The Brain!. The Brain Facts About the Brain Brain Lobes & Functions How the Brain is Studied How the Brain is Studied Resources Concept Map Author’s Slide

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  • The Brain!

  • The BrainFacts About the BrainBrain Lobes & FunctionsHow the Brain is StudiedResourcesConcept MapAuthors SlideQuit

  • Facts About the Human BrainIts the center of the nervous.The brain is located in the head and protected by the skull.Its average weight is about 1300-1400 grams.Its about 75% water.The brain consists of about 100 billion neurons.


  • Brain Lobes & FunctionsRight and Left HemispheresBrain StemCerebellumFrontal LobeTemporal LobeParietal LobeOccipital LobeQuitClick to Watch a Video on the Brain

  • Brain StemConnected to the spinal cordControls processes basic for survival, such as heart rate, breathing, digestion, and sleepMain route of communication throughout the bodyQuit

  • CerebellumSecond largest part of the brainControls posture and balanceHas a role in higher cognitive processesQuit

  • Frontal LobeBehind the forehead.Needed for planning, memory search, motor control, and reasoning & speech.Includes the Motor Strip: controls fine movements and is organized by body part.


  • Temporal LobeBelow temples, in front of ears.Needed for visual memory and hearing.Quit

  • Parietal LobeUpper-rear of the headRegistering spatial location, attention, and motor control.Includes the Somatosensory Strip: registers sensation on the body and is organized by body part.


  • Occipital LobeNear the back of the head.Needed for vision.Quit

  • How the Brain is StudiedNeuroanatomy Electrophysiology EEG MEG Functional imaging Lesion studies

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