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Text of Thomson MarciaKay 1967 Rhodesia(Zimbabwe)

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    Mrs. James Bailey, TreasurerCrusaders ClassTraders Point Christian ChurclR.R. 16, Box 143AI ndianano1is. Indiana 46278



    Forvrarding Agents:Dr. - Mrs. Richard Lee.901 Taylor DriveCarbondale, Illinoia -62901

    29th August, 1967

    Dear Christian Friends:

    Greetings from Mashoko 1 I am sure you are interested to know acme of"the things that have been happening and" plans-for the-fu-ture-,

    May 5th my second nephew, John Ruaael Thomson, was born in Kansas.His brother Jimmy will be three years old in November*

    Marilyn Richards arrived in Rhodesia May 18th* I went to Salisburyto meet her. My car was in the garage waiting for parts to arrive soI had to borrow one. We went to several offices in Salisbury to gether papers filled out and my passport renev/ed.

    Since we were out of the bush and on good roads vie went on to Bulav/ayo,I had never been to the bookstore in Bulav/ayo where we order most ofthe books for our bookstore at Mashoko. This seemed like a goodopportunity for both of us to get acquainted with the manager and seewhat he had in stock. "lATe came through Fort Victoria and spent Saturday night in Chiredzi, Vve attended church in Chiredzi and Sundayafternoon we went on to Mashoko# The short cut had not been repairedenough to be used since the rains so we had a 115 mile trip insteadof 58 miles as we have now

    Many have asked when I am planning to be in the States. At the present time it looks as if I will arrive in December,

    Marilyn and I have been v/orking together so that she can learn thevarious aspects of the v/ork. Many things we are able to do morethoroughly than I had been doing before her arrival. V/hen v/e dividethe viTork Marilyn does the shorthand and typing and I vrork on the book-Keeping.

    The work continues to grov/. Vtfe have 26 schools with 115 teachers.Our bookstore sells books and supplies to 3,000 primary students and140 secondary students. At the present time we are in an extensivebuilding program at our school in Chiredzi Township. This school iscalled Stockil. They held classes in pole and mud classrooms withgrass roofs for two years and started this year in the same buildings.Now they have a four room building vThich is the nicest of any of ourschool buildings. It is a brick building v/ith a veranda the length ofthe building. The builders are at roof level on two teachers housesnear the school. Foundations are being dug for another classroom blockand two more teachers houses. We are expecting this to be our largestschool and v/e have a large enough lot to build several more buildingson well as have a football field.

    In early June Shej?raan Pemberton was married in Ohio and then he andhis wife, Judi, .came to visit PJ:aode3ia, In the African custom it isproper to have wedding feasts in both the brides village and also thegrooms. Since Ifeshoko v/as Sherman's home for many years they hadtheir second wedding here on June 24th. Family and friends turned outand the estimates of the attendence are over 5,000. It seemed likeall the residents of Matsai Reserve were here. Missionaries and friendcame from near and far. The wedding v/as in front of the hospital on aplatform built over the baptistry. Pamela Pemberton came from theStates with Sherman and Judi and served as maid of honor. John Mark,v/ho is in school in Fort Victoria, v/as best man. Bob had the closingprayer and Marjorie sang. John v/as in charge of the service. Eachmember of the family had his ovm part.

    The first week in July we had a very wonderful time in the Lord during the visit of Paul, Lois and Andrew Benjamin. We had scriptureclasses for the missionaries as well as the students on the mission.

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    Each evening v/e had a preaching service and Friday afternoon an areameeting in front of the hospital. Lois taught the students new songswhich they have been singing since.

    Today I am invigilating exarainationa for some students that are takingtheir education by correspondence. Each year in August there is oneweek v/hen exams are given at various centers throughout the country*This year at Mashoko we have four si^^^ned up for Standard 6 (8th grade)and 49 for Rhodesia Junior Certificate (equal to 2 years high school).The exams are made out by the Education Department and sent to us byregistered mail. It is up to us to see that the envelopes are openedjust before the exam and that the time limit is kept and no helps areused. We must then return the answers by registered mail and the students will receive the results several months later, Marilyn Stein-metz usually gives these exams and she will do the rest of them thistime

    May the Lord bless you as you work for Him.Because of Christ,


    MaRCIA KkY THOMSONc/o R. V, Lee901 Taylor Dr.Garbondale, 111. 62901

    Marcia kay Thomson

    SP 2.*^