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TWENTIETH CENTURY ART. Breaking the rules Not representing reality, but reconstructing it. F A U V I S M. “Explosion of color” lasting only 1904-08 in France Exhibition of 1905 had harsh reactions- and actually where group got their name. “Fauves”=“Wild Beasts” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • TWENTIETH CENTURY ARTBreaking the rulesNot representing reality, but reconstructing it

  • FAUVISMExplosion of color lasting only 1904-08 in FranceExhibition of 1905 had harsh reactions- and actually where group got their name. Fauves=Wild BeastsHowever, it was crucial in art history because it changed the way one can look at the world, and look at art.Used intense , bright, clashing colors Distorted forms and perspective, vigorous brushstrokes, flat linear pattern.

  • Henri MatisseFounder of FauvismStarting painting after falling sick and was given a paint set to be occupiedOne of the Twin Titans of the Twentieth Century ( other being Picasso)Eliminate nonessentials and retain subjects most fundamental qualities ( line, shape, COLOR)Believed painting not only be beautiful, but more the viewer to enjoy

  • Luxe, Calme et Voluntpe 1904

  • Madame Matisse The Green Stripe 1905

  • Open Window 1905

  • Woman with a Hat 1905

  • Harmony in Red Henri Matisse 1908

  • Dance 1911 ( second version)

  • Matisse also started to go blind, so began building collages, simplifying organic shapes from nature

  • Jazz

  • This looks like pointilism but notice color isnt local (what it should be), very flat, outline ( human form)*What?! There is no green line in her face critics would say Matisse responded I did not paint a woman, I created a picture*Matisse would paint from observation but again, the color was the subject very free, fun, bright.*