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catalog 2011

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Table of Contents3Welcome from Kumon!

What is Kumon?the kuMon Method waS Born FiFty yearS ago

FRONTLIST4 5 6 7Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Workbooks First Steps Workbooks Make a Match Workbooks Cursive Writing Workbooksp

CheCk out whats new!Introducing the newest additions to our family of products.

in a Japanese household and remains the backbone of Kumons educational publishing program. The step-by-step, incremental approach to math and reading was designed by high-school teacher Toru Kumon, who later founded the Kumon Institute of Education. He originally created his system to help his second-grade son Takeshi do better in math. At the request of his wife, Toru produced worksheets by hand for Takeshi to study every day. Toru believed that educators should encourage a childs motivation first and foremost. Therefore, he designed each worksheet to be slightly more difficult than that of the day before, so that his son would continue to be inspired by his studies, and advance without stress. Toru later devised worksheets for reading as well. Convinced by his sons results, Toru opened a learning center with his wife on the second floor of their house in 1955 to share the valuable learning method with others. As the years went by the Kumon Learning Center gradually gained in reputation as its students grades in school dramatically improved. Although he once struggled in math, Takeshi was eventually able to solve high-school level differential and integral calculus problems by the age of twelve. As more people learned of the efficacy of the Kumon Method, the mom-and-pop learning center grew. Centers began opening throughout Japan. Today, Kumon leads the worlds largest supplemental education program, with 26,200 regional learning centers in 44 countries and a student population of over 4 million. Kumons achievements have been widely reported in television and print, including reports by all the major network news shows, Time, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Toru Kumon, Founder of Kumon


are You Ready for kinderga rten?

BACKLIST8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16Basic Skills Workbooks Math Skills Workbooks Verbal Skills Workbooks Reading Workbooks Grades 16 Math Workbooks Grades 16 Math Workbooks Spanish Workbooks Flash Cards Play and Grow Workbooks & Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Workbooks First Steps Workbooks 3-D Paper Craft Workbooks & To the Summit Train Your Brain & Displays and RacksIf your child understands and enjoys matching activities, then this book will build on that foundation. Use this book to help your child develop his or her concentration and cognitive abilities while learning about their favorite animals, plants, insects, and more!



First steps Food FunAges 4 and up



First steps amazing animals

kumon publishings missionTo help children discover their full potentialkumon woRkbooks anD leaRning aiDsintroduce basic learning skills to children ages 2 and up. subjects covered include early learning and fine motor control skills; verbal skills; and math skills. gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

Make 1 a MatchLevelby Bingo Aki

kumon publishing has more than two decades ofexperience and editorial expertise in creating products that are fun and educational. our illustrations engage and delight children, and we use only the highest quality paper and full-color printing. kumon publishing has established itself as one of the worlds premier educational publishers with strong brand recognition and customer loyalty.

17 18 19

the kumon methoD is what makes our workbooksso unique and effective. this method is a proven learning system developed to help each child reach his or her full potential. Concepts are introduced in ap



make a match workbooks


Cursive writing workbooks

step-by-step manner that allows the child to master each in turn without getting frustrated. before long, children


Kumon Publishing North America Catalog 2011

www.kumonbook s.com

books@kumon.co m

Catalog 2011 Kumon Publishing North America


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Are You Ready for Kindergarten? WorkbooksPrep your child for preschoolkindergarten iS a Big Step in your childS developMent.Are You Ready for Kindergarten? Workbooks are designed to introduce the important concepts and activities that he or she will encounter in kindergarten. The colorful and educational exercises provide children with the opportunity to become comfortable with the tools that are essential in every classroomscissors, glue, pencils and crayons. Your child will love getting a head start on his or her first official year of school with these vibrantly colored and enjoyable activities. Each Are You ready for Kindergarten? Workbook is 8 x 11 inches, paperback, 80 pages, full color, and retails at US$6.95 and C$7.95. Available June 2011.

First Steps WorkbooksEncourage your child to make their First steps towards success!the FirSt StepS workBook SerieS iS deSigned For children,ages 2 and up, as an introduction to basic learning skills. The colorful and easy exercises provide toddlers with the opportunity to practice the motor control skills and problem-solving abilities that are a childs First Steps towards success. / Each First steps Workbook is 5 7 8 x 8 inches, paperback, 40 pages, full color, and retails at US$5.95 and C$6.95. Available May 2011.

Lets Sticker and Paste! Amazing Animals Pasting Skillsthis book will help your child become familiar with glue and pasting paper. Your child will learn how to paste paper parts and complete art projectsa great way to start developing their motor control skills. ages 4 and up.lets stiCker and Paste! amazing animals 978-1-935800-20-0

Lets Cut Paper! Amazing Animalssafely using scissors is important for school and play activitiesand your child will love developing this skill with paper animals. Children will learn how to hold and control scissors, and will advance from simple onelets Cut PaPer! amazing animals 978-1-935800-22-4

Scissor SkillsScissor Skills

stickers and paste are great building blocks for your childs motor control and spatial reasoning skills. in this book, children place stickers of fascinating animals onto colorful nature backgrounds to make lively wildlife scenes. ages 2 and up.

this book will help your child become familiar with scissors and learn how to use them safely. by following the step-bystep exercises, your child will easily and comfortably develop scissor control while having

Scissor Skills

stroke cuts to complicated shapes. ages 2 and up.

Introduce your child to paper-cutting activities to develop motor control skills and prepare for kindergarten.

fun. ages 4 and up.Pasting skills 978-1-935800-15-6

sCissor skills 978-1-935800-14-9

Coloring Skillsthis book will help your child become familiar with crayons as they complete coloring activities. using crayons is a precursor to learning to write with a pencil so your child will not only have fun but be prepared for school. ages 4 and up.Coloring skills 978-1-935800-16-3 PenCil skills 978-1-935800-17-0

Pencil Skillsthis book will help your child become familiar with using a pencil. by following the colorful step-by-step exercises, your child will enjoy developing pencil control and be prepared to write letters and numbers. ages 4 and up.lets stiCker and Paste! Food Fun 978-1-935800-21-7

Lets Sticker and Paste! Food Funencourage children's fine motor control development while they do what they loveplaying with their food! as they progress