Transmit Images Clearer, Safer, Faster Guarantee Transmit Images Clearer, Safer, Guarantee Timely and

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  • Transmit Images Clearer, Safer, Guarantee Timely and Effective Healthcare


    Meddiff Research aims to develop optimized compression schemes for medical images

    with higher compression and progressive characteristics suitable for streaming.

    (Formerly known as Medsphere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


    FDA Cleared

    HIPAA Compliant

    DICOM Compliant

    HL7 Compliant


    Audit trail

    Access control and management

    Online session control

    Digital signature for reports

    Image transfer in encrypted format and streaming inbuilt encryption

    Use of AES Encryption, MD5 checksum, SSL, PGP

    Our technology: keeping pace with change


    Allows Radiologist to view images at any bandwidth

    Progressive transmission

    Web Based Solution:

    Browser Based Access

    Anytime & Anywhere access

    Platform Independent:

    Hardware Independent

    Viewer can be installed on any platform Windows, MAC or Linux

    Mobile Support:







  • InstaRAD Enterprise Simple Solution for Complex Workflows

    Connects Multiple hospitals / Diagnostic centres

    Deployment at a central server

    Collaborative and hierarchical reporting

    Digital Signature

    SMS Alerts, Email and Fax integration

    Work flow module - work list allocation based on predefined rulesets

    InstaRAD On the Go, Fast Streaming, Priority Viewing

    Lossless Transmission

    Easy Access ( laptop & datacard )

    Point to Multipoint transfer of Images

    Collaboration among physicians

    Requires minimal bandwidth

    Truly web based

    InstaRISPACS RIS/PACS Solution for Hospitals

    Image archive on a central server

    Clients on LAN , WAN or Internet

    Integrated RIS / HIS

    DICOM modality worklist

    CME module

    Access on mobile phone

    Biometric integration

    Single point of data access across the facilities

    Distributed and Data Centre Architecture

    Global worklist

    Fault Tolerant Architecture

    Robotic CD/DVD publisher

    Voice Recognition

    Advance 3D workstation

    Customized support

    Blu-ray Archival

    Enterprise InstaPACS Integrated Solution for Group of Hospitals



    Gated Nuclear Medicine Image Support PET / CT fusion User can view the complete movie (even on tele)

    InstaCath No need of a CD for transporting the Angio

    Tele Cardiology Tele Nuclear Medicine

  • Additional modules

    Robotic- CD/DVD publisher Solution to print CDs/DVDs with patient data

    User-friendly CD/DVD creation capability directly from PACS

    Mobile interface WADO server for mobile devices

    User access with authentication

    Patient information in the form of thumbnail images

    Voice recognition system Does away with manual transcription of reports

    Reduction in costs and better patient care

    Improvement in efficiency

    Integration with InstaRAD viewer

    DICOM print Select from a wide range of features in

    layouts, page size, and image orientation,

    and print your DICOM image.

    Workstation – 3D With a click user can launch the 3D application

  • Reporting interface Reporting Module is customizable

    Designed as per the HIS rules

    Template based reporting

    DB Form based reporting

    Signed off/Addendum workflow

    Multi-level Reporting – Draft/Reviewed/Signed off

    Reports are digitally signed

    Macros support

    Report locking

    It is very useful for Radiologists to search the existing reports on keywords. This requires a dedicated Search Engine capability as reports are text data. Report search engine is a good database for doctors to search their internal cases on various findings. Results can be further filtered based on age and sex.

