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The GEDCOM TestBook Project

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The GEDCOM TestBook Project. FGS2000 Beau Sharbrough. The GEDCOM TestBook Project. A clearinghouse for the exchange of family history information between programs using GEDCOM. Where can you go to find out what information can be exchanged between your program and another?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The GEDCOM TestBook ProjectFGS2000Beau Sharbrough

  • The GEDCOM TestBook ProjectA clearinghouse for the exchange of family history information between programs using GEDCOM

  • Where can you go to find out what information can be exchanged between your program and another? Dont worry. Take your time. Dont hurry.

  • Where can you go to find out what problems other users are having similar to yours? Can you see me at all?

  • What space contains the combined knowledge of the community of genealogical computer users that I can explore? Please listen. You dont know what youre missin.

  • Project TeamProject Leader User Volunteers Storytellers

  • The ParticipantsProject Leaders:2/3/96-1/25/97 Larry Ledden1/25/97-1/31/00Beau Sharbrough1/31/00-Evan L IvieStory Tellers:1/25/97-Robert C Anderson1/25/97-6/1/99Bob Booth

  • The process includes four steps Entering the story Exporting the story Importing the story Reporting the results

  • A given volunteer might only do the last two steps, or anything else they think reasonable.The world is at your command.

  • Entering the storyEntering the sources and the information from the story into your programEqual parts content and method in this recipeMaybe Im Amazed that any communication takes place at all

  • Exporting the storycreating a GEDCOM filecreating a register report sending the GEDCOM file to testbook@gentech.orgGENTECH volunteers post the file on the GENTECH website

  • Importing the storyBringing the information from a GEDCOM file into your program NOTE: Be sure you dont do this in your real data set. Files can be downloaded from the website Theyre sitting perfectly still.

  • Reporting the results Creating another GEDCOM file Creating another register report Any comments that you might have

  • Use the GENTECH website as a clearinghouseThe storyStored GEDCOMsStored Reports

  • General observationsThe types of errors encountered ran in patterns depending on the product reviewed.All products had problems.Nearly all products could cleanly read a GEDCOM file generated by that product.Not all products gave an import problem report.

  • Test ConditionsTest was conducted over a three-month period.The same test specifications were used for all testing.The test volunteers were not familiar with all products (learning curve).The testers were supported by computer professionals to answer questions as needed.The testers were not genealogy or computer professionals, but rather experienced amateur genealogists.

  • DisclaimerAlthough the test specifications were clear and used for all testing, variations were possible.It is very possible that mistakes were made, and that specific problems were not problems at all, but only misunderstanding product functions

  • Types of problems encounteredInput error log page count from 0 to 8 pages GEDCOM statements not recognized Named individuals became individuals with no names Married individuals became married to "Unknown Person" Marriage information added for unmarried person Death information added where not present before Event types were changed to a different but related type Event type changed to miscellaneous Second marriage event added for nearly all individuals Lost certain common event types (baptism, birth, death) Lost everything except the names and relationships Pieces of a locality string lost LDS temple names changed Order of children changed Lost source references Lost sources Lost source text (full transcription of test problem) Lost note references Lost marriage connection Lost parent connection lost dates and/or places of some or all events Lost special events only Lost endnotes Administrative action date added to genealogical reports

  • The FutureFormation of a clearinghouse for specific information about exchange issues. SPR SiteOpportunities to adopt "standard" approaches to problemsCommunicate with developers about the needs of the marketplace, promote verndor certification.Opportunities for improvement are Here, There, and Everywhere.

  • SummaryThe project needs volunteersThe information gathered will be freely available for anyoneIf youre worried that you wont be able to find the results, relax you have a Ticket to Ride.


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