There Is Something About Grace

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Grace is amazing!

Text of There Is Something About Grace

  • 1. There is something about grace What is it about Gods grace that is given to us, through a dying Savior and risen Lord that makes it so consuming as to stagger us into realizing ourselves as sinful people and yet liberates and sustains us now and into eternity with a victorious life by that same sacrifice? Maybe we cannot explain it, maybe we will never be able to. Maybe it is enough to simply be humbled, Louise Maas yet empowered as -- Saxophone grateful and Piano Adam Maas we are amazed at such a gift. SRM 8/ 2007

2. A gift which we are all undeserving of, yet God in His grace so loved and sent His Son to give it to any that would receive it. Amazing! 3. That even though we are sinners, He would die forus is amazing, amazing, amazing grace. 4. And That God empowers us withHis Holy Spirit is amazing. And That Christ is coming back for us andwe will dwell with Him forever is amazing. 5. His Grace is amazing because it is always true 6. always timeless 7. continuing for generations 8. With an ever fresh sweetness in its life givingmusic. 9. Styles may come and go but grace is always 10. Because it is always interesting and compelling, 11. releasing the ancient Word to give salvation to all. 12. Grace is so powerful because it somehow takesaccount of the past, 13. Sustains us as it carries us through our youth 14. abiding even unto the end of our years on 15. And then giving us total victory over death taking us into the very dwelling place of the Author and Originator of all life and love. In heaven we will offer endless praise God and the Lamb for all of 16. Grace is always committed to bringing new 17. to individuals and families 18. lifting us up and holding us 19. And bringing us Christian friendship In fellowship and friendship 20. and filling us with Christs joy and 21. God somehow teaches us 22. young and old, as we listen and study, 23. from simple beginnings when we first 24. Somehow filling our hearts with His presence 25. changing us along the way and throughout theyears by His always amazing grace. 26. Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.