their email address. Otherwise, you can click on a person’s name where you can see their activity in the VLN to take you to their profile. You can then request to be their friend there.

Click on a name Click on ‘Add friend’

Page 18: Using the vln

Making friends Creating friend groups – You can organise your friends into groups and then that group becomes one of the options you can choose when deciding the level of access for each thing you post to the VLN.

You will see this group listed for each thing you add within the VLN.

Page 19: Using the vln

Finding and joining groups

Page 20: Using the vln

Finding groups to join There are many different groups you can join in the VLN or you can set up some yourself.

Click on ‘Groups’

Look at the popular groups

Latest discussion highlights the active groups.

Featured groups are also a great starting place.

Click ‘Join Group’ when you go to the group page.

Page 21: Using the vln

7 day challenge for using Māori language

ICT teaching and learning curriculum pathways

Examples of group discussions

Examples of group bookmarks

ICT in schools survey 2011 results

NZ education review: ICT and Procurement

e-learning roundups (across the VLN)

Examples of group blog posts

Future orientated teaching and learning in NZ

Examples of webinars (upcoming and recorded)

How to use VLN groups/ Enabling e-learning

Unpacking the Science Learning Hub

Page 22: Using the vln

Technologies to capture student progress

Talking about Facebook with students

Examples of group discussions

Olympics: Digital resources

Examples of group bookmarks

Tips for starting a class blog

Blogging and web 2.0 considerations

YouTube: Teachers Channel

About learning and not just technology

Examples of group blog posts

Maths in a digital world

Useful Māori related digital content

Page 23: Using the vln

Are you and your school cyber secure?

Internet filters and best practice

Examples of group discussions

e-books: How do you manage them?

Examples of group bookmarks

How to best utilise an LMS

Top 100 tools for learning 2011

Techies for schools: Online forum

Page 24: Using the vln

Tip tips for posting and learning online

How do your curate web content?

Examples of group discussions

How to run an online workshop/ webinar

Examples of group bookmarks

Teachers need as much scaffolding as kids

How to best search on the net?

VLN group: Videos for PD

Page 25: Using the vln

Is e-learning improving achievement?

Is it the technology or the leadership?

Examples of group discussions

Golden rules for your e-learning strategy.

Examples of group bookmarks

Thinking e-Strategically

Bringing communities into the school

Connected principals blog

Managing BYOD at Albany Senior High

Examples of group blog posts

Critical buddies and ‘Teaching as inquiry’

Using ICT tools to reflect on your teaching

Page 26: Using the vln

Staff taking iPads home?

iPads in the junior classroom

Examples of group discussions

Setting up…things I wish I knew then

Examples of group bookmarks

iPad resource collection

Teachers guide on the use of iPads in education

Preparing your school for iPad implementation

Collaborative whiteboards

Examples of group blog posts

What apps have you got?

Apps for special need students