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The Silent Wa The Silent Wa y y Adviser: Adviser: 陳陳陳 陳陳 陳陳陳 陳陳 Reporter Reporter N97C0009 N97C0009 陳陳陳 陳陳陳

The Silent Way

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The Silent Way. Adviser: 陳怡真 教授 Reporter : N97C0009 黃尹人. What is the Silent Way ?. It is the name of a language teaching method devised by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Silent Way The Silent Way

Adviser: Adviser: 陳怡真 教授陳怡真 教授 ReporterReporter :: N97C0009 N97C0009 黃尹人黃尹人

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What is the Silent Way ?What is the Silent Way ?

It is the name of a language teaching metIt is the name of a language teaching method devised by Dr. Caleb Gattegno. hod devised by Dr. Caleb Gattegno.

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Dr. Gattegno (1911~1988) 是一位精通多國語言的數學、心理雙博士,生於埃及。


特色 :─色彩幫助兒童發音,藉由色彩輔助, 使兒童能找出母音, 並正確地發音。

─彩色積木幫助學習者分析、 熟悉語言結構,奠定語言結構 的基礎。

資料引用自 : 1. 默示法教學簡介 2. http://www.silentway.com.tw/

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During the process of teaching, During the process of teaching,

the teacher has to be silent as much the teacher has to be silent as much

as they could, but the learner has to as they could, but the learner has to

be encouraged to produce as much be encouraged to produce as much

language as possible.language as possible.

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The teacher uses charts, gestures, and manipulatives

to elicit and shape student responses and so must be

both facile and creative as a pantomimist and


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Within the atmosphere of silence, learners

would concentrate on the task to be

accomplished and the potential means to

its accomplishment.

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Basic to the method are simple linguistic

tasks in which the teacher models a word,

a phrase, or sentences and then elicits

learner responses.

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Learners go on to create their own utterances

by putting together all the information they have.

Rods, charts, and other aids could be applied to

elicit learner responses.

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Learners only have themselves and the group to rely on,

and they need to work cooperatively rather than


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Though teachers modeling is minimal, learners are

expected to develop independence, autonomy,

and responsibility.

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The absence of correction and repeated modeling from

teachers require students to develop “ inner criteria”

and to correct themselves and their peers.

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The learners adopting Silent Way obtain “ inner criteria,” which is very important“in one’s education throughout all of one’s life” (Gattegno 1976; 29)

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Awareness is educable. As one learns “ in awareness,”

one’s powers of awareness and one’s capacity to learn

become greater.

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The materials of Silent Way method mainly include

a set of colored rods ,

one pointer ,

color-coded pronunciation and vocabulary wall

charts, and writing or reading exercises, and so on.

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The pronunciation chart, called “ Fidel,” has

been devised for a number of languages and

contain symbols in the target language for all of the

vowel and consonant sounds of the language.

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Ex. vowel

cap bat nut cup lid sit net web pot top

Page 17: The    Silent    Way

The colored Cuisenaire rods are used to link words structures with their meanings in the target language.

The rods vary in length from 1-10 cm, and each length has a specific color.

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The rods could be used to represent what the teacher intends to model.

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1. I walk my dog in the park every afternoon.

2. Mom bought a dress at a shop last week.

3. I like reading.

4. Eight people are in this classroom..

5. It rained this morning. 6. Rita took a shower after work.

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Traditional teaching methods strongly focus on

repetition of sentences modeled by the teacher, and a

process through guided elicitation exercises to

freer communication.

Comparison with the traditional teaching methods

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In the Silent Way, the indirect role the teacher is

required to assume in directing and monitoring

learner performance, the responsibility placed on

learners to figure out and test their hypotheses about

how the languages work.

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本文資料參考引用自:1. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching (2nd edition)2. 默示法教學簡介 ( 賽能股份有限公司 ) 3. 英語教學法大全 ( 師德文教股份有限公司 )