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    College of Arts and Humanities

    TSL3346 Syllabus

    Department Dept. of Modern Languages & Literatures, CNH523

    Course Title ESL as an International Language

    Course Number TSL3346

    Course Credit 3 hours

    Semester Fall 2014

    Instructor Marcella A. Farina, Ph.D.

    Telephone 407.823.0887, TESOL office

    407.823.2472, Department office

    E-mail All course correspondence should be through the CANVAS Inbox.

    Class Meeting Info NSC116

    Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1.30pm-2.45pm

    Office Hour Info CNH532

    Tuesdays, 3.45pm-5.45pm & Thursdays, 12.15pm-1.15pm


    This course will focus on English as it relates to native and non-native speakers. Topics include

    grammar, pronunciation, cross-cultural issues, and details about teaching English worldwide.

    Approximately 15% of class time is spent actually working with English Language Learners

    (ELLs) at UCF's Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies (CMMS) through their

    Conversation Hour Program. Students in this course will have a chance to apply what they learn

    about English as a Second Language (ESL) with these ELLs.


    1. English: Demonstrate solid knowledge of English grammar for native speakers. 2. English: Recognize and avoid common native speaker grammatical errors. 3. English: Demonstrate knowledge of grammar for English Language Learners. 4. English: Understand what vocabulary in a second language entails. 5. English: Understand some of the difficult issues in English pronunciation. 6. Job: Identify best current job markets for teaching English overseas for you. 7. Job: Learn about Internet sites to locate potential teaching jobs. 8. Job: Be able to analyze job announcements critically. 9. Job: Identify value of various TEFL certificate programs, especially those online. 10. Job: Understand some of the cultural differences in various EFL destinations. 11. Job: Learn to create an appropriate CV for your target country. 12. English + Job: Comprehend and communicate with nonnative speakers of English in


    13. English + Job: Gain experience working with English Language Learners from various countries.

    14. English + Job: Recognize ELL grammar problems by the speaker's native language.

  • COURSE MATERIALS (required)

    Folse, K. (2009). Keys to teaching grammar to English language learners: A practical

    handbook. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

    NOTE: Royalties from this textbook are donated to a TEFL scholarship fund at UCF

    for UCF students to teach abroad for a short time (e.g., a month or a semester) to gain

    EFL teaching experience. This may be used for any semester for any type of EFL

    teaching (normal contract, volunteer, study abroad). For more details, refer to

    Two BROWN Scantron forms



    There is NO make-up credit for missed lecture or CMMS sessions. There are NO make-up

    quizzes or make-up exams. There is NO extra credit. There is NO partial credit. Late

    submissions will NOT be accepted.

    Attendance (10%): Attendance counts as a percentage of your overall grade. Much of

    your learning in this course, especially the work with ELLs at the Center for Multilingual

    Multicultural Studies (CMMS), depends entirely on class attendance. Logically, if you

    are not in class, you are not able to participate.

    Attendance IS taken at every class meetings. Therefore, it is imperative that you attend

    ALL lecture class meetings and all CMMS class meetings in order to do well in this

    course. Follow the lecture/CMMS schedule on this syllabus according to the group to

    which you are assigned:

    Group 1 (Last names A-K)

    Group 2 (Last names L-Z)

    For lecture class meetings, a sign-up sheet will be passed around the classroom. For

    CMMS class meetings, attendance will be obtained from the CMMS sign-in sheet. It is

    YOUR responsibility to sign each lecture/CMMS sign-in sheet at each class meeting.

    If you miss a lecture class meeting, it is recommended that you get the notes from a

    classmate. The instructor will not provide written notes or power-point images for

    lectures missed.

    CMMS Reflections (10%): An integral part of this course is the time that you will spend

    working with ESL students in the CMMS Conversation Hour Program. It is expected that

    you attend ALL the CMMS Conversation Hour sessions as indicated on the course

    syllabus. For each session, you will write a short summary of what transpired as well as a

    reflection of that interaction. CMMS Reflection Guidelines, which also includes a sample

    reflection, and the task rubric can be accessed through the course website under

    ASSIGNMENTS on the left sidebar. Reflections are due by noon (12.00pm) the Sunday

    following the CMMS class meeting. See the course website for exact due dates/times.

