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  • Sydney, Australia 2007

    32nd WSAVA Congress 2007

    Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association

    Conference Proceedings

    Technology: Tools and Tips for

    Today and Tomorrow



  • The Australian Veterinary

    Practice Management Association is proud to present:

    Technology: Tools and Tips for

    Today and Tomorrow

    Proceedings sponsored by

    Hills Pet Nutrition

    A Satellite Meeting Of 32nd WSAVA Congress 2007

  • Published by the Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association A Special Interest Group of the Australian Veterinary Association 3/2404 Logan Rd EIGHT MILE PLAINS QLD 4113 This volume should be cited as: Proceedings of the Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association, WSAVA, 2007, Pre-Congress Day, Technology: Tools and Tips for Today and Tomorrow, Sydney, August 2007. The papers in these proceedings are as they were received from the authors, and have not been reviewed or edited, except to provide consistent presentation. ISSN 1445-3711 Requests for copies of this publication should be sent to: Australian Veterinary Practice Management Association 3/2404 Logan Rd EIGHT MILE PLAINS QLD 4113 Phone: 07 3423 2599 Fax: 07 3423 2027 Email: Web:

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    Table of Contents

    Hi-Tech Toys for Todays Vets 5

    Dr Shane Simpson BVSc (Hons) GCM (VP), CMAVA Running a Successful Website 17

    Dr Mark Allison BVSc, Cert SAC, Dip Vet Clin Studies Key Performance Indicators Key Steps To Profitability Or A Shortcut To Missing Opportunity? 31

    Dr Carole J Clarke MA, VetMB, CVPM, MRCVS Using Computers For Communication And Training In Your Practice 43

    Dr Lindsay Hay BVSc, MVS, MACVSc, AIMM How To Set Up Fair Fees? 51

    Dr Yannick Poubanne DVM, MSc, PhD Mobilising Veterinary Practice Processes 59

    Dr Alastair Stott, BVSc, MBA (Melb) Its All Too Much - I Just Need To Market!! 71

    Doug Fletcher

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    Dr Shane Simpson BVSc (Hons), GCM(VP), CMAVA

    Karingal Veterinary Hospital Aspendale Gardens Veterinary Hospital

    Nepean Veterinary Clinic 328 Cranbourne Road

    Frankston, Victoria, 3199 Australia

    Phone: +613 9789 3444

    e-mail: Skype ID: shanesimpson Web:

    There is no doubt that there is an ever increasing demand on us a veterinary practitioners to offer our clients the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment options available. It seems that every time we open a new journal, peruse a new veterinary magazine or attend a conference, there is some new must have piece of equipment available. The list of toys, gadgets and gizmos that we could buy is almost endless. While many of these will simply remain on our wish lists it is always fun to dream. So if you had an infinite cash flow and the room to store it all what would you buy? Wouldnt it be great if we all could put a CT Scanner in our practices? Or digital radiology? The reality is that we cannot (yet!) and so the hi-tech toys that I am going to talk about today have all been chosen so they meet the following criteria

    1. They cost less than $10,0000; 2. They help veterinarians deliver a more complete service to their

    clients; 3. They improve the level of patient care and; 4. They make practice more exciting

    PC-VetGard+ The PC-VetGard+ is a compact, lightweight hand-held, rechargeable battery operated, Bluetooth wireless patient monitor that displays dynamic multiple monitoring modalities on a Windows based computer. Cables and bulky equipment are a thing of the past in the modern veterinary surgical suite with the PC-VetGard+ monitors. The system is scalable in that you purchase only the monitoring modalities you want now with the flexibility of adding additional capability later without having to purchase a new monitor.

