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<ul><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Thomas Moore BSc (hons), MEng, MIEAust, AMIIA </p><p>Page 1 of 4 </p><p>CAREER SUMMARY Tom is a qualified Civil Engineer with a masters degree in project management and over 15 years civil </p><p>engineering experience (12 years post graduate and three years pre-graduate). Tom has a proven track </p><p>record in the development and execution of transport infrastructure projects in both Australia and the United </p><p>Kingdom. This capability extends to the fields of project management, auditing, risk management and </p><p>construction delivery. This experience has been achieved by working for contractors on site, working on </p><p>behalf of the client and as a consultant for a global consultancy firm. </p><p>KEY COMPETENCIES </p><p> Project delivery in both the public and private sector </p><p> Excellent communication and client management skills </p><p> Sound academic acumen and practical application of project management principles </p><p> Ability to critique complex projects and present findings to senior management </p><p> Good commercial acumen </p><p> Practical application of risk management and assessment principles </p><p> Effective stakeholder management skills </p><p> Good understanding of design processes and construction methodologies </p><p> Well-developed knowledge of both the Australian and UK rail industry </p><p>KEY QUALIFICATIONS </p><p> Master of Engineering Project Management (High Distinction), The University of Melbourne, 2010. </p><p> BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering, Nottingham Trent University, 2004. </p><p> Diploma of Industrial Studies, Nottingham Trent University, 2004. </p><p> GNVQ (Advanced) Construction and the Built Environment, Bromley College, 2000. </p><p>KEY ACHIEVEMENTS </p><p> Developed strong relationships with clients resulting in repeat work and project wins. </p><p> Provided project management and technical support to a mid-tier mining organisation during the </p><p>development of their Rail Safety Accreditation application. This support received high praise from the </p><p>client and resulted in enhanced project scope. </p><p> Provided significant input into a number of successful and high profile tenders. </p><p> Effectively developed and implemented an audit management regime for V/Line on the Regional Rail </p><p>Link Project. </p><p> A key member of the project team involved in the successful delivery of the $52 million Clifton Hill Rail </p><p>Project (CHRP). The project was a finalist in the Engineers Australia Victorian Engineering Excellence </p><p>Awards 2009. </p><p>KEY EXPERIENCE </p><p>(February 2016 to Present) Project Manager, Arcadis, Melbourne. </p><p> CityLink Tulla Widening Project (Melbourne Airport to Bulla Road). Tom is the Quality Manager </p><p>on the Parsons Brincherhoff Arcadis Joint Venture. As part of this role Tom has been responsible </p><p>for helping to establish and monitor the management systems used to effectively deliver the design </p><p>deliverable. </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Thomas Moore BSc (hons), MEng, MIEAust, AMIIA </p><p>Page 2 of 4 </p><p> Level Crossing Removal Project (Furlong Main Blackburn Heatherdale). Tom is the Safety in </p><p>Design (SiD) Manager responsible for facilitating the close out of SiD risks and transferring residual </p><p>risks to key stakeholders. </p><p>(July 2014 January 2016) Internal Audit Manager, WorleyParsons, Australia, Pacific, Asia and China </p><p>As Internal Audit Manager Tom participated in internal audit reviews of corporate functions, operations and </p><p>projects across the Australia, Pacific, Asia and China regions. This role provided assurance to key </p><p>stakeholders that appropriate controls and procedures are in place to effectively deliver WorleyParsons </p><p>business operations and projects. Tom supported the Corporate Internal Audit function by bringing expertise </p><p>and academic knowledge in the areas of project management and project controls. The role also included </p><p>supporting senior management by providing independent analysis, appraisals and recommendations for the </p><p>subject areas reviewed. </p><p>(2010 2014) Project Engineer &amp; Project Manager, WorleyParsons, Melbourne </p><p>Tom initially started at WorleyParsons as a Transport Project Engineer and was quickly promoted to Project </p><p>Manager. In