Top 10 Must-Have Dog Supplies For Your New Puppy

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Here are the top 10 must-have dog supplies for your new puppy! Get all of your puppy essentials from Vet Supply Source.


<ul><li><p>TOP 10 MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your New Puppy </p></li><li><p>A leash and collar is an absolute </p><p>necessity for your new puppy. Be sure </p><p>to adorn the collar with an ID tag that </p><p>lists your pup's name, your address, </p><p>phone number and other contact </p><p>information. Also, when it comes to </p><p>the collar, choose an adjustable nylon </p><p>collar so it can grow with your puppy. </p><p>#1: LEASH &amp; COLLAR </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>When you bring your new puppy </p><p>home, it's important to have a crate. </p><p>This will allow you to monitor them </p><p>throughout the day as you housetrain </p><p>them. Once they get assimilated to </p><p>the house rules, you can give them </p><p>more freedom to move around the </p><p>house. Additionally, a dog carrier is </p><p>ideal for puppies when you need to </p><p>take them to the veterinarian. </p><p>#2: CRATE &amp; CARRIER </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>You'll need to have food and water bowls when your puppy arrives home. There </p><p>are plenty of options available at pet stores that come in a variety of materials </p><p>such as plastic, ceramic, glass and stainless steel. </p><p>#3: FOOD &amp; WATER BOWLS </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p><p>They each possess different benefits: </p><p>Plastic bowls typically more affordable but may harbor bacteria on surfaces that are scratched or </p><p>dented. </p><p>Ceramic bowls they are heavier and less likely to move around while your puppy eats but they can easily </p><p>break if handled improperly. </p><p>Glass bowls similar pros and cons as ceramic bowls </p><p>Stainless steel may offer the most benefits because they are strong, durable and easy to clean but tend to </p><p>be the most expensive </p></li><li><p>Your new puppy will have lots of energy </p><p>that will call for a big appetite! To curb </p><p>their hunger between meals, consider </p><p>giving them treats that provide them </p><p>with nutritional benefits. Look for treats </p><p>that promote healthy gums, weight, </p><p>coat, skin and bone development. </p><p>Additionally, treats can be the perfect </p><p>way to reward them during training. </p><p>#4: TREATS </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>It's important to take care of your </p><p>puppy's coat, skin, nails and </p><p>teeth. Youll need to have a bristle brush, comb, nail </p><p>clippers, shampoo &amp; </p><p>conditioner and a soft tooth </p><p>brush. </p><p>#5: GROOMING SUPPLIES </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>Your puppy will naturally want to chew </p><p>on anything and everything because </p><p>they will be teething! Be sure you </p><p>have an ample supply of chew toys, </p><p>squeaky balls, hard-rubber toys and </p><p>everything else they can gnaw on. </p><p>Also, plan to pick up toys for games of </p><p>fetch so you can let them unleash their </p><p>energy as they run and chase flying </p><p>discs and tennis balls. </p><p>#6: TOYS </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>Some of the most important dog </p><p>supplies include vitamins and </p><p>medications. Since puppies are natural </p><p>born explorers, they may end up with </p><p>cuts or scrapes from the backyard and </p><p>you'll need to tend to their wounds with </p><p>antibiotics and other medicine. This </p><p>means you'll need to make sure you </p><p>have the proper wound care supplies </p><p>on hand. Additionally, give your puppy </p><p>a boost with vitamins that will help </p><p>them grow up healthy and strong! </p><p>#7: VITAMINS &amp; MEDICATIONS </p><p>MUST-HAVE DOG SUPPLIES </p><p>For Your NEW PUPPY 10 TOP </p></li><li><p>Get all your puppy </p><p>essentials from </p><p>Vet Supply Source! </p><p>Visit us at </p><p> </p><p>and call (866)471-5538 </p><p>for all your dog supplies. </p></li></ul>


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