The Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church ANNOUNCER Elementary School is well under way. A number of the

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Text of The Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church ANNOUNCER Elementary School is well under way. A number of the

  • The Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church

    ANNOUNCER Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church 316 W. Main Street Sanford, North Carolina 27332

    Telephone: (919) 776-1541 . Fax: (919) 776-6813 .

    VOLUME 46 OCTOBER 2010 ISSUE 547

    Senior Pastor Dr. Mark E. Gaskins

    Pastor Emeritus Rev. Gilbert W. McDowell

    Associate Pastor Rev. Ronald L. Byrd Music and Education

    Church Administrator Mr. David Webb

    Administrative Assistant Mrs. Marva Lee Roush

    Organist Mrs. JoAnn Brickhouse

    Pianist Mrs. Kimberly Davidson

    Nursery Staff Mrs. Frances Angel

    Mrs. Ann Wester

    Pancake Breakfast For Pure Water, Pure Love

    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    8 am – 9:30 am

    McDowell Hall

    Tickets on sale

    Wednesday, October 6 Family Night Supper


    October 17, 24 and 27 after each service

    Adults $5, Children under 8 $3,

    under 3 FREE!! ($16 family max) Sponsored by JHBC Acteens, GAs, RAs, and Mission Friends. More information inside.


    Though the calendar says it’s fall, as I’m writing this article, it still doesn’t feel like fall has fallen! Nevertheless, it’s here. And things are in full swing here at Jonesboro Heights Baptist Church.

    Mission Jonesboro is up and going. Our first step of adopting J. Glenn Edwards Elementary School is well under way. A number of the teachers and staff have expressed appreciation for our offer to be prayer partners with them. Members of our congregation have given $640 toward providing sets of academic attire (school uniforms) for students whose family can’t afford them. That amount will purchase about 42 uniforms. A volunteer team from our church has already packed the Backpack Pals food bags one week that help insure that the children from the lowest-income families have something nutritious to eat over the weekends. And in the coming weeks, JHBC volunteers will begin reading with students one-to-one in the Book Buddies program. Thank you to all who are supporting and participating in these important efforts. While at first glance they may appear to be simply service projects, remember that as we do these things prayerfully and in the name of Christ, our presence embodies the presence of Christ to those we encounter. And that prepares the way for us to share a verbal witness with those we are dealing with in these efforts. Just as Jesus often addressed physical or mental needs as a means to addressing spiritual needs, so we are ministering in His name to open doors to share the gospel with people so they might come to know Christ. I like how our Sandy Creek Association Director of Missions puts it: “Ministry is what we do with people inside the church; missions is what we do with people outside the church.”

    We will soon be taking the next step in this effort. Preparations are in process now to host an English-as-a-Second-Language class here in our facilities. We will need volunteers to help with child-care and supervision in this effort, and would like to involve families in it. Imagine how it might impact a young child from another country or culture, who is here for his or parents to learn to speak our language, not only to be in the care of kind adults, but to have children to play with as well! Imagine what kind of relationships might be built out of that setting that will pave the way to share the gospel in the future! Please be in prayer that God will raise up families to share in this task, and that God will use our hospitality to open doors for the gospel.

    Another attempt to reach out to our surrounding neighborhoods will take place on Saturday, October 23 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. In cooperation with the Humane Society of the U.S.A. and in partnership with the Shallow Well Church, we will host a free veterinary clinic on the grassy lot at the corner of Woodland Avenue and Globe Street (the former Mann property). As you know, veterinary care is very expensive. When the Humane Society contacted us about the possibility of such a clinic for our church, we responded by inquiring about opening it as an outreach to our community. They agreed, and Shallow Well leaders approached us about joining together for this effort. Again, providing this service has the potential to establish relationships in the community that will open doors to share the gospel. The service is open to members of our church who need to take advantage of it for their pets as well.

