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    The Educate & Communicate Newspaper

    VOL. 13, ED. 2 | MAY 2016

    Inside Page 3 Gifted teens mentor at-risk students in after-school program

    District Event Calendar

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    Top 10 tips for healthy kids

    World-renowned speaker in Surrey

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    EMS environmental club wins energy prize

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    District students win 15 medals at SkillsBC

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    Surrey Schools thanks...

    Page 9 More teachers and education assistants coming to Surrey classrooms

    Page 10 Record numbers at district dance festival

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    Aladdin Junior production pure genie-us

    Surrey School District named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers Surrey Schools is one of just 65 employ- ers nationally “that lead the nation in creating a culture of environmental awareness”, according to Canada’s

    Greenest Employers competition organizers and judges at the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project in Toronto.

    It is the � rst time Surrey Schools has submitted an application to be con- sidered for the award and the honour comes two months after the district was named one of BC’s Top Employers.

    “� is recognition is rewarding in so many ways,” says Surrey Board of Education chairperson Shawn Wilson. “� e award recognizes many years of ongoing e� orts on many fronts by our board to ensure sustainability and environmental sensitivity is a priority in our district.

    Each employer is evaluated in terms of:

    • the unique environmental initia- tives and programs it has developed,

    • the extent to which it has been suc- cessful in reducing the organization’s own environmental footprint,

    • the degree to which employees are involved in these programs and whether they contribute any unique skills and

    • the extent to which these initiatives have become linked to the employer’s public identity and whether they attract new people to the organization.

    “� e Surrey School District has long walked-the-talk as a green employer, from establishing a director of Energy Management & Sustainability position six years ago, to building energy e� cient buildings, implementing a green procurement strategy, estab- lishing in-house waste reduction and recycling and much more,” adds Wilson. “Importantly, our district has been setting a great example for the students we teach, who themselves regularly demonstrate leadership in their environmental and sustainability initiatives.”

    Surrey Board of Education chairperson Shawn Wilson

    Betty Huff Theatre Company students perform a scene from Aladdin Junior. See page 11 for the full story.

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    2014 Surrey School District 2018 Board of Education

    MAY 6 Non-instructional day

    7 P.M., MAY 12 Surrey Board of Education

    public board meeting District Education Centre

    14033 – 92 Ave.

    MAY 23 Victoria Day

    6:45 P.M., MAY 25 District Parent Advisory Committee

    general meeting District Education Centre

    14033 – 92 Ave.

    MAY 30 Non-instructional day

    7 P.M., JUNE 2 Surrey Board of Education

    public board meeting District Education Centre

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    7 P.M., JUNE 16 Surrey Board of Education

    public board meeting District Education Centre

    14033 – 92 Ave.

    JUNE 23 Last day of classes

    JUNE 24 Administrative day

    Gifted teens mentor at-risk students in after-school program About 30 vulnerable and at-risk Grade 4 to 7 students from W.E. Kinvig elementary are getting hands-on technology learning opportunities provided by gifted Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL) Grade 8 and 9 students.

    � e student mentors are part of an innovative after- school program – dubbed Tech YI (Youth Innovation) – launched by the Surrey School District’s Community- Schools Partnership department with funding support from RBC. Tech YI’s main goal is to promote STEM-

    based ideas and projects, and how they can be applied to academics, home and community.

    Over eight sessions, the teens, who are in SAIL’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics accelerated (STEM-X) program, plan, organize and lead the younger students in a variety of tech-related activities, including coding sessions that lead to creating simple games.

    � e concept originated with SAIL STEM-X teachers Dennis Matechuk and Harjijt Deo who were looking for

    ideas for their students to give back to the community.

    “� e initiative is an excellent opportunity to give our STEM-X student mentors exposure to community work outside of school, foster leadership skills, encourage engagement with other students and “pay it forward”; share theknowledge and skills they’ve acquired at SAIL,”says Mr. Deo.

    SAIL mentors will share their � ndings and experience with the Community Schools Part- nership department sta� when this year’s program concludes to help C-SP develop other STEM-based programs.

    SAIL mentor Kazuo Sato (second from right) shows W. E. Kinvig students how to work with Lil bits electronics

    District event calendar

  • EC04 MAY 2016 • EdCom

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