Ten tips to keep your credit cards safe on vacation

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Whether youre traveling throughout the states or abroad, its important to keep your credit cards safe.


<p>Ten Tips to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe on Vacation</p> <p>Ten Tips to Keep Your Credit Cards Safe on Vacation#1 Inform CC Companies of Travel</p> <p>Give your credit card company your travel itinerary so they dont suspect fraud</p> <p>Pad a few days onto the return date in case something takes a while to clear or you need to stay longer</p> <p>#2 Pack SmartOnly take what you actually need in your wallet</p> <p>You may not need to take all of your cards#3 Lower Cash Withdrawal Limits</p> <p>If your card does get lost or stolen, others wont be able to access as much cash</p> <p>You could also have a separate account for travel that is not linked to your regular checking account#4 Write Down Emergency Phone #s</p> <p>You have the number on the back of the card, unless its stolen, write it down and keep it separate from your wallet</p> <p>Finding the information online will take longer and may result in lost money</p> <p>#5 Ask Hotels About Card SecurityUse a credit card, not a debit card at your hotel and keep it in the safe when not in use</p> <p>See if the hotel computers have encryption or tokenization technology to protect private information</p> <p>#6 Dont Keep All Cards in One SpotKeep at least one card in a separate location, either with your travel partner or the hotel room safe</p> <p>Keep cards close to your body, front pockets are better than back pockets</p> <p>#7 Practice Safe ATMingSelect ATMs in safe, public places during daylight hours</p> <p>Beware of people lurking around and choose an ATM in a lobby over one on the street#8 Use Your Eyes</p> <p>Do not sign your receipts without actually looking them over</p> <p>Place your card numbers down on the counter so bystanders cant see the numbers</p> <p>#9 Keep All ReceiptsYou will have proof to dispute incorrect charges</p> <p>#10 Treat Your Plastic Like CashKeep it in a safe place and out of sight from others</p>