    In our Sunday morning worship services (both 8:45 and 11:00), we have been focusing on the future, thinking biblically and theologically about specific areas of our life and ministry together as a church, and sharing plans about moving forward in these areas in strategic ways. Please be in prayer as we continue this emphasis in October. As you participate in these services, listen carefully and prayerfully with an open mind and heart. Understand that things we are sharing with you as staff and lay leaders are ways to build on and enhance what we’ve done in the past, expanding our reach not only to our church family but beyond to our community to bring people to Christ. Remember that the focus is on our mission to embody Christ’s presence to Sanford and the world through our worship, our witness, and our way of life as His disciples.



    On another note, October marks 19 years that Ronnie Byrd has served JHBC as our music and education minister. We are truly blessed to have him as a part of our staff and our church family. The music from week to week in our worship services as well as the special services and musicals demonstrate Ronnie’s commitment to a music ministry that has integrity. His efforts to stay current with what is going on in Christian education gives evidence of his desire to help people know and grow in Christ. Thanks, Ronnie, for all you do in the ministry and mission of our church! You have served well, and we look forward to your continued ministry among us in the coming years.

    Finally, our church received a wonderful expression of appreciation from our local National Guard unit a couple of weeks ago. You may remember that we announced a special celebration the unit was having at O. T. Sloan Park called Freedom Salute. Along with presenting several items to the soldiers (flags, certificates, special coins, etc.), the unit also presented expressions of thanks to individuals and groups who had offered support during their deployment. Ann Laton, who has served so well for a number of years as our Outreach Director, received a beautiful certificate of appreciation. The unit also presented our church with two very special gifts. One is a framed replica of the company flag. The other is the Minuteman statue, a very prestigious award that the Guard gives in recognition or appreciation. I was extremely honored to receive all these on behalf of our congregation. But what touched me even more was the genuine depth of gratitude that was expressed and the realization that our efforts to reach out to these soldiers and their families during this deployment had made a deep impact on them. May God be pleased to use that impact to bring those who don’t already know Him to trust Him, and to help those who already do know Him to grow in their relationship with Him.

    Grace and peace.

    Your servant for Jesus’ sake,

    Mark E. Gaskins Senior Pastor

    Hey Churh Family! We have had an exciting end of summer and beginning of the school year!

    On Saturday, October 21, we had a big back-to-school bash at Mr. & Mrs. Sam Wornom’s house. (Thanks to the Wornum’s for hosting us!) We had an awesome time hanging out, swimming, riding in the boat and tube, and having a cook-out. It was a great way to end the summer!

    All our Wednesday night activities have gotten back to normal. The youth girls meet for Acteens at 6:00 PM every Wednesday. Mrs. Alicia Holly leads us

    in a great Bible study and fellowship. We want more girls (7th—12th grade) to come and join us for Acteens.

    We have Youth at 7:00 PM every Wednesday. The Youth Center opens at 6:30 PM for us to come and hang out and the program starts at 7:00 PM. Every third Wednesday of the moth, we are having special youth-led Bible studies (separating boys and girls). We are very excited to start these new studies.

    The weekend of September 24 through 26, our youth group went to Myrtle Beach for a youth retreat. We met some missionaries from a ministry called Delta Jewels. You can learn more about this ministry online. Some of our youth (Callie Batchelor, Mekaila Holly, Haley Kane, Ariane Smith, and Bryan Phillips) participated in a sand castle building contest. We won the certificate of “Boldest Sand Sculpture!”

    Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate it very much! JHBC Youth Ariane Smith, Newsletter Coordinator

  • hoi Praise the Lord, fall is here and winter is just around the corner.

    I just love wintertime, especially when it snows. That pure blanket of white snow that lays so perfect across the fields and lawns. Also, the icy tree limbs that make everything just glisten. However, I must confess I don’t like Mr. Weather, when we have no electricity, etc. With all this comes Halloween: the children all decked out in their costumes along with the pumpkin carvings, and all the churches having their harvest celebrations. Then comes thanksgiving: another time of the year to pause and give thanks for the year’s plentiful blessings. Then finally, Christmas: as the song writer puts it