the role of Project Manager Tom worked in the Transport Team and was involved in a broad </p><p>spectrum of projects. In particular, Tom provided significant support to a number of mining organisations </p><p>during the development of their rail safety management systems and rail safety accreditation applications. </p><p>This support included risk facilitation and the development of supporting management of change </p><p>documentation. Furthermore, Tom was also the Project Manager for a number of engineering packages and </p><p>provided significant input into a number of successful and high profile tenders. Some notable examples of </p><p>client consulting support services and project management include: </p><p> V/Line RRL Audit Coordinator, V/Line. Tom provided audit coordination services on behalf of V/Line </p><p>on the Regional Rail Link (RRL) Project. This role involved leading and participating in audits across all </p><p>the work packages on the RRL Project. Tom successfully developed and implemented an audit </p><p>management plan and consolidated audit schedule across all the RRL work packages. Tom built strong </p><p>relationships with each of the RRL work packages and successfully developed and implemented an audit </p><p>management regime that provided technical and safety assurance to the client. </p><p> OneSteel Whyalla Standard Gauge Holding and Provisioning Facility (Stage 1) - Tom was </p><p>responsible for the day-to-day project management for the detailed design of the standard gauge rail and </p><p>associated civil infrastructure. As part of the project management role Tom worked closely with the </p><p>WorleyParsons Design Manager to ensure key design deliverables were achieved on time, within budget </p><p>and in accordance with the specification. Tom was also responsible for interfacing with the client and </p><p>providing regular progress updates on the status of key deliverables and resolving contractual issues. </p><p> Karara Rail Pty Ltd (KRPL): Tom was responsible for the day-to-day project management and technical </p><p>input for Rail Safety Accreditation application. This role required significant client interface (primarily </p><p>based in the clients office in Perth) in order to assist with the tight timeframe associated with achieving </p><p>key accreditation milestones throughout the development of the KRPL railway. Furthermore, Tom </p><p>represented the client at meetings with the Office of Rail Safety and other key stakeholders. This </p><p>provided significant added-value to the services provided and resulted in an excellent working </p><p>relationship being established with the client. In turn this resulted in significant enhanced project scope. </p><p>KRPL achieved full Rail Safety Accreditation status as a Rail Infrastructure Manager and Rolling Stock </p><p>Operator (for maintenance purposes only) in May 2012. </p><p>(2007 2010) Project Engineer, Department of Transport, Melbourne </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Thomas Moore BSc (hons), MEng, MIEAust, AMIIA </p><p>Page 3 of 4 </p><p>Tom worked for the Department of Transport (DOT) for three years. In this role Tom was exposed to a </p><p>number of opportunities ranging from stakeholder and design management, representing the DOT in the </p><p>absence of the Project Manager and negotiating projects through complex approval processes. </p><p>Regional Rail Link Project (Melbourne): </p><p> Responsible for the coordination and management of the services investigation (utility &amp; communication) </p><p>works during the concept to preliminary design phase. </p><p> Successfully delivered both the contamination and hydrogeological assessment packages (brown field </p><p>section) for concept design. Delivery included preparing the scope of works, technical requirements and </p><p>managing the tender review process. </p><p> Provided constructability input and recommendations during the concept design phase of Regional Rail </p><p>Link. In particular, this involved assessing innovative construction methodologies and staging in order to </p><p>minimise adverse impact on land acquisition and delays to the project schedule. </p><p>Clifton Hill Rail Project (Melbourne): </p><p> Responsible for project managing separable portions of the main works contract during the construction </p><p>phase. </p><p> Facilitated the timely delivery of the preliminary design which required significant coordination with key </p><p>stakeholders, various architects and design consultants during the planning stage. </p><p> Identified significant risks associated with the Environmental Audit process and implemented an effective </p><p>strategy which resulted in the successful development of a recreational park. The strategy also mitigated </p><p>potential significant delays to the construction schedule and addressed key stakeholder requirements. </p><p> Reviewed contractor construction methodologies and undertook quality reviews. </p><p> Represented the client in the absence of the Project Manager. </p><p> Reviewed variations and requests for extension of time submitted by the main works contractor. </p><p>Prepared recommendations to senior management regarding the validity of the variation and also </p><p>suggested responses which were effectively implemented. </p><p>(2006 2007) Project Engineer, John Holland Group, Melbourne </p><p>Middleborough Road Rail Grade Separation Project (Melbourne) </p><p> Managed and supervised the successful delivery of the earthworks night shift on the $56 million </p><p>Middleborough Road Alliance Project. The earthworks involved the removal of approximately 120k cubic </p><p>metres of fill within a 5 week shut-down (rail occupation). The project won the Engineers Australia </p><p>Victorian Engineering Excellence Award 2007. </p><p> Responsible for the quality control of earthworks fill material during construction. </p><p> Prepared construction methodologies and risk assessments. </p><p>(2002 2006) Section / Graduate / Student Engineer, Birse Rail Ltd, UK </p><p> Responsible for day-to-day site engineering duties for the construction of a viaduct bridge (192 metre </p><p>span) and numerous other bridge and culvert structures. </p><p> Carried out setting-out and surveying duties for structures and earthworks. </p><p> Implemented and managed technical aspects during the project delivery phase. This included quality </p><p>assurance of structural concrete works and piling activities during main works construction. </p><p> Prepared construction methodologies and risk assessments for complex construction activities. </p><p> Raised technical queries on site and developed proposed technical solutions for client review and </p><p>approval. </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Thomas Moore BSc (hons), MEng, MIEAust, AMIIA </p><p>Page 4 of 4 </p><p> Supervised a team of graduate and student engineers. </p><p> Developed a site induction which was subsequently implemented into the Birse Rail Management System </p><p>(ISO accredited). </p><p>(1998 2000) Computer Aided Design Technician, Babtie Group Consultancy, UK </p><p> Created and amended computer aided design drawings in MicroStation SE. </p><p> Assisted a team of hydraulic engineers preparing hydraulic design solutions. </p><p> Carried out asset condition surveys on behalf of the Environment Agency. </p><p> Assisted engineers undertaking topographical surveys to assist with hydraulic modelling. </p><p> AFFILIATIONS </p><p> Member, Institution of Engineers Australia (MIEAus). </p><p> RELEVANT COURSES </p><p> RABQSA-AU Management Systems Auditing. SAI Global (External), November 2012. </p><p> RABQSA-TL Leading Management System Audit Teams (External), November 2012. </p><p> RABQSA-QM Auditing Quality Management Systems. SAI Global (External), September 2012. </p><p> Risk Facilitation, WorleyParsons (internal), November 2011. </p><p> Red Card Induction, John Holland Group, November 2006. </p><p> Electrification Engineering Principles for Railway Managers, Gateway Projects Ltd, August 2005. </p><p> Track Engineering Principles for Railway Managers, Gateway Projects Ltd, November 2005. </p><p> CITB Construction Supervisors Course, CITB accredited, Birse Rail, November 2005. </p><p> 100 Basic Principles of the Railway (City &amp; Guilds), Birse Rail, November 2002. </p><p> PUBLICATIONS/PRESENTATIONS </p><p>Australian Institute of Project Managers (AIPM), Adelaide 2009. Risk Management of Statutory Stakeholders </p><p>in the Government Sector. </p><p>AWARDS </p><p> Employee of the month award for outstanding performance on Karara Rail Project. Awarded by </p><p>WorleyParsons. </p><p> Certificate of Commendation for Dedication to Safety and the Environment. Awarded by Network Rail </p><p>(Client). </p><p> Awarded the Skanska Prize for Best Final Year Dissertation (Railway Embankment Stabilisation). </p><p>Awarded by Nottingham Trent University. </p></li></ul>