    Report search engine

  • HIS integration All deployments of InstaPACS have been integrated with HIS (few of them have been non HL7)

    Physician Places the Radiology Order in the HIS

    Order is communicated to the PACS

    PACS Schedules the order and modality picks the order in the worklist

    Scan is Performed and images are auto pushed to the PACS Server

    SCAN DONE message is sent to HIS

    Radiologist views the images in the PACS. Gets the Patient’s history in PACS through HIS

    Radiologist creates the report in PACS which is pushed to HIS

    Physician sees the report along with images. PACS image viewer is integrated in HIS


    Patient History is viewed in the PACS



    Report is synced to HIS









    Front desk, Technical, Radiologist, HOD and Physician modules

    Appointment & Scheduling

    Patient Registration

    Order Creation & Billing

    HOD Functionality

    Case Assignment Rules



    Technician Notes & Track of consumables

    Radiologist reporting workflow with TAT

    InstaRISPACS : RIS Features

  • Typical PACS deployment

    VNA scenario

    VNA PACS Diagram

  • The platform allows two or multiple users to do audio/video conferencing, desktop sharing & access to shared whiteboard. InstaPACS enables the physicians /radiologists across the various hospitals to collaborate via video and chats. If Radiologist is online and Physician likes to discuss the case he should be able to initiate the video conferencing through the system

    Online Collaboration Module with Video Conference

    Getting Connected

    Video Conferencing

    Desktop Sharing

  • Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore & Kolkata

    Bapuji Medical College, Davangere

    Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

    B.M. Patil Medical College, Bijapur

    Columbia Asia 7 Hospitals in India & 6 in Malaysia

    D.Y. Patil Medical College, Pune

    Dr. Shaji’s MRI Scan Centre-7 Centres in Kerala

    Dr. Vikhe Patil Memorial Hospital &

    Medical College, Ahmednagar

    Elbit Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad & Bangalore

    Fortis Group - 12 Hospitals

    G.S.L. Medical College, Rajahmundry - 4 Centres

    HCG Bangalore

    Indian Teleradiology Hub (ITH) - Gujrat 45 Centres

    Partial user list

    J.S.S. Medical College, Mysore

    King Edwards Hospital, UK

    Mahajan Imaging Centre, New Delhi

    Manipal Hospitals 8 Hospitals

    Muthoot Scans, Kerala 9 Centres

    National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore

    NIMHANS, Bangalore

    Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad

    Pushpagiri Institue Of Medical Sciences, Thiruvalla

    SRL Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai - 30 Centres

    Vijaya Diagnostics Centre (P) Ltd., Hyderabad - 13 Centres

    Virtual Radiology Corporation (VRC), USA

    Yashoda Hospitals - 3 Branches

    Meddiff takes image transmission technology to modalities beyond radiology

    Ophthalmology Pathology Endoscopy

    Dermatology LaparoscopyECG Bronchoscopy

  • Physicians can view the images in wards/bedsides

    iPad interface

    What our clients say

    “Three years ago, when we were looking at a partner to link all our centres across the country reliably and economically, Meddiff Technologies and Sanjeev came out of nowhere to pip all the other hot-shot contenders to the post. We were extremely circumspect since the company was small and untested. But they were confident as hell!

    They never let us down. They delivered on schedule and since then, the system has had a greater than 99% uptime with a virtually immediate response to any query or service call, if at all there is one. We believe that we are fortunate that we have such a visionary company that delivers on its promises, as our partner.”

    Dr. Bhavin Jhankaria, Piramal Diagnostics Centre, Mumbai

    “I’m truly impressed with the team and the agility that Meddiff products offer. I really hope you reach the number one spot because I can’t think of any other big or small vendor that can beat your competence, dedication and integrity. Good luck, Meddiff something tells me you’re heading for the stratosphere!


    Dr. Shalini Govil, Head of Radiology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore

    “I was associated with the company even before it was formally launched and was involved in the identification of the products to be developed.

    I can say with confidence that the promoters and the team have a great vision which is backed up with tremendous skill sets, commitment and value system.

    I am sure this company will go places in the years to come.”

    Dr. Harsh Mahajan , Mahajan Imaging Centre, New Delhi

  • Meddiff in media (Formerly known as Medsphere)

    Our strengths

    US FDA cleared

    HIPAA compliant

    Integrated RIS/PACS/HIS

    Requires minimum bandwidth for laptop and data card

    Fast access to images, even on mobile phones

    Integrated VR and Robotic CD Publisher

    Secure reporting, digital signature, macros

    VNA Architecture