The University of Manchester - Postgraduate Taught Courses Open Day

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Discover more about The University of Manchester Postgraduate Taught Open Day, 23 November, 2015

Text of The University of Manchester - Postgraduate Taught Courses Open Day






    Im delighted that you have chosen to nd out more about our unrivalled range of taught masterscourses, and discover how you could be part of it as apostgraduate taught student here at Manchester.

    You probably already have a good idea about what youwant to study and want to gain a broad, deep andspecialised knowledge around that subject area.

    You will want a degree from the University with anexcellent reputation both across the UK and overseas.The University of Manchester has a global reach andone of the highest number of on-campuspostgraduate students at a research intensiveuniversity. At Manchester you'll study with studentsfrom many countries and learn from leading teachersand scholars who are acknowledged internationalexperts in their respective elds. I invite you to look atour ve research beacons on the University web pagesas an illustration of our commitment to combiningexcellent teaching alongside excellent research. You'lldevelop skills and gain experience that will go beyondyour master's and be fundamental to your future career.

    I hope you enjoy the day and take the opportunity tospeak to our current students to hear their experiences,and to take some time to see some of our world-classfacilities and resources on campus.

    Clive AgnewVice President Teaching, Learning and Students

    Getting the most out of the Open Day

    Were sure youll enjoy finding out more about thewealth of opportunities we offer. Do take the opportunityto talk to the people you meet, particularly admissionsstaff, academics and current students. They will giveyou a real insight into what life as a postgraduatestudent at The University Manchester is like, and willbe happy to answer questions about our admissionsprocess or life in Manchester more generally.

    There will be staff on hand throughout the day atCrawford House Foyer (31). You can also tweet usthroughout the day @AdmissionsUoM staff will beon hand both on the day and in the run-up to the dayto answer any questions you may have. Follow theconversation on the day using the hashtag#uompgopenday.

    Wherever you see a number in this guide in brackets(36), this indicates the corresponding building number on the campus map on pages 18/19. You canalso download the iManchester app for iPhone orAndroid, which includes a searchable campus map.Search for iManchester on your app store.

    There are two main parts to the day: a Student ExperienceExhibition and Talks on Postgraduate Study starting at12pm, and events hosted by our academic Schools andFaculties in the afternoon. Throughout the day, variousinformal tours and drop-in sessions are available.



    Crawford House Foyer (31), all dayWhen you arrive for the day, please come to Crawford House (31) toregister. If you have registered in advance, you will need to bring with you the registration number that was emailed to you. If you have notregistered in advance, you will be asked to complete a short form.

  • Alan Gilbert learning Commons

    The 24m Learning Commons has been designed togive students a focal point for learning, offering astimulating and comfortable 24/7 environment forstudy. It was designed in consultation with representativesfrom the Students Union to make sure that usersneeds were fully taken into account. The world-classstudy space boasts more than 1000 flexible studyspaces and an inspiring range of equipment andfurnishings for individual and group study.


    At The University of Manchester, we arecommitted to continually investing in ourcampus, in order to provide outstandingstudy and research facilities for ourstudents. In particular, you will be able tovisit two new facilities during the Open Day:

    Take a tour of the new Alan Gilbert LearningCommons and the Main Library and see the range oflearning spaces available, group study rooms and ITfacilities. Learn more about Library resources, includingan overview of My Learning Essentials, the Librarysaward-winning new skills programme, offeringworkshops, online resources and skills clinics to provideflexible support for your academic study. Look out forthe innovative designs all around the Alan GilbertLearning Commons, which were created by ourstudents to reflect their experience of studying atManchester, and the quotations from various alumniand current students which have been used todecorate the entrance.

  • The Atrium

    The Atrium is designed to be an information hub for allstudents at The University of Manchester. It was set upfollowing feedback from students, which showed theneed for a one-stop shop for information, advice andguidance in the heart of the campus. Students candrop in and get expert advice on a range of issues frommoney and financial advice, exploring careers andemployability, to studying abroad and learning abouthealth and wellbeing.