  • Video Reports (10%): The grammar- and vocabulary-related can be accessed through

    the course website under ASSIGNMENTS on the left sidebar. Follow the instructions of

    the module as indicated, and make sure to complete one grammar and one vocabulary

    task per week. Check the course website for specific due dates/times.

    Assignments (20%): The course includes several assignments related to TEFL

    employment in the world. Make sure to complete each assignment before the due


    Quizzes (10%): This course has 25-30 quizzes on the course reading assignments that

    must be completed BEFORE class. The purpose of these quizzes is to familiarize you

    with the material before you come to class. They are not timed, and it is expected that

    you will consult your books and other materials. You may take quizzes twice, and only

    your higher score will count. In addition, the three lowest quiz scores will be dropped.

    Quizzes are due by the due date/time indicated in CANVAS. If you miss a quiz, your

    score is zero. ALL of the quizzes are open from now until their due date, so you can (and

    should) work ahead, especially if you anticipate being busy in a given week.

    Exams (40%): The mid-term and final exams will include multiple-choice questions,

    short answer, and essay questions and will be administered in class. The mid-term exam

    covers course content up through the lesson preceding the exam and takes place during

    regular class time. However, the final exam is comprehensive and does not take place

    during regular class time, so make sure to know the date/time so that you dont miss it.

    Both exams are indicated on the COURSE SCHEDULE.

    ***Remember to bring a BROWN Scantron***

    Grading Scale

    Percentage range Letter grade

    93 100 A

    90 92 A-

    87 89 B+

    83 86 B

    80 82 B-

    77 79 C+

    73 76 C

    70 72 C-

    60 69 D

    59 0 F


    Week Date Group 1 (last names A-K) Group 2 (last names L-Z)

    1 8/19

    Lecture Topic: Course Introduction & CMMS

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Buy course textbook

    Review CANVAS course website & course syllabus


    Lecture Topic: TEFL Jobs & Questions to Ask

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Complete MODULES/Course Introduction & CMMS

    Complete MODULES/TEFL Jobs & Questions to Ask

    2 8/26

    Lecture Topic: Fulbright English Teaching Assist Fellowship, Guest Speaker

    Dr. Keith Folse

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Complete MODULES/Fulbright; peruse the application; bring any questions

    to class

    Complete MODULES/English Language/Native Speaker Pre-test

    8/28 Lecture Topic: Teaching in Latin American, Guest Speakers Ms. Sibley

    Brown (Dominican Republic)

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Complete MODULES/Latin America; complete QUIZ Central/South



    Lecture Topic: Teaching in Asia, Guest Speakers Mr. Chad Hernet (Peace

    Corps) & Mrs. Karen Tinsley-Kim

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Complete MODULES/Asia/Japan; complete QUIZ Japan

    Read KEYS 4.11 & 4.12 (Hot Seat Questions); complete QUIZ 22

    3 9/4

    Lecture Topic: Teaching in the Middle East, Guest Speakers Ms. Courtney

    Jorgensen (Morocco) & Ms. Heidi Jo Barlett (JET & Columbia)

    Do BEFORE Class:

    Complete MODULES/Middle East; complete QUIZ Middle East

    Read KEYS 4.8-4.10 (Hot Seat Questions); complete QUIZ 20

  • Week Date Group 1 (last names A-K) Group 2 (last names L-Z)

    4 9/9

    CMMS Conversation Hour

    Do AFTER Conversation Hour


    Submit CMMS Reflection

    Lecture Topic: What to teach & 8

    parts of speech

    Before Class:

    Read KEYS 1.1 & 1.2; complete

    activities; check answers; complete

    QUIZ 2

    Read KEYS 2.2; complete QUIZ 6


    Lecture Topic: What to teach & 8

    parts of speech

    Before Class:

    Read KEYS 1.1 & 1.2; complete

    activities; check answers; complete

    QUIZ 2

    Read KEYS 2.2; complete QUIZ 6

    CMMS Conversation Hour

    Do AFTER Conversation Hour


    Submit CMMS Reflection

    5 9/16

    CMMS Conversation Hour

    Do AFTER Conversation Hour


    Submit CMMS Reflection

    Lecture Topic: Prepositions; Idioms

    & Phrasal Verbs



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