The River Thames

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London is a capital of United Kingdom. It is one of the great est cities of the world and it is the biggest city in Europe. It is also a city, with a long and interesting hi story. The River Thames. The River Thames runs through the centre of London from W est to E ast. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The River Thames

  • London is a capital of United Kingdom. It is one of the greatest cities of the world and it is the biggest city in Europe. It is also a city, with a long and interesting history.

  • The River ThamesThe River Thames runs through the centre of London from West to East.

    Its name comes from an old word for "river".

  • The river helped London in many ways, but it also brought problems. For years, people threw things into it. The river was very dirty and its water was dangerous. By the 1950s there were no fish. Today things are different. The water is cleaner, and fish swim in the Thames again.

  • BridgesFor 1700 years, London had only one bridge - London Bridge. The first bridge in London was wooden. Londoners finished a new, stone London Bridge in 1209 (it stood for 622 years). Londoners built a second bridge across the Thames in 1750 at Westminster.

  • Tower BridgeToday, there arethirty-four bridges in London.

    The most famous is Tower Bridge

    Workers finished Tower Bridge in 1894.

  • Lambeth Bridge

  • Putney Bridge

  • Hammersmith Bridge

  • Westminster Bridge

  • The Tower of London

    In 1066 the king, William I, built the White Tower in the city. Later kings and queens built more buildings round this tower. The Tower of London was a palace, but it was also a prison.Today, visitors can walk round the Tower of London.

  • The Tower of London

  • Hampton Court Palace

    Hampton Court Palace was Thomas Wolsey's house, but King Henry VIII liked it. The king took the house and Wolsey went to prison. Henry changed the palace and built new gardens, kitchens and a church.

  • Hampton Court Palace

  • Buckingham Palace

    No king or queen built Buckingham Palace. It was a rich person's house. King George III liked it and he bought it in 1761. George IV built more and more rooms. Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham Palace in 1837. Now Queen Elizabeth II lives in Buckingham Palace when she is in London. There are 600 rooms in Buckingham Palace - visitors can see some of the rooms for one month every year.

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Kensington Palace

    William III built this beautiful small palace in 1686. Later, Queen Victoria was born there. Some people from royal family have flats in the palace.

  • Kensington Palace

  • London is one of the most important theatre capitals of the world. Most of the big theatres are in the "West End". There are more than fifty theatres in London now. The oldest theatre in the city is The Gloge Theatre

  • London has a lot of museums. There are museums of: money animals time trains ships the River Thames tea and coffe art famous writers war buses and trains aeroplanes theatre

  • British MuseumThe British Museum was the first museum in the world.

  • Tate MuseumOne of the most famous museums is the Tate. The first Tate building opened in 1897, but the old museum building was too small, so now there are two Tates in London. The new Tate museum opened in the year 2000 by the River Thames.

  • Victoria and Albert MuseumSome of London's biggest and best museums are in Kensington. One of these is the Victoria and Albert Museum. It opened in 1852.

  • St Paul's Cathedral is one of London's most beautiful buildings.

  • People round the world know Big Ben. For British people, the New Year starts when they hear the sound of Big Ben in the streets of London.

  • The British fought Napoleon's ship in 1805 and won. The city wanted to remember this, so in 1841 they built Trafalgar Square. Today, you find a lot of visitors - and birds! - in the square.

  • Canada Tower is London's tallest building. It is also the tallest office building in Europe. It has a red light at the top, so aeroplanes can see it.

  • A meat company OXO built the OXO Tower by the river in 1928. Today there is a restaurant at the top of the tower.

  • The London Eye is not building, but it is the fourth tallest thing in the London sky. From the top of the London Eye, visitors can see for kilometres across the city.You go up and down again in twenty minutes.

  • Harrods is one of the most famous shops in the world. Henry Charles Harrod started selling tea in 1800. Now Harrods sells everything for everybody.

  • Portobello Road runs through the middle of Notting Hill in the west of the city. In 1870 people sold horses on Portobello Road. Now more than 2000 people sell clothes, music and fruit and vegetables there.

  • For 300 years Covent Garden was a market for vegetables and flowers. Now is not really a market. It has a lot of different shops and restaurants.

  • Every June sports - lovers watch the tennis at Wimbledon. This brings the top tennis players in the world to the city.

  • Football is the the most important sport in Britan. Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham Hotspour play in London.The new Wembely stadium

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