Universalist Congregation River Road Unitarian River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River
Universalist Congregation River Road Unitarian River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River
Universalist Congregation River Road Unitarian River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River
Universalist Congregation River Road Unitarian River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River

Universalist Congregation River Road Unitarian River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River

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  • River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation 6301 River Road, Bethesda, MD 20817 301-229-0400 www.rruuc.org

    eWeekly Newsletter: March 8 - 17, 2018 Our Vision: to grow and deepen in Fellowship, Spirit, and Service for all ages

    Here's What's Happening Sunday, March 11 two services at 9:15 and 11:15am

    Cultivating Compassion Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd

    Senior Minister The Vietnamese teacher and monk Thich Nhat Hanh

    once wrote, "Compassion is a Verb." It is a thing you do, and a key aspect of a way of being. How can we cultivate compassion in

    ourselves? What about cultivating compassion in the world around us?

    Contemporary Issues Forum (CC&C), 10:25am, Fireside France and the Dreyfus Affair

    Margery Elfin, Author & History Chair, Hood College When France tried the Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus for treason, the media spotlight put the nation on trial and coined the moniker "the Dreyfus Affair." Media coverage and realist writer Emile Zola's fiery critique of French society played an important role in transforming

    public discourse in the 20th century, as does the internet in our times. Elfin believes the French are learning that culture evolves as

    demographics change. And it seems that it's something we, as Americans, are struggling with. Who is American? Who do we wish to allow to become Americans? We have a lot to learn from this history.

    Social Justice Giving in March March's Designated Gift Organization is Shepherd's Table Cultivating Compassion by Feeding the Hungry

    Cultivating compassion means looking out for others, hearing them, helping them, being there for them. One of the ways we can help those less fortunate than we are is to feed those who are hungry. RRUUC, together

    with 29 other congregations, participates in the Shepherd's Table soup kitchen, where we serve and interact with

    people who need and very much appreciate our help. You can volunteer to join us there and you can contribute to funding

    Shepherd's Table. Our collection during this Sunday's service will go to Shepherd's Table. Or you may click here to give now. Please give generously. See us in the Fellowship Hall after the service to


    Daylight Savings Time starts on Sunday, March

    11! Change your clocks

    Saturday night; move one hour later.

    It's also a good time to change your smoke detector batteries!

    Activity Groups News

    Mindful Knitters Monday, March 12, 7:30pm

    Fireside Room

    Evening Book Group

    Tuesday, March 13, 7:30pm Room 30

    The book is Leaving Berlin

    by Joseph Kanon

    International Dinner March 14

    Penang Malaysian Rest 4933 Bethesda Ave. Contact Ursula Scott

    before Tuesday March 13. ALL are welcome!

    Morning Book Group Friday, March 16, 9:45am

    Community Events

    http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzNjCtTmmFutkW6HgdZQEKxk90iwpPfza6jnYwrjznp5efBbT59v_vYQN-at_SrHz2iIwSnzSgu3MIXTign0EWsghcBpA9DNM2PVaVts0FeX1BUvFyozeoTw=&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzIbTMPeeuZ83S5zJW1nfWpNBcfUV9CazGAln4PqV3_w20qDFNIxtC7gS2LtIWSE6iJi6u1c53ZqMVcB9Gr5koXzw3G17WRzixvU8yQeSYcWdI8hzaDt1zSacQu1MLr6M5BKw-bTJEnl-BN7iLMFD6vXdKJttSZ6EZlkUT1l1EvxFVYTrjszUjI2I28VnFSLWYw==&c=&ch= mailto:ursulakscott@verizon.net

  • Our Rise Against Hunger Serving Together Project this Sunday, March 11!

    What a great group of volunteers we have - a big thank you to all who have registered. Here are some reminders before Sunday:

    RRUUC Youth Group will be offering a light lunch! They will be accepting donations for lunch and anything over the cost of the food will be donated to Rise Against Hunger. How cool is that? Don't worry if standing at a table for a couple of hours is a challenge; you can take breaks and we'll have others that can fill in to help. When we start setting up at 12:30, it will seem a little chaotic, but don't worry! Rise Against Hunger has done hundreds of these events and once we start rolling, it really moves along fast. We'll have tables and stations to work at and the RAH staff person, Joe, will get us all organized. Thank you for registering. Every meal we make together on Sunday matters to the person who receives it and we'll be making over 20,000.

    See you Sunday after the second service! Questions? Contact Rev. Kären.

    Congregational Care Notes Have a pastoral care need? Wondering how to connect? Rev. Nancy has moved into leadership in our pastoral care programs, and is grateful to share that work with the Congregational Care Team and our wonderful intern Alexa. Some of you may be wondering how to connect to Rev. Nancy and other pastoral resources when you need them most. Here are a few tips:

    For non-emergencies, you can email care@rruuc.org That address is checked frequently and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For more urgent matters, you can call Rev. Nancy's line in the office, which is forwarded when appropriate for quicker access. This number is 301-229-0400x106

    Stewardship Campaign for 2018-2019 Pledge Now!

