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The Milwaukee Accordion Club June 2014 The Accordion al · PDF file!The Milwaukee Accordion Club! ! ! ! ! ! ! !June 2014 The Accordion Express ..... Page 1 Marek Kalinowski & Peter

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  • The Milwaukee Accordion Club

    June 2014

    The Accordion Express ........... Page 1

    Marek Kalinowski & Peter HerzAccordion and Violin Duo

    Next Regular Meeting 4th Monday June. 23, 2014At Knights Of Columbus Hall, 1800 S. 92nd St. West Allis, WI

    6:30 pm Pre Meeting Music: Bill Andersons A Little Bit Of Heaven Band6:30 pm Business MeetingStudent Artist: None

    8:00 pmMarek Kalinowski & Peter Herz From Chicago

    Admission: Members $3 Non members $5

    The Accordion Express

    Milwaukee Accordion Club

    Chicago MusiciansMarek Kalinowski (accordion) and Peter Herz (violin) are experienced professionals, and play a variety of music. This makes them outstanding performers. They live in Chicago and perform everywhere in the USA. Even Milwaukee!They are musicians with great experience and wide range of musical and vocal possi-bilities that will make their performance un-forgettable. They have performed in Europe and USA. Reason enough to come and hear.

    American music standards Tango Strauss waltz Popular and well known Polish and

    World music standards

  • Those Who ServeTo Keep The Club Going

    OfficersPresident:Don Turner (414) 418-5639Vice President:Sherry Huiras (414) 546-3370

    Secretary:Kathleen Draver (414)-761-0750Treasurer:Pat Hall (262) 252-3047

    DirectorsRoger Boll (262) 284-0355John Kreiter (414) 281-2943Bill Schauder (414) 322-2647Jerry Smeiska (414) 453-4931Pam Stahl (414) 731-9560

    Assisting Club Photographer: Jerry Smeiska (414) 453-4931

    Photo Archivist: John Kreiter (414) 281-2943

    Membership Chmn.: Bill Schauder (414) 322-2647Ensemble Director: Beverly W. Persa (414) 466-5371

    Newsletter Editor:Jerry Smeiska (414) 453-4931

    Newsletter Processing & MailingElaine Ritzka (414) 545-1580

    Publicity Chair: Sandy Bednarek (414) 421-7577

    Reception & Registration Chair: Ginny Smeiska (414) 453-4931Laurie Zeh (262) 639-1153

    Raffle Chair:Dean Marsolek (414 )840-4736

    General Assistance:Anna Kreiter (414) 281-2943

    Sunshine Club Chair: Sandy Lee Jahnke (414) 764-2377

    The Milwaukee Accordion Club

    June 2014

    The Accordion Express ........... Page 2

    Monthly DEADLINE normally is the 2nd Monday of the month.Send submissions to:

    Jerry Smeiska, Editor524 N. 106 St. Wauwatosa, WI 53226-4225

    Phone: 414-453-4931Email: [email protected]

    Visit Our Website At:

    Health and WelfareBy Sunshine Sandy Lee!

    We continue to extend our prayers and wishes for those who are continuing on their road to recovery, and for any member whose ailments we may not be aware of. If you want us to send a card to someone please call

    Sandy at (414) 764-2377

    At Our NeighborsChicago Accordion Club310 W. Butterfield Rd, Elmhurst IL

    June 16th, 2014Marek Kalinowski & Peter Herz

    - - - - - - - - N. E. Wisconsin Accordion Club

    300 S. Adams St. Green Bay, WI.No Meeting In July

    - - - - - - - - Polish American Accordion Assn.

    5835 W. Diversey Ave. Chicago, ILCall Ed Smolen For Info: 773-407-6156

    Notice: Statements by the editor or contributors to this newsletter do not necessarily

    reflect the official policies of the Milwaukee Accordion Club, Inc. Paid ads are accepted in

    good faith and are not to be considered as M.A.C. endorsements of the products or services

    advertised. (Our attorneys made us say that.)

    Milwaukee Accordion Club Mission StatementOur mission is to stimulate a positive attitude toward the performance of music on the accordion by strengthening relationships with fellow musicians, expand-ing knowledge of the accordion and accordion playing, and by developing vari-ous musical programs to acquaint the general public with the education and en-tertainment values of the accordion.

