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The Northwest Ordinance and Louisiana Purchase 1785-1803

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Text of The Northwest Ordinance and Louisiana Purchase 1785-1803

  • Expansion of the United States:The Northwest Ordinance andLouisiana Purchase1785-1803

  • The Land Ordinance--1785

  • Key Features of the Northwest Land Ordinance--1785Required land to be surveyed into townships of 6 mile squares and divided into 36 one mile square sections

    (640 acres)A typical farm was equal to a section or 160 acresOne section (N16) of every township was set aside for public education

  • The Northwest Ordinance--1787Established territories for expansion and guidelines for becoming new states (after they reached a population of 60,000) Required a Representative GovernmentSLAVERY WAS NOT ALLOWED!Guarantee Freedom of Religion and Rights to Trial by Jury

    (anticipated the Bill of Rights in 1789)

  • France Purchases Louisiana Louisiana was secretly dealt to France by Spain in the Treaty of Ildefonso in 1800Napoleon hoped to re-establish a French presence in the New WorldThe Haitian slave revolt eventually led to defeat of the French Army and their return to France leaving Louisiana undefendable

  • The Louisiana Purchase-1803Learning of the secret deal, Jefferson sent Robert Livingston and James Monroe to purchase Louisiana from Napoleon.

    Livingston Monroe Napoleon

  • The Louisiana Purchase $$$Total Cost was $15 millionDoubled the size of the United StatesPresident Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory and find the source of the Missouri River (Hoping to find a Northwest Passage)

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