United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) Revised documents and procedures for assessing Member States’ implementation efforts

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Text of United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) Revised documents and...

  • 1st version: Preliminary Technical Needs Assessment (TNA) (Jun 2005 - Mar 2006)2nd version: Preliminary Implementation Assessment (PIA)(Mar 2006 - 2013)3rd version: Overview of Implementation Assessment (OIA)(2013 - )Assessment Tools - An Evolution

  • Assessment ToolsMade up of 2 documents:

    1) Overview of Implementation Assessment (OIA)To be considered and adopted by the Committee

    2) Detailed Implementation Survey (DIS)Working document of CTEDShared with Member State for reference purposes

  • Overview of Implementation Assessment (OIA)

  • Fast facts on the leftNarrative on the rightBottom left hand: Indication of willingness to share with MS

    Page 1

  • Progress & shortfalls in areas of specific interest + Resolution 1624 (2005) Highlights top 5 shortfalls/concernsPages 2 - 4

  • Priority Recommendations:Priority recommendations &/or follow-up on recommendations made during Committee visitsTechnical assistance needsCapacity to assistPage 4

  • Observations on OIA by MS, including on general backgroundPage 5

  • 2. Detailed Implementation Survey (DIS)

  • Reflects elements of the Technical Guide on implementation of 1373Table of Contents

  • Comments from MS on DIS to be attached as an annex

  • IntroductionProvides details regarding purpose, structure, ratings and sources used to compile the DIS

  • 5 options for closed questionsIncludes space for brief explanation

    Main body

  • Contains a limited number of open questionsAllows for brief explanations

  • Includes questions pertaining to Resolution 1624

  • Revised procedures

  • 1. Summary of the process

    Production of draft documents by CTED expertsCTED experts will produce an OIA and DIS for each Member State.The reports will be produced in tranches.

    Review of documents by the Committee The documents will be circulated to the Committee for adoption.The DIS, as a working document of CTED, will be circulated for information only.

  • 2. Summary of the processTransmittal of documents to Member State The Chair would transmit all documents to the relevant Member State through a cover letter which will request comments, normally within 12 months. Translation of documents Translated versions of the relevant documents will be sent following their initial transmittal in English.

    Comments received from Member StateComments received on the transmitted OIA and DIS, in addition to other information, will be used by CTED experts to produce an updated OIA and DIS. The comments will be included as annexes to the updated OIA and DIS.

  • Follow up with late and non-reporting States

    Every six months CTED will update, for the information of the Committee only, a list of late or non-reporting Member States.

    Upon reviewing the list, the Committee will consider a number of steps to address outstanding issues including:Inviting the Permanent Representative to a meeting; orPreparing a reminder or follow up letter; ordeferring the deadline.

  • List of all Member States

    A list of all Member States will be posted on the Committees website (www.un.org/en/sc/ctc/)

    The list will indicate, in each case, the date on which the stocktaking cover letter and associated documents were transmitted to the Member State by the Chair and the date on which the response was received.

  • Sharing the OIA with other Member States

    Member States have the opportunity to indicate that their OIA may be shared with other Member States through making the appropriate amendment on the cover of the OIA. CTED will accordingly update the list of all Member States on the Committees website (through a footnote). The corresponding OIA will not be uploaded to the website but will be made available by CTED upon written request.

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