Tales From The River Bank (Thames valley) 2014

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  • Magazine of the Thames Valley HOG Chapter Magazine of the Thames Valley HOG Chapter

  • Sue

    As I was putting Dons piece into the magazine, and I read his thanks to the people who helped with the party, I realised that Don rarely gets thanked officially. Having been on the committee for six months now I have got to see what goes on behind the scenes and just how much work Don puts in for our club. Don and Barry did all the shopping for the party food, not an easy task. The hall was booked, music arranged and Don was there to set up and to put away. Don has led this club through years of no dealership and where many clubs would have folded ours is still going strong. So I would like to say, from all of us,

    THANK YOU, DON! Last month, Sue Brown wrote about her role as LoH rep. I thought this was very interesting finding out about her role and what she actually does for the club. I have asked the other committee members to write a small piece about how they see their roles and what they do for us. Im not sure, though, that Don would be able to list all the things he does!

    I know some members have been affected by the floods and storms that have plagued us for, what seems like, months. Hopefully, we have seen the last of it now and can dry out and get back to normal. There are two social meet-ings coming up, one at the Pack Saddle and one at the Asian Fusion. Maybe we can get the bikes out for these? I have to give kudos to Toni Charles, the only one to make it on her bike to the Winter Bash!

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    Front cover: Mike Joiner sporting his new bag at the Saturday Social

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    Diane Earley 4th Mar

    Michael Benson 5th Mar

    Don Wibberley 20th Mar

    Happy Birthday

    to you all!

    Thanks go to all contributors to this months magazine:

    Don, Sue, CJ, Toni, Linda, Bernie, Pat, & Mystery Man.

  • 4

    Hi Everybody, Welcome to The Directors page for February. January was a busy month for the team on the committee. On the 11


    we had a Road Crew meeting at Stafferton Lodge which included a full English breakfast and a chance to organise the rideout calendar for 2014, which is now available on the website. The 18

    th, for me, was a trip to

    Sutton Coldfield for the Directors meeting, hosted by Marjorie Rae from Hog UK. During the meeting it was announced that Harley Davidson has now become 2

    nd in Europe for bike sales with a total of 3,625 units sold

    during 2013. Harley Davidson is to launch two new bikes, a Custom 750 and the pro Street 800, both to be launched in the Uk for 2015. Rally News I f any of our members are looking to travel out to St Tropez in May this year, you must register online to guarantee a rally pack. Some changes have also been made for The European Rally in Biograd, Croatia. To enter the rally site, it is by paid entry only, and the parking of motorcycles on the rally site is by registration only. More information about the changes can be found on the Hog Europe website. It has been confirmed that The Bridgewater Cider Rally will be going ahead at Sand Bay again, this year. The site was purchased by Pontins Holiday Camp Group early in January. The results from the Chapter Challenge Mileage program can be found on pages 18 and19 in this magazine - a great effort by Thames Valley yet again. This years challenge will run from March through to October and forms will be available at next club night.

  • Don

    Hog Membership Over and over again we hear people saying, What do we get for that 53 membership fee every year from Hog? Well... Start with being able to join a Hog Chapter like Thames Valley and enjoy what we have to offer as a family orientated Bike Club. As a member you are able to experience rallies in both Europe & around the world. A 90 page Hog Magazine every quarter which is crammed with information and stories from around the globe and on top of that we have a list of companies that offer discounts and deals to Hog members. MacDonald Hotels, Bisley Shooting Ground, Euro Camps, H D Insurance, Condor Ferries, Best Western Hotels, The BMF, Holiday Inn and Nutt Travel, All the above organisations have deals to offer Hog members, all you need to get the discounts is your Hog membership number. Hog Merchandise In issue 4 of the last Hog Magazine, on page 42 & 43, the new Hog Logo was presented to us all and a piece about new designs for patches which included a picture of a Skull with Wings and a top and bottom rocker. After customer feedback this design has been withdrawn from sale until further notice in the UK and Ireland. Winter Bash And to finish my piece this month, what a great pre-season party at Sportsable the other night!! Sixty friends & guests danced to Robbies music until late into the evening. Can I thank those of you who came over on Saturday afternoon to set the hall up, great job as always - well done! A special thank you to Sue Knight, Pat and Barry for their hard work organising the evening and cooking the food Saturday afternoon. A real team effort by all concerned which made a great party. News By next months magazine I will have news regarding talks with Sportsable about the prices of drinks over the bar and news of a way forward for the membership. Ride safe, party hard and enjoy the lifestyle.


  • 6

    Sue says... Quack quack! ... I think I have grown webbed feet! What a wet

    January and February we

    are having. Just hoping

    that it means there will be

    no rain to come over the summer months!

    Great to hear via Facebook that a few lucky, plucky people are

    managing to get out on their bikes, but mine hasnt been out this

    month as yet.

    Unfortunately I have had to postpone the trip to Nelsons

    Diner on 22nd February. A few days after taking my booking

    they phoned and asked for 10 per person non-refundable de-

    posit! Well, a) I didnt think that was totally in order as they

    had previously accepted the booking and, b) I didnt want to

    commit everyone to turning up and spending at least a tenner!

    So for the time being they have lost our custom!

    I have, however, reserved tables at The Pack Saddle at Mapledurham, RG4 7UD. This was the place I booked once

    before then found it had burned down!

    Alongside their main menu, sandwiches and pies are also

    served. Think someone is trying to tell me something!

  • 7

    Sue x

    So, if you are still free please come along to see how the

    place is shaping up after their refurbishment. Or if you had

    your heart set on the Diner, we will go there some time this


    Moving on to March, and following the success of last years

    event, I have reserved tables at Asian Fusion along the Bath

    Road www.asianfusion.org for Saturday 15th March at 7.00 p.m.

    All you can eat buffet, starters main and pud for 12.95.

    Now, if you dont like Indian they do Chinese; if you dont like

    Chinese they do Thai if you dont like any of them, then

    sorry . Hope you can make it please let me know numbers at

    February club night.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

    Letter from The Director,


    Hi there,

    Im not sure if you were aware that the Rolling Hills Chapter will be 25 years old this year. To mark the occasion, at our March Club Night on

    Wednesday 5th March 2014 from 7:00pm onwards, we would like to

    invite all of our friends of the Chapter to come and visit us for a chance

    to meet and greet as well as reflect on our 25 years.

    We will also be presenting our 2013 charity fund cheque to the

    Midlands Air Ambulance.

    Our Club Nights are held at the Gupshill Manor, Gloucester Road,

    Tewkesbury, GL20 5SG.

    We would really like you to be part of this evening.


    Gareth Swanson

    Director - Rolling Hills Chapter

  • 8

    It was 1972, I was14 years old and living at Home with my Mum & Dad. I answered the door to a very young policeman who asked if my parents were in. Dad came to the door and was told his eldest son (a long distance van driver, 18 years of age) had been killed on the motorway on his way to Scotland. This event has made me who I am today and influenced my outlook on life, forever! The only memento I had of my big brother was photos and