The Lexile Framework For Reading. What Are Lexile Levels? The Super Easy Explanation! video/

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  • The Lexile Framework For Reading
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  • What Are Lexile Levels? The Super Easy Explanation! video/ video/
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  • Your Childs Lexile Range Based on YOUR CHILDs Assessment CRCT SRI or Scholastic Reading Inventory For grades 2, 4, and 7 100L Below and 50L Above your childs measure
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  • Advantages of Using Lexiles Lexile measures are based on your child alone, not on other children. Lexile measures should make it easier for your child to focus on what they read. The Lexile Framework will improve communication between you and your childs teacher. The Lexile website can help your child find books that they want to read. (Show Lexile site and Book Find)
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  • What about Lexile Measure and Grade Equivalents The Lexile score represents a student's level on a developmental scale. Grade equivalents are from a norm referenced test, like the ITBS, and represents a student's ability level in comparison to other students who were also tested at that same grade level.
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  • What About Accelerated Reader? AR measures books in a different way from Lexile. Like Lexile it too, matches books with a students reading level. STAR Reader determines the AR level of your child.
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  • How Can You Help? Make sure your child reads every day. The More You Read, the More You Know really is true. Help your child keep a reading log. Reading logs are useful tools that can track of Time Spent Reading Books Completed Your Childs Lexile Measure The Lexile Measure of the Book.
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  • More Ways to Help Use Destiny, your Media Center catalog. s/schools/Ellis/mc/default.aspx s/schools/Ellis/mc/default.aspx Use the Lexile site to find books that your child will like. WorldCat, the public library website
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  • Remember! Your child should never be discouraged from reading a book based only on its Lexile measure. The Lexile Range is a number, and like any other number it is not the only way to evaluate your child.
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