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The Business upper intermediate Student's Book

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The Business upper intermediate Student's Bookthe-businessA four-level course from pre-intermediate to advanced level (A2 – C2) – this is a bold, blended and dynamic solution for any student of business English but is particularly suitable for those at college and university.The Business has been developed from detailed research into business-related degree courses in leading European institutions, making the modules and topics relevant to anyone studying business English.There are case-studies for true business scenarios, a full writing module per unit, internet research boxes, and a powerful and unique DVD-ROM.The Business Upper-Intermediate DVD-ROMThe DVD-ROM is included in every Student’s Book and provides 4GB of extra study material. It is ideal for independent study and includes videos, problem-solving activities (Business Dilemmas), an interactive Workbook, review tests, model business documents, and the class audio as MP3 downloads. There is too much great material to miss

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