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Text of Tony Shepherd’s .doing 3 tiny WSOs and sending one promo email a month to a list of ... The stats

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    Tony Shepherds

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    You ever been involved in a goldrush?

    Maybe not the one from the last century, although judging from

    some of the photos I see on the Warrior Forum Im not so sure

    But what about the dot com bubble of the late nineties?

    Or the AdSense boom of a few years back?

    Mates of mine were making a hundred grand a month back then

    until it ended almost overnight when Google changed the rules.

    At time of writing the Warrior Special Offers forum (part of the

    Warrior Forum) combined with Mike Lantzs Warrior Plus software IS

    indeed a goldrush.

    I have thirty or forty grand in my bank account from messing about

    doing 3 tiny WSOs and sending one promo email a month to a list of

    WSO buyers that supports this opinion.

    So Im a big fan of WSOs.

    But the internet in particular has a habit of moving the goalposts.

    I really hope the WSO phenomenon doesnt burst.

    Im not making any prophecies about whether it will or whether it

    wont, although like you, I have my opinions.

    So while its around its probably the best source of highly targeted,

    inexpensive traffic that youre going to find in the IM niche today.

    Im involved in private mastermind groups and Ive heard the phrase

    like shooting fish in a barrel mentioned on more than one occasion

    in reference to running WSOs

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    I also personally know marketers who are one and two hundred

    grand richer because of the WSOs theyve run and the promotions

    they send.

    But a lot of people are basing their entire business around running

    WSOs and thats a BIG mistake in my book, purely because entire

    revenue streams can vanish overnight on the internet.

    But there is a way that you can jump on the gravy train and make

    sure that youre not caught out if it all goes down the toilet.

    This PDF is about using the inexpensive, highly targeted traffic and

    built-in affiliate system of the WSO forum/ Warrior Plus software

    to build a REAL online business, while at the same time profiting

    from the present WSO goldmine.

    Best of both worlds really


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    The Warrior Forum and especially Warrior Special Offers are

    HOT at the moment.

    But I cant believe how much money is being left

    on the table by the Sheeple who just mindlessly

    follow the herd and copy the same mistakes over

    and over again.

    The stats are all laid out for you to see inside any

    WarriorPlus account, but still I see the same basic

    sales funnel mistakes time after time (covered later).

    The good news is I AM going to show you how to pull $2k a month from the

    WF with no list and traffic.

    First off though, a quick question:

    Q. Why do you think I was delighted to run a WSO offer only my second -

    that sells for $4.95 (like the one below) when I can put out promo email to my

    list and make the same amount of money with much less effort?

    Well to explain heres how much money came in from sales of that $4.95


    (Dont worry about some of the other stats being blurred out, Ill be showing you some

    more figures later. This is just to prove a point).

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    Over $3,200 from a $4.95, 25 page PDF in a few days. Not huge compared to

    some, but Im not too proud to turn down three grand because some other guy

    made twenty

    Especially when most of the traffic was provided for me.

    It was a decent PDF of course, but very easy to create and that was before I

    devised the methods Im going to share with you.

    If you take the affiliate cut off the total I came out with less of course, but I still

    went home with four figures in my pocket,

    and MUCH more important

    I still made over $10,000 from what I did

    with the traffic AFTERWARDS!

    (And that was mostly ALL mine!)

    And thats what most people who try to make money from The Warrior Forum

    get wrong. They try to make money on the front end.

    Yes I know youve heard before that the moneys in the back end. But its never

    been easier to prove it to yourself than it is right now with these WSO thingies.

    I find it incredible to see WSOs listed with no OTOs or upsells.

    And pretty bloody dumb too.

    And I should know, Ive done it myself

    Of course I dont buy every single WSO that comes out so I dont know for sure

    whats happening on the back end, but I do know that OTOs are very

    important for attracting affiliates.

    And to be honest Ive bought enough WSOs to know that some people just

    waste the backend.

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    Heres what were going to get sorted in this PDF:

    1. How to pull at least $2,000 a month from the Warrior Forum

    2. How to make sure you attract and keep affiliates happy

    without losing too much of the money from your pocket.

    3. How to turn a chunk of it into recurring income

    4. How to build a business from the WSO forum while its still


    5. A tactic to ensure that you can make money on demand

    should you need to (and who doesnt these days)

    Two things to note:

    This is NOT just about creating and launching WSOs although with the highly

    targeted, stupidly inexpensive traffic available on the Warrior Special Offers

    Forum youd have to have a big hole in your head to ignore it.

    There are a number of techniques in this PDF. You dont have to do them all

    but if you dont the amount of money you come out with after 30 days or so

    might be less than two grand.

    Lets get started

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    1. Fancy running a WSO? - Youre going to

    need a unique product.

    OK stop panicking its easy. Itll take you an hour at best and

    a day at worst but the rewards are more than worth it.

    This is the brutal truth.

    You cant get highly targeted traffic like this (I mean look at who

    buys WSOs its the perfect marketplace!) for the price you pay for a

    WSO (and get automatic affiliate recruitment thrown in) ANYWHERE else.

    Im not saying its perfect and Im not saying itll last.

    Theres also a possible issue with PayPal that could lead to anyone who runs (or even buys) a WSO having their

    PayPal account closed so make sure you do your own due diligence on that one and be aware of it if you

    decide to proceed.

    But as an internet marketer you cannot ignore the traffic and marketplace it

    provides if you want to make what I honestly feel is the easiest money

    possible in the IM world today.

    So pay attention to the next passage in red text:

    To access this traffic you need a unique product a Warrior Special Offer

    (WSO) to list on the Warrior Forum. Think of it as a gateway to inexpensive

    highly targeted traffic that you can monetize, build a list with or even start a

    successful online business with.

    But you DO need a unique product.

    The good news is that it doesnt have to be the make money online

    equivalent of Catcher in The Rye. It can be very basic.

    You dont have to have a cutting-edge, mind-blowing system to write about.

    But its your VIP invitation to the traffic party ok? You DO NEED one.

    Lets continue

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    Dont worry about ideas for your WSO Ive got that covered and its on its

    way in a few pages.

    First off, have you noticed how well information is selling on the WSO forum?

    Yes I know at first glance it all looks like information but its not. At least not

    the kind we need to find.

    My first WSO Hippy Marketing Uncut was basically a list of 5 ways to make

    money in 30 days.

    Its pretty, sure. But at the end of the day its just a list of 5 methods of making

    money in a relatively short amount of time. Thats it.

    Its GOOD info, dont get me wrong, but strip away the whistles and bells and

    its just a list of five methods.

    But I know what sells on the WSO forum, and its exactly this sort of thing.

    The price-point helps too. A $9 product doesnt raise the expectations too high

    and is very affordable.

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    Indeed many people are fiercely opposed to the pricing on the WSO board

    because they think its too low. Personally Im all in favour of making good

    information available to those who need it most

    Especially when it usually the people with far less to spend in i