Tragedy Has Nothing to Do With Epic

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ancient greece


Tragedy has nothing to do with epic.Illiad and odyssey are epics with tragic elements, but the two dont have to be mutually exclusive.For example a tragedy in illiad would be the needless loss of human lives in the Trojan war. But that wasnt the entire point of the illiad.Apparently tragedy as a genre of greek literature comes way after the illiad, and the illiad is considered an epic but not a tragedy.Jokes have their place in epics. Homer commonly uses humor in the illiad to relate to reflect the weaknesses and irony of gods. EG when zeus is asked by thetis to help Achilles (her son) to give victory to Trojans. Zeus is afraid of Hera (his wife) disapproving and doesnt do anything.Jokes can also have their place in tragedies such as when they serve as comedic relief. Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy but has comedic elements, a lot of them involving Mercutio making fun of romeo when romeo was infatuated with Rosaline, as well as the nurse.