Latest hand surgery game for kids

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Latest Hand Surgery Game for Kids

Game Designed & Developed By: Arth I-Soft

Monster hand doctor is one of the best game for hand surgery. In this game kids play role of doctor.This game is very informative for doing hand surgery. In this game players have to do surgery on monsters hand. From this game kids will learn how to do surgery on hand.In monster hand doctor, players have to treat different monster hands and heal from injury.They got some injury on hand and yelling in pain.So treat them using tools such injection, pus remover, plaster and much more.

Monster Hand Doctor

FeaturesShower to remove clay and dust from injury.Dryer used to suck waterGerms killer used to kill germs by attractive sound.Injection used instead of pill.Pus remover used to remove pus from toe.Cotton used to remove blood and wound.X-Ray used to check wreck bones.Pain killer spray used to get relief from pain.Cream applied to save toe from infection.Colorful funky bandage used stick on injury.Plaster used to cover injury to cure from injury.Colorful paints used to write funny messages on the injury.


The hand doctor is excellent surgery game concept of "hand surgery" and kids have to try their superior skills to treat different patient's hands.In hand doctor kids can have to play role of doctor and treat different kids hands because they got some injuries in hand and they are yelling in pain.In game kids hands are got injured you have to treat them as doctor and heal them from injury with help of injection, pus remover, plaster and much more. Treat your patients hand and become doctor today!!

Hand Doctor

FeaturesInjection is used to be done in pill form, or through itShower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury.Germs killer is used to kill the germsPus remover is used to remove pus.Cotton is used to remove a blood.Ice is used for remove swellingX- Ray is used to scan your hand.


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