THE RENAISSANCE. Renaissance- means rebirth, revival in art, literature, science, politics, economy, medicine

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  • Renaissance- means rebirth, revival in art, literature, science, politics, economy, medicine

  • Southern RenaissanceHappened in Italy(cities of Milan, Florence, Venice, Genoa)

    Trading centers, wealthy

    Wealthy business men spent $ on arts and education

  • The Medici of FlorenceCity-states were independent

    Merchants- rich, involved in politics, earned status w/ success

    The Medici family- wealthy & powerful in Florence

    Lorenzo the Magnificent

  • New EducationHumanism- focuses on individual potential and accomplishments, less emphasis on the church, more individual creativity

    The Humanities- subjects like history, poetry, philosophy, rhetoric

  • Renaissance Man master of many subjects and talents (writer, artist, musician and athlete)

    Renaissance Woman studied many subjects, mostly in private, women were to inspire art, not create it

  • Renaissance Artpainted in realistic view, religious subjects, portraitsPerspective- gives 3-D look

  • Leonardo da VinciA realist- studied music, botany, architecture, anatomy (dead bodies to improve his painting), drew early flying machines and submarines


  • Mona Lisa

  • The Last Supper

  • Vitruvian Man

  • Da Vinci Flying Machine

  • MichelangeloSculptor, painter, engineer, architect, poet

    Statue of David (18) w/ Greek influence

    Sistine Chapel ceiling (took 4 yrs)

    Designed dome on St. Peters Cathedral in Rome

  • Dome of St Peter's - 1564

  • RaphaelStudied da Vinci and Michelangelo

    Painted the Madonna (Mary) w/ Child (Jesus)

    Painted walls in the Vatican

  • Renaissance LiteratureWritten in the vernacular (not Latin), individual ideas, Many How To books

    The Book of the Courtier Baldassare Castiglione- How to be a Renaissance Man well-mannered, master of many subjects, educated, athletic

    The Prince - Machiavelli- guide to success in politics (lie, cheat, steal vs. honesty & integrity) is far better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.


  • NORTHERN RENAISSANCEDeveloped later than in Italy- recovering from the plague and Hundred Years war

    Began in the Flanders Region (N. France, Belgium, Netherlands)

  • Northern Renaissance Art

  • Jan and Hubert Van Eyck- oil paints, scenes of daily life, religion

  • Pieter Brueghel- vivid color, commoners

  • Albrecht Durer- (German) engravings on plates to make prints, art now available

  • NORTHERN RENAISSANCE WRITINGDesiderius Erasmus- Dutch, translated the Bible to the vernacular, wrote about church corruption

    Thomas More- England, wrote Utopia, about an ideal society (no greed, crime, corruption or war)

  • William ShakespeareEnglish poet & playwrightwrote 37 plays b/t 1590-1613, comedies, tragedies and historical plays (A Midsummers Night Dream, Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar),often dealt with human flaws & errorsover 1700 words appear for the 1st time (bedroom, lonely, hurry, sneak, etc.)

  • Miguel de CervantesSpain- wrote Don Quixoteparody of chivalry

  • Printing RevolutionJohann Gutenberg (German)1st printing press

    First edition Bible in 1456

    By 1500- 20 million books printed in Europe, all subjects, ideas spread, books affordable

    Bible read and interpreted by many who wanted religious reform


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