  • The Milwaukee Accordion Club

    June 2014

    The Accordion Express ........... Page 3

    Our President Says:by Don Turner

    Hello Music Lovers, Its great to finally feel summer is here after the brutal winter we experienced. Time to get outdoors and play the accor-dion in the sunlight. While Im thinking about playing outdoors, from time to

    time the MAC gets asked for volunteers to play at events. These are strictly volunteer and un-paid, but usually are fun and dont last more than a couple of hours. I thought Id list the current requests here in case some of our members would be interested in helping out. One of these events I mentioned earlier this year at a meeting. The 100th anniversary of the Green County Cheese Days (Monroe, WI) is trying to assemble one hundred accordion players to play for their grand cele-bration at noon on Sep. 20th. The event has its own theme song that is performed each year. Music will be provided in advance and all skill levels are invited to participate. To get more info, or to register, call (608) 325-7771 or (608) 325-9722. Another event a bit closer to home is the the South Milwaukee Heritage Days parade on July 26th. They are looking for any number of accordionists to play, whether in groups or not. You dont have to walk the parade route, transportation of some sort will be provided. Fred Mitchell is organizing this and can be reached at [email protected]

    Lastly, Saint Sebastian Parish is seeking players to perform at their auction on Oct. 4th at Mount Mary College (5:30-7pm), welcoming people as they arrive. Contact Terese Shelledy at [email protected] for more details. Anyone interested that doesnt have ac-cess to email, let me know and I can forward your info. Hope to see you all at our next meeting, featur-ing a talented accordionist from Chicago, Marek Kali-nowski with Peter Herz, a violinist.

    Don Turner

    M.A.C. Club Calendar(tba = to be announced)

    2014 Is Our 24th Year

    June 23 Regular MeetingPre meeting Bill Andersons groupHeadliner: Marek Kalinowski & Peter Herz from ChicagoJuly 28 Regular MeetingPre meeting Jerry Smeiskas Island HoppersHeadliner: Yard Dog Charlie Kuchler

    Sunday August 24 Annual Picnic Kulwicki Park

    September 22 Regular MeetingPre meeting Kathy AlbrechtHeadliner: Copper Box

    October 27 Regular MeetingPre meeting Hall, DeLone & Bednarz Otherwise known as Pat, Dick and HermHeadliner: Dan Newton

    November 24 Regular MeetingPre meeting Dorothy Fennig and FriendsHeadliner: MAC Board & Officers

    December 14 Christmas Dinner Party Music by Jim Mayer Combo

    This Space For Rent$15 per Month

    or $150 per Year(Contact Editor

    see Page 2)

  • Business ReportBusiness Meeting

    No Meeting In MayKathleen Draver. Secretary


    The Milwaukee Accordion Club

    June 2014

    The Accordion Express ........... Page 4

    Last Meeting Attendance: 105Now, THATS more like it!


    Welcome New MembersLast Month

    Jim Severson, West Allis, WIAndy Apricot, Milwaukee, WI

    Terry Olson, Janesville, WI

    Important Please mail your financial remittances to our treasurer Pat Hall

    If you want your membership card mailed to you, send a stamped self- addressed envelope. Otherwise you will need to pick up your card at a regular meeting.

    Mail To:Patrick J. Hall

    W142 N6718 Washington AveMenomonee Falls. WI 53051


    Kathleen Draver

  • About Accordions In Juneby Sherry Huiras

    National Accordion Awareness Month June is National Accordion Awareness Month. The MAC will be celebrating the month by having several of our MAC Members/Musicians perform at Mayfair Shop-ping Mall. We held this event twice previously and it turned out to be very successful, not to mention enjoyable. This is such a super promotional and fun event for the MAC that we decided to do it again. Shoppers stop and pick up some of our fliers and Newsletters. Many curious shoppers stop and ask ques-tions. We received numerous positive remarks from pass-ers by. Its really a rewarding experience demonstrating the accordion, playing for and talking to people who arent very knowledgeable about the accordion, but truly show an interest. Its a fun time and very relaxing. In the past, some of our MAC Members have stopped by to visit and listen to the great music. We encourage you to stop by to enjoy the music and also in support of the MAC and the musicians performing those days. Our members will be performing on Saturdays, June 7th and June 14th from 2:00-5:00pm in the upper level Food Court. Stop by and support your local ac-cordionista. If you have any questions, please contact Sherry, 414-546-3370.

    The Milwaukee Accordion Club

    June 2014

    The Accordion Express ........... Page 5

    Ask Dr. JerrBring Your Problems To The Doctor Who Has All The Answers

    Dear Dr. Jerr: A piano has 88 keys. Why do piano accordions only have 37 or 41 keys on the right side? Mr. Trouble MakerDear Mr. Maker, When we go way back to the time accordions were first invented pianos were already in widespread use. They were extremely heavy and too big to shlep from gig to gig without hiring a heavy duty wagon, six big horses and all the strong young men you could afford. The lawyers had a field day with the hernia lawsuits. Doctors became wealthy and the insurance companies started to exclude piano players as too risky to insure. The first ac-cordion inventor took the first step and sub-stituted bellows and reeds for the strings and heavy body of the piano, but he still had an 88 note key-board. He was on the right track but didnt go far enough. The 88 keys dragged on the ground on one end and the other al-most hit the ceiling. What was worse, the player couldnt even reach all the ke

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