Top 2 zombie surgery games for kids

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GameCastor the foremost game development company is expertise to develop Kids Game. They developed very superior games for kids where they get knowledge of different surgeries in fun way. They develop surgery games with different concepts and gave best surgery concept to kids where they learn medical care. The kids have to play as doctor and treat different patients in games.


  • Game Designed & Developed

    By: Arth I-Soft

  • Zombie Doctor Braces

    Do you want to be Professional Dentist?

    Then grab your doctor tools and visit our

    "Zombie Doctor Braces" newly game developed

    by GameCastor solely focused on dental


    The kids will also learn medical care for their teeth and explore

    their knowledge for treatment.

    Games develop by GameCastor are not only for entertainment but

    its mixed concept of entertainment with education.

    The game also includes two views "Care View" & "Braces View"

    kids will surely enjoy this fun & addictive games.

  • Features Care View

    Brush the teeth

    Check heart beat using stethoscope

    Measure body temperature using thermometer

    Measure the blood pressure

    Braces View

    Remove germs using germs remover

    Drill to remove green/black teeth

    Shower to wash mouth

    Dryer to suck water from mouth

    Teeth moral to remove yellowness

    Teeth bonding to joint teeth

    Braces to give perfect shape

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  • Zombie Brain Surgery Zombie..!!! The word is so scary for all and especially for

    kids, right?

    But in our newly game developed "Zombie Brain Surgery"

    are having some problem in their brain and yelling with


    You have to treat them as real doctor and give them relief

    from pain.

    Game includes two fun characters of zombies and kids

    have to treat them using different medical tools such as

    thermometer, blood pressure machine stethoscope,

    cardiogram and injection.

    So ready to enjoy this fun and addictive kids game for


  • Features

    Stethoscope used to check heartbeat

    Thermometer to check body temperature

    Blood Pressure machine to check bp

    Shock treatment

    Shower to wash head

    Dryer used to suck water with animating sound

    Vacuum to remove dust particles

    Injection to be given in pill form

    Cotton used to remove blood and wounds

    Dropper to heal injury

    Stick colorful funky bandages

    X-Ray used to scan wreck bones

    Germs remover to remove germs

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