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  • The Railway & LocomotiveHistorical Society Newsletter

    Winter 2000 Volume 20, Number 1A Quarterly Publication of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.

    Well, jack it back up and lets go. See page 4 for more information.

  • R&LHS Newsletter 20-1 Page 2

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    Membership MattersMembership applications, change of

    address and other membership status in-quiries should be sent to William H. Lugg,R&LHS Membership, P. 0. Box 292927,Sacramento, CA 95829-2927.

    Trading PostSociety members may use, without

    charge, the Trading Post section of thequarterly Newsletter and the R&LHSWebSite to advertise items they wish tosell, trade or acquire or to seek informa-tion from other readers. This service is in-tended for personal, not general commer-cial, use. WebSite will be posted weekly.Advise when items should be withdrawn.All items should be sent to Clifford J. Van-der Yacht, 2363 Lourdes Drive West,Jacksonville, FL 32210-3410, or e-mailCliffVDY@JUNO.COM.

    Locomotive Rosters & Records ofBuilders Construction Numbers

    The Society has locomotive rostersfor many roads and records of steam loco-motive construction numbers for mostbuilders. Copies are available to membersat twenty cents per page ($5.00 minimum)from James L. Larson, 12820 WestsideRoad, Manassas, VA 20112. A list of avail-able rosters may be obtained from Mr.Larson for $2.00.

    Back Issues of Railroad HistoryMany issues of Railroad History

    since No. 131 are available at $7.50 percopy from Milepost 1 Bookstore, 912 Sut-ter Street, #16, Folsom, CA 95630. Forinformation on the availability of specificissues and volume discounts, send astamped self-addressed envelope or callMilepost 1 at (916) 985-4777 or (800) 336-7547 or MP1@MP1.COM. Note: Pleasedo not address any other R&LHS Mem-bership Service inquiries to Milepost 1.

    Articles from the Bulletin &Railroad History

    Copies of articles from back issues ofthese publications of the Society arc avail-able to members at twenty cents per page($5.00 minimum) from Mrs. Jacqueline J.Pryor, Archivist-R&LHS, P. 0. Box 1674,Sacramento, CA 95812-1674, phone (916)323-8074, Wednesdays 8:30-11:30 a.m.,Pacific Time.

    Research InquiriesSource materials printed, manuscript,

    and graphic are housed in the Societysarchives in Sacramento, CA. Inquiriesconcerning these materials may be ad-dressed to Jacqueline J. Pryor, Archivist -R&LHS, P. 0. Box 1674, Sacramento, CA95812-1674, phone (916) 323-8074,Wednesdays 8:30-11:30 a.m. Pacific Time.When writing, please enclose a stampedself-addressed envelope and a daytimephone number. ^

    Newsletter NotesThe new Editor of the Newsletter

    is Clifford J. Vander Yacht, currentEditor of the Southeast ChaptersSoutheast Limited, Editor of theC&OHS 1990 book, The Pere Mar-quette in 1945, and founder of the PereMarquette Historical Society as itsPresident and Editor in 1995.

    My railroad of choice is the Pere Marquette Railwaywhich now celebrates its centennial. I was born, went tograde school, high school, and college (all in Holland,Michigan) and camped during the summer (in northernMichigan) all within a half mile of the PM. Im a HO mod-eler that became a historian. I joined the C&OHS,NKPH&TS, GM&OHS and the BWMC- and NFC-NRHS. Im now retired, so modeling and editing occupiesmy time.

    A new broom, but not a clean sweep. There are somechanges, however. The old Times Roman font has beenreplaced with Ehrhardt for text, Valhalla for head-lines, and Arial for captions, bylines and the banner on

    the front page. The text is offset on thepage so you can three-hole punch theNewsletter for notebook storage. Mys-tery photos and the Trading Post (bothare now on the R&LHS WebSite - seepage 4) will continue as before.

    The oval logo, an original by Otto

    Kuhler, has been partially replaced by a more modern ac-ronym style logo. It is shaded to represent an old numberboard. There has been some criticism about the oval logobeing too old fashioned and that a newer logo should betried. Railroad History also has its own logo. The ovallogo remains the official emblem of the R&LHS. Pleasedirect ALL of your comments on this or other issues to theEditor. My address is on the back cover or use e-mailCliffVDY@JUNO.COM

    I (no editorial we here as this is an informal publica-tion) edit submitted text very lightly; changing the text justenough to make it readable, but not rewriting your story.This is a great place to see yourself in print. Personal expe-riences in railroading and older histories are the most popu-lar, but dont forget new histories. Illustrate them with pho-tos, maps and other paper from your collection. End-notes, footnotes and/or a bibliography are not needed, butare welcome. If you are writing an article, or a book, pleasesubmit an overview of the article, the book or a just chap-ter from the book. Then add a few illustrations. This is agreat way to smoke out corrections, affirmations, and newinformation from our readers.