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    The following monitoring modalities are available: 1. ECG/Temperature/Respiration/Sp02 2. Animal validated NIBP with systolic, diastolic and MAP 3. Inspired/Expired C02 and apnea detection 4. Inspired/Expired C02 and 02

    5. Inspired/Expired C02, 02 and Anaesthesia Agents (including halothane, isoflurane, sevoflurane)

    The other benefit is that by connecting a monitor to multiple patients all their data (up to 8 patients) can be displayed on the one screen at the one time. A digital copy of the anaesthetic monitored is recorded and saved to a designated computer and then attached to the patient file in your practice management software. Instant print outs of the data can be made or alternatively saved files can be launched in real time at a later date. PC-VetGard+ can be used in the exam room too. By using the included chest sensor and low force leg clips quick ECG exams and pre-surgical screens can be performed. ECG interpretation software is available to screen for heart abnormalities that may cause problems before, during or after surgery. There is also bonus reviewer software that allows automatic file storage, dynamic playback of traces, electronic ECG calipers help in identifying and measuring ECG complexes and a table of normal ECG values for cats and dogs. Cost: $US6695 for base unit. $US2300 - $5300 for additional modalities More Information: or Sales Contact:

    Paige Martin DVM Solutions 16201 San Pedro Ave Ste.200 San Antonio, Texas, 78232 Mobile: (210) 373-9627 Ph: (866) 373-9627 Fax: (210) 499-4665 Email:

    Vet Call Voice Messaging This innovative technology is a telephone-based voice-messaging machine that can call up to 1,500 clients per day with specific reminders or information you wish to disseminate. Vet Call is smaller than a fax machine, compatible with DOS or Windows systems and comes with a microphone and digital card reader. The system works with any veterinary software and allows you to record personalised greetings with the clients name and pets names and specific

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    instructions or an all-purpose message. Importantly the message is in your voice and not a computer generated one and clients see your hospital number on their caller ID display. The reminders are generated on your practice management software and downloaded onto a digital card in a reader connected to your computers USB port. The card is then inserted into the Vet Call unit. You record the appropriate message and begin the dialling session. For personalised messages the client and pets names are said and recorded once. They are then captured for future calls. When dialling clients Vet Call recognises an answering machine or live conversation so you can choose a message only option or let your clients press 0 to be connected to a receptionist. It also redials busy signals and no answers. It can also be set to only call between certain times. Disconnected or changed phone numbers print on a call report so you can enter updated information into your database. The system can be used for things such as vaccination reminders, appointment confirmation calls, surgery confirmation calls, diagnostic testing for medication monitoring, renew relationships with inactive clients, promotion of new products or technology and messages to introduce a new doctor. Cost: $US3,500 More Information: Sales Contact: Tim Hooper Hooper Communications 4904 Oak Circle Drive North Mobile, Alabama Ph: 800-9333-4383 Email: Swift Optics Nine Series Digital Binocular Microscope The Swift Nine Digital Series microscope integrates a high quality 3 mega pixel digital camera and a 2.5 360 rotatable LCD screen into an advanced binocular microscope. The digital camera allows capturing of stills and real time video clips, including time-lapse video. There is an internal media card reader / writer so saved images can be reviewed if needed. The microscope has multiple signal output USB for direct connection to your computer, RCA and S-Video connection for TV monitors and video projectors. In addition the light source is a variable LED that provides cool, energy efficient light for up to 100,000 hours so no more blown globes!

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    Cost: $AU3930 (inc. GST) More Information: Sales Contact: Con Sapounas SciTech Pty Ltd PO Box 1625 Preston South VIC, 3072 Ph: 03 9480 4999 Fax: 03 9416 9959 Email: Radiograph Digital Converter Many veterinary practices cannot afford the high cost of digital x-ray systems or expensive radiograph scanners. The Radiograph Digital Converter (RDC) is an exciting innovation that allows you to have all the benefits of digitised radiographs while continuing to use your existing films. The system allows radiographs to be converted to high resolution DICOM or JPG images by simply placing a film in the unit and using the software package. The images can be imported directly into practice management software programmes including RxWorks and Cornerstone. There are enhancement tools such as bright/contrast, labels, ink, text, symbols, measurement tools, dual view and more. Video and still images can be captured from ultrasound units and dental radiographs films can be digitised using the new dental film converter. Images can also be burnt to CD for clients to take home. Cost: $US3295 though do have specials and do release units onto the international market at a reduced cost. More Information: Sales Contact: Mathew Russell LogicRad Suite 100, 10725 Plano Rd Dallas, Texas 75238 Ph: 1-888-484-XRAY Fax: 214-432-9068 Email: sales@radiogr