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  • Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America

    August - September 2008

  • Adventures in Scouting August/September 20082 Adventures in Scouting August/September 2008


    Merit Badge Seminar

    WHEN: Saturday, October 18, 20088:30 a.m.11:00 a.m.


    Saturday, November 22, 20088:30 a.m.4:00 p.m.

    (Attendance at both is required for merit badge completion.)

    WHERE: Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

    4801 Rockhill Road

    Kansas City, Missouri 64110

    WHAT: A world-class program to help Boy Scouts learn and complete the

    requirements for Entrepreneurship Merit Badge. Scouts will explore

    business concepts, make a business plan and discuss their plan with

    successful entrepreneurs during the two-day event.

    The first session (October 18th) will help orient the

    Boy Scouts to prepare a business plan or prototype.

    The second session (November 22nd) will allow Scouts to

    present their business plan or prototype to a guest panel of

    entrepreneurs from around the country!

    WHATS Refreshments on both days and lunch on Nov. 22nd

    . Nationally

    INCLUDED: recognized entrepreneurs including Apollo Astronaut Ken Mattingly

    will serve as mentors. There is no cost to participants or troops.

    TO Online registration and information will be available on August 15th

    REGISTER: at www.hoac-bsa.org

    An event of the Heart of America Council and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

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    ADVENTURES IN SCOUTINGPublished February/March, April/May, June/July August/September October/November, December/January by the Heart of America Council, Boy Scouts of America. This issue and past archived issues can be found on the HOAC website, www.hoac-bsa.org.

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    PRESIDENTTerry K. Miller

    VICE PRESIDENTSBrue AllenRichard T. BoeshaarWilliam CheekE. Frank EllisCasey HalseyMark JorgensonCliff IlligMichael MerrimanCharlie Tetrick

    TREASURERStephen M. Clifford


    LEGAL COUNSELDavid Frantze

    AUDIT/ GOVERNANCEDavid M. Fowler



    EDITOR Randy Kidder

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  • Adventures in Scouting August/September 20084 Adventures in Scouting August/September 2008

    Council News

    This fall as parents consider activities for their children they will be ask-ing, What kind of time commitment is involved for my child? and how much will be asked of me? In Scouting, the truth is there is no short an-swer to either question.

    Scouting can be a part of a well-rounded group of after-school activities. Young people can participate in sports, music lessons, church, and other activities, if parents and Scout leaders communicate plans and expecta-tions with each other. Young people who grow up in the Scouting program often become active in other after-school programs. This is a testament to Scouting ability to develop leaders and an interest in community involv-ment.

    Parents can help their son receive the most benefit from Scouting by following a couple of simple pointers. First, show an interest in your sons activities and achievements. This is an important role to play in all Scout-ing programs. For younger Scouts (especially Cubs) attend meetings to share in your sons experience and help with advancement require-ments.

    Second, consider volunteering for a leadership position with the pack, troop, or crew. Not all parents have the time to be a den leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Venture crew leader. But every Scouting unit has a laun-dry list of jobs short and long term - with which parents can help. The most successful units have many people doing a variety of jobs. Help by driving to an outing, making phone calls, picking up awards, or planning a fundraiser.

    Looking for more information about a parents role in Scouting? Visit www.scoutparents.org.

    A Parents Role in Scouting The final phase of School Night preparations is here! Final plans are being made with orientations, kickoffs, training, and campouts being conducted in the coming weeks and months. The end result will be more youth recruited than ever before along and the highest quality program ever.

    See the chart on this page for School Night trainings/Campouts in your district!

    School Nights organized and run by district-wide volunteer teams at every elementary school. Cub Scout Leader Training

    Conducted in every district, usually on Saturdays (and in some cases on weeknights) during the month of September.

    Cub Scout Family Campouts

    An overnight event for Cub Scouts and families in late September/early October.

    Organized activities and food provided for all.

    Cub Scout Packs Role in School Night:

    Assign a pack School Night Representative to communicate and work with the district School Night team.

    Conduct a Back to the Pack summer meeting prior to School Night for all returning Cub Scouts.

    Communicate with the School Night leadership any unique needs/interests of the pack that School Night might help meet (Prior to School Night).

    Participate in your district-wide School Night Kickoff

    Ensure pack leadership attends School Night to receive applications and greet new leaders and new Cub Scouts!

    School Night to Join Scouting is Here!

    2008 School Night to Join Scouting Dates

  • Adventures in Scouting August/September 2008Adventures in Scouting August/September 2008 5

    Council News

    In the heavy London fog in 1909, American businessman William D. Boyce became lost. He was approached by a youth who took Mr. Boyce to his destination. When offered a tip by Boyce this unknown Scout refused to accept it, saying that he could not accept money for a good turn. This Good Turn gave birth to the Scouting movement in America.

    In the spirit of this Good Turn, the Boy Scouts of America proudly introduces the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award to support efforts to have Scouting in every community in America. This award will be presented to volunteers who exemplify Boyces organizing spirit. The Heart of America Council strives to provide Scouting to as many young people as possible. New units offer Scouting to more young people by networking through new chartered partners. New units expand our horizon by involving people and organizations that may never have considered Scouting in the past. Organizing a new Scouting unit can be a highlight of your volunteer Scouting experience. Nothing can match the excitement of seeing new adults and young people realize the possibilities available through our great program. Here is your chance to repay that unknown Scouts Good Turn. If you are interested in learning more about this award and how you can play a part in organizing a new unit, visit www.hoac-bsa.org/index.cfm and scroll down to the New-Unit Organizer Award link. You will find an outline that discusses the award and the process for organizing a new unit. Contact your district executive if you would like to help organize a new unit or if you know of a church, school, service club or other organi-zation that would benefit from offering the Scouting program to the young people in their community.

    William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award

    What started as a weekend campout for Boy Scout Troop 300 resulted in a lifesaving experience for several of the boys. The Pleasant Hill Scouts had set up camp at Bennett Springs and were sitting on the bank of the Little Niangua River watching people float by on inner tubes. Because of the heavy rainfall in south Missouri earlier this spring, the current was fast and strong on the Niangua River that day. The boys were watching a party of eight or more people float by when they saw one womans tube get stuck under a log. The rest of her group had no trouble and floated on without realizing their friend had lost control of her tube and was being pulled under the rushing water. When the Pleasant Hill Scouts on the bank realized the woman our in trouble, they grabbed a rope, tied it to a life vest and threw it to her. Because of the turbulence of the water, the boys had to pool their strength and join together to pull the woman safely to shore. Scouts who played a part in the rescue were Lowell Elliott, son of Jim a