Untold Shaheeds

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During 16th to 18th century , when mughal raj was in india , lot of discrimination killings happend in name of religion . Sikhism during that era had 9lakhs Shaheeds . This presentation particularly tells about some of the untold Shaheeds of that era

Text of Untold Shaheeds

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"Guru ji, your Sikhs need you, you must leave immediately", said Bhai Mani Singh to Guru Gobind Singh ji, requesting him to accept Aurangzebs offer to leave Anandpur unharmed.

Khalsa ji, you are my Guru; I shall do as you say. We will leave tomorrow", replied Guru Gobind Singh ji. His Gursikh soldiers listened carefully.

"But", Guru ji added, "Bibi Dalair Kaur ji, I want you and the rest of my daughters to stay here along with 10 Khalsa men and guard Anandpur fort."

"Pita Ji, bless us so we may fulfill this duty well," replied Bibi Dalair Kaur.

As soon as Guru Gobind Singh Ji left the fort, The Mughals and the Hill Chiefs broke their promise and fought the Khalsa at the bank of the Sirsa River.

The news of betrayal by the Mughals and the Hill Chiefs soon reached Dalair Kaur.

Dalair Kaur prepared her troops for battle. "Brothers and Sisters, we have given our heads to the Guru and received Khande-ki-Pahul. Now its time to make it fruitful." she said. "Pick up your guns; we will fight till the end. She roared like a lioness

The remaining Mughal soldiers rode to Anandpur fort to claim victory, burning and looting everything in their way.

Mughal soldiers thought the fort was empty. A surprise rain of bullets killed hundreds of soldiers outside the fort. Many Mughal soldiers ran for their lives.

A furious Mughal commander screamed at his men, "FIRE THE CANNONS!"

The cannons broke through a wall. Seeing nobody in the fort, soldiers charged inside. As they entered, there again was a rain of bullets, and line after line of soldiers dropped dead to the ground.

The Mughal commander ruthlessly sent in more troops. Eventually, the Khalsa women ran out of bullets.

Dalair Kaur knew they couldnt hold out much longer, and gathered the Singhs and the Kaurs for a last word.

Brothers and Sisters she said, Our Guru, our father, always preserves the honor of his sons and daughters. We are all trained warriors and we will die fighting. We will fulfill the duty given by our Guru Ji and while we are alive, we wont let the enemy set foot in the fort.

The assistant commander ordered their men, FIRE THE CANNONS! Intense firing of the cannons destroyed the already weakened wall. The wall fell on the brave Khalsa warriors positioned behind it.

With no one in sight, thousands of troops marched into the fort. Soldiers searched cautiously, expecting an attack.

Finding no one, they concluded that the remaining Khalsa warriors must have escaped through a secret passage.