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U.S. Department of Defense and International Public Health LT Mazie Barcus U.S. NAMRU 2 Jakarta, Indonesia

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Text of U.S. Department of Defense and International Public Health LT Mazie Barcus U.S. NAMRU 2 Jakarta,...

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  • U.S. Department of Defense and International Public Health LT Mazie Barcus U.S. NAMRU 2 Jakarta, Indonesia
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  • OCONUS Medical Research Units Central Coordinating Hub DoD Overseas Laboratories WRAIR NMRC Peru Kenya Egypt Thailand Indonesia
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  • Mission of the Overseas Labs Conduct scientific research on infectious diseases of military importance Overlap between military relevance and host-nation public health priorities Technology transfer to host nation Global Emerging Infections System 1996 Presidential Directive Surveillance of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases Host-nation capacity building
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  • DoD GEIS Initiatives 1.Enhance surveillance and response components of international public health infrastructure Surveillance for drug-resistant malaria, antibiotic- resistant enteric organisms, influenza, and unexplained febrile illness Partnering with international aid organizations and foreign health ministries to improve their ability to participate in an international surveillance network
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  • DoD GEIS Initiatives 2.Enhance biomedical and behavioral research efforts on emerging infectious diseases Collaborate with Military Infectious Disease Research Program Use GEIS-generated surveillance data to guide research efforts in areas like drug development
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  • DoD GEIS Initiatives 3.Expand formal training and outreach to health care providers Support training of foreign scientists, epidemiologists and technicians Outbreak investigation courses, health care provider courses, technology transfer
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  • DoD GEIS Initiatives 4.Encourage high priority status for emerging infectious diseases and support WHO and other bodies in playing a stronger role in the surveillance, prevention, and response to emerging infectious diseases Building bridges between international aid agencies, donor agencies, foreign governments, militaries and the UN.
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  • GEIS at NAMRU-2 Surveillance for drug-resistant malaria
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  • NAMRU-2 Organized an Intervention Address the immediate threat of epidemic malaria in the Menoreh Hills Ministry of Health: CDC and NIHRD Provincial Health Officers District Health Officers WHO in Geneva Effective therapy USAID/Jakarta US$500,000 via WHO
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  • NAMRU-2s Direct Role in the Intervention Provided plan of action for the intervention Engaged international agencies for monetary support Training and infrastructure for post-marketing surveillance of Coartem Monitored the impact of the intervention monitoring passive surveillance data pre- and post-intervention prevalence surveys Operational research in the Intervention Area Vector bionomics Clinical trial of CQ + S/P Malaria KAP study
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  • NAMRU-2s Continued Efforts Against Malaria on Java Transition from unsustainable intervention to sustainable capacity building Incubate and nurture a NGO that can partner with USAID and other donors to re-build the infrastructure for malaria control
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  • USAID/NAMRU-2 Partnership Agreement to bring long-term USAID resources to bear on malaria problem on Java $4 million over 4 years Utilize NAMRU-2s assets in the region to re- establish malaria control infrastructure 32 year relationship with Ministry of Health partners Resident expertise in malaria Working relationships with international agencies engaged in malaria control
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  • Goals of the USAID/NAMRU-2 Collaboration Capacity building along 5 tracks: Community Participation Diagnosis Treatment Vector Control Surveillance
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  • International Public Health and the DoD Mission: infectious disease research of military importance Convergence of purposes with developing countries public health threats Technology transfer to host nation GEIS: fully-sanctioned platform for capacity building in infectious disease surveillance and control

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