    It has quirkily-designed interview pods, which can beused for confidential conversations, as well as an open,comfortable common room area for informaldiscussions, which will play host to the StudentExperience Exhibition during the Open Day.


    TOP TiP: drop in and speak to ourCareers Consultants at the StudentExperience Exhibition

    The Atrium, First Floor, University Place (37), 12pm 2pmOurs is a Careers Service that really understandspostgraduates, with award-winning onlineresources and support, just for postgrads. Weunderstand that deciding to study for apostgraduate degree is a big decision, and thatyoull need expert help and guidance to make themost of it. Come and talk to our friendly careersconsultants to find out how we can help you. Youcan also follow them on Twitter: @ManPGCareers


    Meals and Refreshments

    Take some time to grab a coffee and a bite to eatduring the day. Most School events do not start before2pm, giving you time to get some lunch. Visitors arewelcome to visit any of the food outlets you seearound campus, but here are a few suggestions:

    Eros Caf and EATS Restaurant foyer of University Place (37)

    Christies Bistro Christie Building (58)

    Bikos Caf Students Union (68)

    Kro Bar opposite Students Union (68)

    Learning Commons Caf Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (63)

    Complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits will also be available in Crawford House Foyer (31).

    Visitors with Disabilities or Special Requirements

    The campus is generally accessible for those withmobility difficulties, although there are a few areaswhere problems may occur. If you have any additionalsupport needs as a result of a disability, medicalcondition or specific learning difficulty we will try toprovide you with whatever assistance you require.

    Please talk to a member of staff in Crawford HouseFoyer (31).

    in an Emergency

    Contact the nearest member of University staff. First aid cover is provided by the Universitys SecurityServices, telephone (internal) 69966, (external) 0161 306 9966. In the event of a fire alarm, you are requested to vacate the building you are inimmediately, by the nearest exit. Do not use the lifts and remain outside until informed by a member of staff that you may re-enter.

    if you get lost / have a general question

    Staff will be on hand throughout the day in Crawford House Foyer (31). You can also tweet us with any questions @AdmissionsUoM.


    12pm Arrival and RegistrationComplimentary refreshments provided.

    Crawford House Foyer (31)


    Student Experience ExhibitionExhibitors: Accommodation oce Current students Students Union SPORT Library / Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Manchester Enterprise Centre Funding and Finance Careers Service Visas and Immigration The Atrium Heritage My Learning Essentials

    The Atrium, University Place(37)


    Campus Tours Leaving every 20 minutes from 12:30pm. Last tour departs 2:10pm. Tours last approximately 45 minutes.

    Meet outside Crawford House(31)

    Accommodation tours: Leaving every 20 minutes from 1pm. Last tour departs 3:10pm.

    Meet in the lobby of the George Kenyon Building (93)


    Postgraduate study at The University of Manchester

    This presentation provides an overview of life as a postgraduate student at Manchester. It includes information on the teaching and learningenvironment, the nature of postgraduate study and the services, facilitiesand support on oer to enable you to make the most of your studies.

    Lecture Theatre 1, Crawford House (33)


    Postgraduate Student Finance

    This presentation outlines potential funding sources for taughtpostgraduate students and will include information about the newlyannounced 2015 Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. More general nancial considerations and advice will be oered by the Universitys Student Money Advisor.

    Lecture Theatre 1, Crawford House (33)



    The Student Experience Exhibition will remain open until 2pm.

    Cafs and eateries across campus will be open for lunch (see list on oppositepage/see buildings 37,44,58,59,63,68).

    Most School events will not start until 2pm, but do check the subject you are interested in to make sure.

    2pm-4pm Events in Schools and Faculties

    See pages 9-17 for further details

    If you have any questions during the afternoon, please feel free to drop intoCrawford House Foyer (31) or tweet us @AdmissionsUoM.




    Discover the range of taught master's courses available in the Faculty of Arts, Language