The Masks of Dionysus Euripides Bacchae 1. “Nothing to do with Dionysus” (Chamaeleon)

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  • The Masks of Dionysus Euripides Bacchae 1
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  • Nothing to do with Dionysus (Chamaeleon)
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  • Dionysus/Satyr Mask (Athenian, 500s BCE) Neo Matrix Reloaded (2003)
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  • Agenda Aristotles Poetics Tragedy Explained? Bacchae: Background Drama Dramatized? Discussion Advice for Pentheus 19-Sep-114 Bacchae 1
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  • Aristotles Poetics Tragedy Explained? (Euripides Bacchae)
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  • Poetics: Approach Method Definition Classification Aetiology origins/causes Critical evaluation Criteria Organic coherence Plausibility Emotional impact Utility pleasure therapy pedagogy 19-Sep-11 Bacchae 1 6
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  • Aristotles Uses of Imitation? 13-Sep-117 Csapo please teachpurge
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  • DEFINITION OF TRAGEDY: Tragedy, then, is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in language embellished with each kind of artistic ornament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation (katharsis) of these emotions. (p. 61) POETRY VERSUS HISTORY: Poetry, therefore, is a more philosophical and a higher thing than history: for poetry tends to express the universal, history the particular. (p. 68) PLEASURE OF LEARNING ... to learn gives the liveliest pleasure, not only to philosophers but to men in general.... (p. 55)
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  • Perfection of Plot (muthos) Less Good Episodic Simple lacks reversal (peripateia) and/or recognition (anagnorisis) Better Logical, plausible Complex has reversal (peripateia) and/or recognition (anagnorisis) 13-Sep-119 Csapo
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  • Concepts & Application: Bacchae 19-Sep-11Bacchae 1 conceptBacchae ethos character (Pentheus) stock tyrants paranoia (creon-like), stubborn. hamartia errorhubris arrogant in the face of Dionysus. desis complication lusis unraveling, solution anagnorisis recognition peripeteia reversal (of fortune) catharsis purification learning? pleasure? 10
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  • Bacchae: Background Drama Dramatized?
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  • Happy the man whom the gods / Love, and whose secrets he knows (Chorus, p. 399) For whoso leads the revel / He is always Dionysus (Chorus, p. 400) There is no cure for madness, when the cure itself is mad (Tiresias, p. 409) Happy the man whom the gods / Love, and whose secrets he knows (Chorus, p. 399) For whoso leads the revel / He is always Dionysus (Chorus, p. 400) There is no cure for madness, when the cure itself is mad (Tiresias, p. 409) Quotes: Euripides Bacchae
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  • Play Facts, Backstory Production Iphigenia at Aulis Alcmeon Bacchae satyr play (which?) Text Characters, Backstory Dionysus, Pentheus Cadmus, Tiresias Agave, sisters Chorus of Bacchants 19-Sep-1113 Bacchae 1
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  • Dionysus, Dionysianism Dionysian initiation Cross-dressing Mystic knowing Ritual rebirth Maenads, maenadism Rapture Thyrsus... ... and with the fennel, join reverence to riot (p. 400) lit. Sanctify the hubristic (hubristas) fennel rods all around! Sparagmos, Omophagia Oresibasia 19-Sep-1115 Bacchae 1 Maenad/bacchant
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  • Names Dionysus Zeus of Nysa? Bakkhos (Bacchus) He of the cry i bakkhe Bromios/Bromius The Roarer, Dionysus as bull 19-Sep-1116 Bacchae 1
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  • Io bakkhe! euoi Maenad (mainas she who is mad) bacchant (bakkh) thyrsus (fennel rod)
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  • Analysis prologue (starts p. 395) Dionysus parodos (398): Asian (Anatolian) Bacchants. Cult hymn 1st episode (402) Tiresias, Cadmus, Pentheus 1st stasimon (412) Pentheus impiety 2nd episode (414) Servant, Pentheus, Dionysus (in disguise) 2nd stasimon (417) Thebes rejection of Dionysus Choral dialogue (418): Chorus & D Earthquake Trochaic dialogue, D & Leader (420) messenger scene 3rd episode (422) Short dialogue, D&P Messenger scene: hubris in the hills 3rd stasimon (431) Hope restored, do not mock the god 4th episode (432) D&P. Fitting scene 4th stasimon (436) Excited song of vengeance 5th episode (438) Messenger (servant on death of Pentheus) 5th stasimon (442) Short song of triumph exodos (443) Agaves mad scene lyric dialogue Cadmuss return with Pentheus recognition, reversal Lament for Pentheus Deus ex machina
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  • Discussion Advice for Pentheus
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  • Journal Prompt (Agon pp. 414 ff) 19-Sep-1120 Bacchae 1 Imagine yourself inside Euripides' play. What would you say to Pentheus? Is he in the right? In the wrong? What would be your advice for handling this problem he's got?
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  • Advice 19-Sep-11 Bacchae 1 21