Undergraduate Research

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Undergraduate Research. Website: nau.edu/ ugr Email: ug-research@nau.edu. What is Undergraduate Research?. Process of scholarly inquiry or creative activity In collaboration with faculty Examine, create, share knowledge or products Consistent with best practices in area of study. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Undergraduate Research

Website: nau.edu/ugrEmail: ug-research@nau.edu 1

What is Undergraduate Research?Process of scholarly inquiry or creative activityIn collaboration with facultyExamine, create, share knowledge or productsConsistent with best practices in area of study


Students who...

Major in any discipline

Are curious, self-motivated, and enthusiastic

Enjoys solving problems

Want to get hands-on experience

Are just like YOU!

Who does undergraduate research?


NAU colleges involved in undergraduate researchCollege of Arts and LettersCollege of EducationCollege of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural SciencesCollege of Health and Human ServicesCollege of Social and Behavioral SciencesThe W. A. Franke College of BusinessUniversity College4

Why should you get involved?Professional AdvantagesAcademic AdvantagesDiscipline TrainingFaculty Mentor Relationship5

Rsum/ curriculum vitae building experience Development of leadership and organization skills Increased competitiveness in the job market Establish a network with professionals in your discipline

Professional Advantages


Development of hands-on learning style In-depth understanding of class topics Improvement in presentation and dissemination abilities Increased competitiveness in post-baccalaureate program admission Academic Advantages


Extracurricular pursuit that applies field-specific knowledge

Acquire technique repertoire for future occupation

Gain knowledge beyond the scope of coursework

Discipline Training


Receive guidance as a researcher from established experts in your field Opportunity to demonstrate abilities to NAU faculty

Faculty Mentor Relationship


Investing in undergraduate researchPotential for authorship on journal publication

Enhance exhibition portfolio

Presentation opportunitiesNAU Undergraduate SymposiumNational Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)Discipline specific conferences


Investing in undergraduate researchResearch accolades/awards/funding 485 undergraduate research course for credit in departmentHooper Undergraduate Research Award (HURA) NAU grant programInterns to Scholars (I2S) NAU internship programNAU/NASA Space Grant not just for astronomy majors!Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP)NAU Student Travel Awards to present at conferences


Applying Christopher Alexanders Design Patterns to Existing Environments: A Study of the NAU Student UnionMikayla Cutlip

Nose Bleed: A Feature FilmJeremy Scott

Population Estimation of Big Brown Bats in Flagstaff: Implications for Disease Transmission Camille Platts

Brain Correlates of Emotional Storytelling and Empathic AccuracyBrett Velez

Stand Structure and Composition in Treatment Areas following the 2012 Grand FireGregory Black

Examples of funded HURA projects12

Long term Fire History in the Southwest Shawnee Smith (mentor Carol Chambers)

Student Disposition toward Youngspeak in Study AbroadEmily Fowler (mentor Julieta Fernandez)

The Tale the River Told: The Murder of Chloe Gordon (book manuscript development)Rich Barkemeyer (mentor Neil Websdale)

Business Ethics Case Studies Taylor Snell (mentor Eric Yordy) Assessing the Efficacy of Various Types of Sport Tape to Enhance Balance & Minimize InjuryElizabeth Stapleton (mentor Scot Raab)

Examples of Interns to Scholars (I2S) projects13

MaryLynn Quartaroli, EdDug-research@nau.edu Room 321, Bury Hall (Bldg 8)(928) 523-1026Contact