Trusted IT Group. The challenge: 40 active, concurrent IT projects  Unsatisfactory Project Delivery

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  • Trusted IT Group
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  • The challenge: 40 active, concurrent IT projects Unsatisfactory Project Delivery
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  • Trusted IT Group
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  • 1 Year 1 Quarter 2 Weeks
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  • Trusted IT Group The Enstoa 90 Day Sprint A 90 day release cycle delivering high value, prioritized products that address our customers current needs Activity List A detailed list of activities and features that support the Charter, maintained in MS Project Sprint Charter - Identifies Goals, Benefits, Stakeholders, and High Level Iteration Plan Sprint Iteration Scrum Feedback (Re-)Planning Execution Sprint Iteration Scrum
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  • Trusted IT Group Sprint Iteration Scrum Planning Time: 1 hour 2 hours Execution (Features, Defects, Testing) Demonstration Time: 30 min 1 hour Retrospective Time: 15 min 30 min Two Week Iteration within a Sprint Release Planning Set priorities and goals for the following two weeks Execution Work through assignments and resolve issues to meet commitments Demonstration Review accomplishments and compare progress with original plan Retrospective Discuss what worked well, what could have been better, and what needs to be improved Sprint Activity List Activity Workflows
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  • Trusted IT Group SprintIteration Scrum ROLES FOR SCRUM Team Members: Developers, Designers Anyone who is performing tasks in an iteration Scrum Master: Responsible for coordinating the daily Scrum, Asking the Questions, and Removing Impediments Product Owner Representing the Clients interest Anyone else: Feel free to observe, but please dont interrupt. After the Scrum is the time for follow on meetings and discussion RULES FOR SCRUM Time Boxed Meeting: Set an efficient time limit on the meeting, preferably 10 to 15 minutes tops Dont be Late: It is a short meeting after all, being 2 or 3 minutes late doesnt help. Phoning It In: If you cant attend, provide the Scrum master with your responses ahead of time. Observers: Please keep your comments until the Scrum has finished Be Prepared: Scrum Masters Review scope and status before the scrum meeting The Three Questions: 1.What did you do Yesterday? 2.What do you plan on doing Today? 3.Do you have any Impediments?
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  • Trusted IT Group i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 i6 Planning Execution .. ... Leadership review / approval of deliverables Leadership assessment of deliverables Pre-Sprint Scope Planning Propose 10 15 projects from backlog Leadership assessment of business benefits 3 Month Sprint Post-Sprint Evaluation
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  • Trusted IT Group 1. Define tangible outcomes that will benefit customer 2. Define resulting business benefits 3. Identify Subject Experts and Technical Resources
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  • Trusted IT Group 4. Develop interim deliverables for each Iteration EPIC Distinct themes USER STORY Solution to defined user problem ACTIVITIES Are entered in MS Project
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  • Trusted IT Group
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  • Milestone Section used to establish start dates for each iteration COMPONENT/EPIC Roll-up level is used to identify separate work streams within the sprint USER STORY Describes a specific user problem that you want to solve within one iteration ACTIVITY Specific task that can be performed within one iteration Each activity has resource assignments and a defined workflow status
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  • Trusted IT Group
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  • Is Agile what you need? Is your tool set capable of managing agile projects? Are you ready to change? Requirements Readiness Capabilities Sweet spot
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  • Trusted IT Group ? Matthias Ebinger Alexander Rodov
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