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<p>Lockett Tyler Kansas StateWR </p> <p>Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade</p> <p>510 182 4.40 7.8</p> <p>Height Weight 40 speed Test Score</p> <p>ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE:7.7 </p> <p>Q.A.B 8 </p> <p>Quick Feet 8</p> <p>C.O.D. 7.5 Flexibility 7.5 </p> <p>Coordination 7.5 He is very athletic showing great speed and jumping abilities. He can change direction very quick with his fast feet. He makes a lot of spectacular sideline catches with good balance and flexibility. </p> <p>COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE:7.6</p> <p>Toughness 7 </p> <p>Clutch Play 7.5 Production 8Consistency 7.5Team Player 8Pride / Quit 7.5He was the go to guy for Kansas State. Anytime there was a close game they would rely on Lockett to make the big play or catch. Lockett has broken multiple records at Kansas State making him one of the most competitive players in Kansas State history. Very tough taking big hits in the middle of the field and getting right back up.</p> <p>MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE:8.5</p> <p>Learn / Retain 8Inst/Reaction 9Concentration 8.5He has ran every route in the playbook and has a great knowledge of the game. He looks in the ball when making a catch. He doesnt get distraction by surrounding players. Great football instincts making players miss with ease. </p> <p>STRENGTH / EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE:7.3</p> <p>Body Type 7Lockett isnt the biggest WR out there. But he doesnt get injured and is tough as nails. He has great burst and acceleration after making the catch. And tries to make the most out of every opportunity. </p> <p>Durability 7.5</p> <p>Explosion 7</p> <p>Play Strength 7.5 </p> <p>GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPTION GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES</p> <p> 9HandsBest hands in this years draft class.Kansas St vs BaylorKansas St vs Iowa St</p> <p>Kansas St vs Texas Tech</p> <p>Kansas St vs Oklahoma225 REPS N/AVERTICAL JUMP 35.5BROAD JUMP 12120 SHUTTLE 4.0760 SHUTTLE 11.143 CONE 6.89</p> <p> 8Initial QuicksQuick feet and cuts when running routes.</p> <p> 6.5Clean Release.Hand fights too much.</p> <p> 6Release VS JamStruggles vs the Jam.</p> <p> 8PatternsRan same routes multiple times.</p> <p> 8.5ADJUST TO BALLNever waited for the ball. Went after it.</p> <p> 7R.A.CGained and fought for extra YAC.</p> <p> 6.5Deep ThreatShort and Mediate routes mostly.</p> <p> 8Hand Eye Coor. Makes great away from body catches.CRITICAL FACTORS</p> <p> 5BlockingBelow average blocker.AGAINST PRESS CANT BLOCK PUSHS OFF A LOT</p> <p> 6.5Return AbilityDecent kick and punt returner.</p> <p> 8.5FUMBLE / ERRORSHad one offensive pass interference in the 4 games I watched.</p> <p>STRONG POINTSWEAKNESSES</p> <p>Great hands, and route running. Probably the best in the draft at each skill. Came back to the ball on hitch and comeback routes making it harder for the defense too make a play on the ball. Goes up too get the ball at the highest point. Can return kicks and punts if needed.Has a hard time getting off the line against the press and hand fights too much. Poor blocker when it comes to the running game. </p> <p>SUMMARY</p> <p>Tyler Lockett is one of the most skilled players in the draft with his amazing ability to run great routes and catching everything that comes his way. He is the go to guy at his university and has the skills to be that guy at the next level. No off the field issues with the player, he is a great role model on and off the field. </p>