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The Natives Of The AmericasWebQuest!

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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IntroductionIntroduction:Did you know that the Americas ( Canada, North and South America) already had great civilizations of people living on them long before the European Explorer found out about the “New Land”?... Well it’s True! But some of their history is somewhat unknown of or lost in the process of the colonization of their lands… The WTTE ( World Time Travelers Explorers) wants to recover this valuable information so they can tell the world about who these great people were and are. They believe that Their cultures and histories can teach us much about ourselves and the modern world in which we live! So are you up to the challenge and go back in time to lands that were unknown of and help WTTE in gathering the information that they need?! We will soon find out!

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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Congratulations and welcome aboard Explorer! You have been accepted by WTTE and found

capable to travel through the time space continuum. You will Travel to one of four Different civilizations found in the Americas. It could be somewhere in Mexico, Canada, The United States or from South America. On your right is the expected information you are required to attain and bring back with you while exploring these places.

1. You need to answer all the questions presented on the site you are assigned to.

2. You will need to draw or find a picture of their location( land, country,) or Surroundings of the civilization you are observing( desert, pyramids etc..) For the title page of the information you gathered. Which you will need to turn in to wwte.

3. After you are all done you need to present the information you have gathered in some sort of presentation to the WTTE for evaluation.

Click here to proceed on your mission.

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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Process• After you receive your destination. For Tasks 1 and 2 you will click on the image to your right and you will find the information you need to find out about. Their you will also find links in which will help you find

that info. Also you can click on this link in which you can type what your looking for. Make sure to write down the name of the web site you visited or got information on.

•For your Presentation you can either do a;1. Power Point. The information you

gathered should be in this. 2. Put on a Play with others who went to

the same place as you in which you dress up like the people you researched and tell WTTE about yourselves as if you were the people. Make sure your RESPECTFUL of the people you are representing if you do this.

3. Bring in a display/model of something from the people you visited. It can show the geography in which they lived (what did it look like) or what types of houses they lived in etc..

Now that all instructions have been given to you. You are ready to go on your adventure! Click on the image above to find out who you are Learning about! Good Luck! And Have Fun!

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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Your grade will be based on how well you present your information in your final Presentation. You will be graded on the Presentation Rubric.

Click here to see the Rubric.

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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Click on the flag to the country or continent you have been assigned to.

You will then find out what Native civilization you are going to.



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Bella Bella Tribe “Heiltsuk”

Links will be in BLUE !

•Who are the “Heiltsuk”? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heiltsuk•http://www.hcec.ca/heiltsuk.html

•Where are they located at?•What happened to them?•What is something interesting about them or their culture?•What do they believe in? religion? Is their a Creation story they believe in?•Do they still exist today?•What language do they speak?•Who is an important historical figure in “Heiltsuk” history? What did he/she do who where they?•What first European settlers first make contact with them? What was it like?•What is Bella Bella art like? Draw something.

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•Who were the Iroquois Indian Tribe?•Where did they live?•What was their government like?•How did they contribute to the making of the United States Constitution? •What Presidents spent time with them•What something Interesting about their culture/ way of living?•What first Europeans made contact with them?•What did they believe in? Religion? Creation Story?•What language do they speak?•Where are they now? Why?

Links are in YELLOW

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•Who were the Aztecs?•Where were they located?•What did it look like were they lived?•Aztecs and Chocolate, What ‘s the Connection?•Who was Quetzalcoatl?•What something interesting you found out about them?•What’s the Aztec calendar?•What language did they speak?•Where are they now?•What did the Spaniards do to them? What happened?•Who was an important historical figure in Aztec History?•What resemblances did they have with the ancient Egyptians?•What were they good at?•What was one of their beliefs?

Links are in BLUE

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•Who were the Incas?•What is so interesting about the place that they lived in?•Incas and potatoes? What is interesting about that?•What is Incan art like?•What is language did they speak?•What happened to them?•Where are they now?•Who was an important historical figure in Incan History?•What did they believe in?•What was Incan culture /society like?

Links are in BLUE

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Provides a variety of types of content appropriate for the task, such details, examples and various forms examples.

Focuses primarily on relevant information and sticks to the topic.

Includes some irrelevant information.

Focuses on irrelevant information and does not stay on the topic in any way.


The message is organized and sequenced. Relationship of ideas are helped with transitions and summaries.

Message is organized and sequenced. Could be outlined easily.

Message is mixed up and random. Assumptions regarding sequencing and relationships must be made.

Message has no organization and cannot be followed.

CreativityOriginal presentation that captures the audience attention. Colorful.

Originality apparent; good use of materials. Some Color.

Little or no variation; presented with no originality or interpretation.

No variation; no use of media

Presentation Rubric

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion

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Congratulations! You have successfully returned and accomplished your mission! The WTTE is grateful for your contributions to Native History! We Hope you had Fun learning about these civilizations! And hope you continue to want to learn even More as an Explorer!

Title Page | Intro |Task |Process |Evaluation |Conclusion