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  • so U . S . Permobond^protective linings were installed on the spot

    These hundreds of electrolytic mercury-cells producing caustic soda and chlorine are l i n e d wi th s p e c i a l l y c o m p o u n d e d Permobond hard rubber lining.

    I Q U I ^ M E N T requiring protection against corrosive attack can be lined wi th Pesrmobond liningsright in your own plant. The above storage tanks in a chemical plant, for example, were too big to be shipped. So United States Rubber Company's Permobond Lining was installed and vulcanized right at the job siteinsuring complete protection against the corrosive chemicals stored in the tanks.

    Th i s is one more example of the versatility and adaptability of the Permobond fprocess. You can also have it installed as original equipment o n anything that contains or conveys corrosive materials and chemicals- piping, tanks, valves. And where special conditions occur a wide range of synthetic Permobond lining stocks is available. Write to the address ">elow_

    " I / . S "Research perfects . . . " t / . S." Production builds U...U. S. Industry depends on it.

    U N I T E D S T A T E S R U B B E R C O M P A N Y M E C H A N I C A L G O O D S D I V I S I O N R O C K E F E L L E R C E N T E R , NEW YORK 20, . .

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    Too big to ship

    Too big to ship