    I can handle black and white or color prints, 35mmnegatives and slides, and screened (previously printed blackand white) photos. All items will be returned when pub-lished. Send valuable mail REGISTERED (requires Post-masters to sign for it so it doesnt get lost), not CertifiedReturn Receipt (legal proof of mailing and delivery). Youmay send stuff e-mail in almost any format; scan photos150 dpi final size (300 if JPG). Ill acknowledge all articles.

    And keep those cards and letters coming! ^

  • R&LHS Newsletter 20-1 Page 3

    The Night We Stole The LastSteam Engine, a music CD by BobWoods. A mix of country, swing, bluesand easy listening music about lifeworking on the railroad. Mr. Woodsuses his musical talent along with hislove of railroading to share many sto-ries of people who love railroading.Since childhood, Bob has always hadan interest in steam trains and finallywas able to fulfill his dream of work-ing in the cab of a steam locomotiveby hiring on the Yolo Shortline Rail-road (YSLR). Bobs experiences work-ing as a fireman puts the listener inthe cab of YSLR steam engine #1233as he takes you back to the good olddays when steam ruled the rails.

    Tracks include:The Night We Stole The Last

    Steam Engine, a story about a groupof railroaders facing the end of thesteam era, and decide to hijack a steamengine for one last run down the main-line.

    Where The Railroad Use ToRun a story of a little boy growingup watching trains run by his houseand the joy it brought to him. Now allthat is left is an abandoned right-of-way and todays children have no ideaabout the train activity that use to passthrough their town.

    Broken Rail puts you in the cabof a steam engine at speed when it en-counters a broken rail and your hang-ing on for dear life as you tear up tieshoping the locomotive does not end upon its side.

    For railroaders who want to remi-nisce about the good days, or for thosewho always dreamed about what itwould be like to ride the rails, this is amusical of railroading that you will en-joy.

    R&LHS WebSiteWith the help of our WebMaster,

    Adrian Ettlinger, we have entered the20th and 21st Centuries with our ownWebSite on the Internet. New address:

    This will always be a work inprogress as information is added andrefined, but we will have a valuableresource for our members, as well as agreat tool for soliciting new members.

    Adrian Ettlinger may be contactedat ^

    Presidents Letterby William F. Howes, Jr.

    October 31, 1999, Board of Di-rectors meeting:

    President Howes reported on theAwards. The Gerald M. Best SeniorAchievement Award was won by BillWarrick. The George W. Hilton BookAward was won by H. Roger Grant forhis THE NORTH WESTERN. TheDavid P. Morgan Article Award waswon by William D. Burt for his article,Was the Conrail Monopoly Neces-sary?

    President Howes presented a spe-cial plaque to William L. Withuhn inrecognition of his more than fifteenyears of devotion to the Railroad His-tory Awards Program, most of whichwere as its chairman. The Presidenthas a similar brass plaque for VernonGlover for his service as the Editor ofthe NEWSLETTER; and one for H.Arnold Wilder for his long service asa Director, Treasurer and AssistantSecretary. Also one for H. Roger Grantfor his services as Editor of RAIL-ROAD HISTORY from 1988-1999(#159 through 180-22 Issues).

    Future Meetings:The Annual Meeting will be held

    in Chicago, IL., June 2-4, 2000, at theBlackstone Hotel ($109 per night) onMichigan Ave. The Directors Meet-ing will take place on Friday, June 2nd.Chicago Chapter Meeting: evening ofJune 2. Saturday, tour of IRM. Sun-day morning, June 4th, breakfast andthe Annual Meeting of the Membersof R&LHS. Announcements will ap-pear in the NEWSLETTER.

    Y2K Fall Directors Meeting willbe held on October 1, 2000, in India-napolis, IN.

    BOOKSSouthern Pacifics Coast Line

    Pictorial by Anthony W. Thompsonand John R. Signor. Signature Press.This volume enlarges the story of thisfascinating stretch of the SP, first cov-ered in Signors SP Coast Line donein 1995. This new book is pictorial innature, with nearly 600 photographs,140 in color, and few ever publishedpreviously. Richard Steinheimers 85photos form the heart of the book. SanFrancisco to Los Angeles in the 1940-1960 era. Price: $65.00, hardbound,304 pages, 8x11, 10 drawings.

    Snowbound Streamliner - Rescu-ing the 1952 City of San Franciscoby Robert J. Church. Signature Press.A railroaders story of 16 incredibledays of hardship, frustration and hero-ism in January 1952. The author usesstatements from the men who mannedthe rescue rotaries and locomotives in-volved in the epic rescue of

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