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Think about it. Take10 minutes to work on the Early Govt Review!. Todays Big Question. What were the key ideas of the abolition movement?. Activities for the Day:. Discuss main ideas of abolition 5 minute break/lunch Read and analyze abolitionist newspapers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Warm Up:

Todays Question:What were the key ideas of the abolition movement?Agenda:Discuss/watch video clips about the main ideas of abolition

Read and analyze abolitionist newspapers


Who are the abolitionists? (7:05-9:05)AbolitionAbolitionists demanded the _________freeing of slaves.

Abolitionists believed that slavery was:_________ and inhumane Morally __________Against the principles of the United States government: ____________, ____________, and the pursuit of ________________.

William Lloyd Garrison: 1805-1879(9:05-16:00)


William Lloyd Garrison published the _________ and worked for the immediate emancipation of all slaves.

5:50-11:26Frederick Douglass published the _____ _____ and worked for the rights of African Americans and women to better their lives.

Harriet Tubman led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the _______ ________.

Abolitionists sounded the warningthe country could not forever encompass the ideal of liberty and the reality of slavery.Read all about it!In your table group:

What does the newspaper say?Who wrote it/when was it written?What does it tell us about the time period?What else do we need to know in order to understand it better?Protest PosterCreate a PROTEST POSTER that would be used at an anti-slavery rally.

Be sure to include:A protest sloganA cartoon or other type of creative design to illustrate your pointIt should be creative and neatIT should demonstrate knowledge of the movement for abolitionWhat do abolitionists believe?What famous abolitionist wrote the North Star?Who wrote the liberator?Who led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad?The United States acquired what territory after it became an independent country?Who is the head of the executive branch of government?Which territory was gained through a treaty with Spain?What battle marked the turning point of the Revolutionary War?What European country joined the Revolutionary War after the Battle of Saratoga?What was the first battle of the Revolutionary War?What happened at the First Continental Congress?What is the name of the treaty that ended the Revolutionary War?Who was the commander of the Continental Army?What is the name of the British commander that surrendered at Yorktown?Name 2 advantages the Continental Army had over the British Army.What is the name of the trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas?Where did the Portuguese explore?What is the name of the first document that established the laws for the United States?Who wrote the Bill of Rights?Who wrote the VA Statute for Religious Freedom?Name 2 weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.What document declared independence from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War?Who explored the Louisiana Territory?ANSWER1234Newspaper POINTS anti-slavery Abolitionist Frederick DouglassNorth StarTHINGSCLUESANSWER1234Anti-slaveryPOINTSAfrican American and white North Star, LiberatorCalled for immediate end to slaveryAbolitionists PEOPLECLUESANSWER1234Born a slave POINTSOften wore a scarfEscaped to PennsylvaniaUnderground RailroadHarriet TubmanPEOPLECLUESANSWER1234CityPOINTSMid-AtlanticPennsylvaniaConstitutional ConventionPhiladelphiaPLACESCLUES