    From the Co-Chairs Thank you - as of this week $385,450 has been

    pledged, putting us 40% of the way to our goal of $970,000! Of course, that means we have 60% to go - but we have made a good start. Our thanks to the 114 congregants/households

    who have pledged; if you have not yet done so, please remember the campaign is shorter this year, ending on April 1. Only 3½ weeks to go

    - please pledge now!

    As we talk with people about the campaign, it is abundantly clear

    4th Annual Voices from the Holy Land 2018 Film Series Sunday, March 11, 2:30pm, St. John's Norwood Episcopal Church, Second films - two shorts Gaza: A Gaping Wound and Bethlehem: Hidden from View

    An opportunity to learn about and enter into conversation

    about justice, human rights and peace in the Holy Land. Sponsored by a coalition of interfaith/interdenominational organizations, including RRUUC. More information here on full schedule of films and locations. All films are free.

    Jim Scott in Concert, Saturday, March 17, 7pm The UU Congregation of Columbia, Owen Brown Interfaith Center One World Coffeehouse concert, featuring beloved UU composer and singer-songwriter, Jim Scott. Over a dozen songs in our "Singing the Journey" blue hymnal are attributed to him as well as the celebrated "Missa Gaia - Earth Mass" written in collaboration with the Paul Winter Consort. Proceeds fund UUCC's charitable outreach. More info.

    Get Your Tickets Now for "Equipping Resistance"! Register here. 2018 UU Christian Fellowship Revival is March 16-17

    First UU Church of Richmond, Virginia The theme is "Equipping Resistance" and we will provide theological and spiritual grounding for people engaged in any way in the Resistance. In addition to incredible speakers, we'll have a hymn-sing, a documentary screening, plus delicious food and time to reflect and connect. We're honored to have the powerful gospel choir Rev. D. Kay Logan & Nu

    mailto:krasmussen@rruuc.org mailto:care@rruuc.org http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzDkRRCKJUHtWN0Ymgd2TTd05BRmIJTQ0F4Yy44cQkBvFcwUmbyjzbFUDL2Zksg0qN7DlxaxzWdkruM6dzYmDhzaFGMfjFqUhPfxaBWipx2idJXlh03EqIEt0bGf6kc6lj7ocIhKRBx1GEZNqoLn0LYpXQW6rGsIPnNKAn77Kv4Qj&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzB8RCR5KA64ZOdYsDZwJcaJI7VQa1_aumRepjlYovRTdKE0lWtyW-MKQhcWqg2QWPu3lBG048HG1lAps154smAdU5mNb7ciX7PHBL3Vv6ZNk5id584sN1TFkY5TCiNPapZvSZ4L1VxoIET0gHTDjGuA=&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzIbTMPeeuZ83796jVHtnQdYoJw_7XytW3Nf8t67xLAZ3NKkWI_c4U3kyjrw1yoOlR7EgovEg8NbY_6lRh6M5LkhBumBeZM5BWAxs_0-HsZ1jOejEyqG-iL_geVthXZ3PFg==&c=&ch= http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Dep-a0ww3pm6jqqbSxCVVG8_qUJYdZNnJNnfOKfo-yARZqQe9o4wzDkRRCKJUHtWTyIjQUVSaUi3Yl8PSGbv3APArDw6SXgjHq7xaqYLM7SBgytOG59wjJmbDWjpTFDfNvI1FT-B51LXl0PQw7TV0dAfXIE5XPpzyr7MntAEiMQg154LEyLf6bF4MYukC-UG&c=&ch=

  • that pledge decisions are not simple. They are rooted in each person's life situation - financial resources available, involvement with

    River Road, commitment to the congregation. We know that to compare any two pledges is to compare apples and oranges: a

    pledge of $300 from one person can represent the same commitment to River Road as a pledge of $3,000 from someone

    else. We honor and appreciate pledges of any size.

    You may recall the bird cutouts from last year's campaign. They were put on the glass of the bridge to represent pledges received;

    everyone we have spoken with thought they were beautiful, that they caught the light and created a special atmosphere on the bridge.

    The birds were used to acknowledge those who pledged, with each

    bird having the name of an individual donor. Some congregants have told us they thought this was inappropriate. The tension, of course, is that it is important that we acknowledge all donors - those pledging a large amount and those pledging less. This year the birds will go on

    the glass without individual names, and at the close of the campaign we will recognize all donors by donor category. A reminder: you may

    request that your pledge remain anonymous.

    Following each service this Sunday, March 11, we will be in Room 32, available to discuss the stewardship campaign with those who

    care to join us.

    Peter & Mimi

    Events at RRUUC

    Newcomer Brunch, Sunday, March 18, after each service, Fiat