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Technical English 1B

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Technical English 1B

Text of Technical English 1B

  • n1ca

    Flexi-Course Book

    Students' Book and \Vorkbook

  • Contents 7.1 Dimensions P.52

    1.2 Quantities p.54

    7.3 Future p ro jcef. filly years ago ...

    Revision ot presen1 simple T/le hllldfelXlr steers the simoaro.

    1$ the computer oonnneci'ed to ltle arfflpfef? $h()fl t1nsw01$: Yft$, J /J..'lvtl N(). ii dOttSl'l'I'. ~.itis.

    Zero concitionaJ + impera!Ne If it doesn'r start. check. the cable.

    could, n'llght, ttluSI Alw~s .. DOii 1.,. Yc

    Electronics LEO. ~{C.tblf) Computing: disk drive. prirrler ... Car repair: flat (batter .

    Safety gear: hard hat. gJoves ... Hazards: poison, danger ... Accidents.: hurl. injure, rm.,o .. Shnpes: Cirr:ul.1r_ ro1.1nd ...

    Ha:ar\1 nouns: (}Jp, b8fe 1vife .. Hazard adjectiYeS; ~ dc1~cd, /ockJJd ... Safety: fire exit safsly cone ...

    Nouns on a iorm: position, aftitudo, distance ..

    Electrical: battery, btrzur, earlh

    To1bines; blade. brake. gear, Verbs: drive. 10ta1e. send ..

    A,pproximauon: atxxtt. O'V!Jf, ar reast .. Noons mas.s. rrat.iOfl

    Revision ol controls,. vehieles. direction OOVCJbS, verb$ of movc1ncnt

    Mahtenance and repair: Cheek, inspect, tlS~Ole ...

    Grammar summary p.100 Reference section p.108 Extra material p.112 Audio script p.116 Workbook follows p.122

    Contents 3

  • "

    Slart here


    1 Dimensions

    Whal do you know about !his bridge?

    I What's It called? 2 Where is it? 3 How high Is it?

    Listening 2 IE.D Listen to part of a 1V programme about the bridge. Check your

    Ooril.o.ito~ ,,_ ..,.,_IM'ldll,,...f ~ ..... ,00 100 ...

    .. 111111

    answers to 1.

    3 Work In pairs. Which of tht following can you see in the photo?

    cab'e deck pier pylon span

    4 Km Listen to the next part o f l he lV programme and com1>tete the specifications of the br ldije.

    Millau Brld99: apec::lf1Cat lon1

    Structure (l)~t>t.Jyed Length of outer spans (7)

    Completion date (2) ~=-21X>4 ..._ ....... (8) Ma:onal cables and dt

  • Vocabulary 5 Complete the table.

    I::"'" ~ ~ wide -6 Complete the scntenctt with the correct word in brackets. The ---of the road is 6 m. (wide/width)

    TI1e river ls 230 km ____ (lo ng/length)

    The sea has a ___ of 330 m. (deep/depth) These pylons are over 80 m ____ (high/height)

    These oil wells are more than 700 m --- - (d~p/depth) TI1e total ___ of the road Is about 120 km. (long/length)

    The tunnel is IS m ---(wide/width) 8 The ___ of the bridge ls 130 m. (high/height)

    Language 9> millmetres high - wide IS rt? h0S long are they? They're 10 ~Ires wide 100 me1res long - 1000 kilometree deep

    Speaking 7 Make questions about the Mlllau Bridge. Use the specification chart in 4. 8 Work In pairs. Ask and answer your questions In 7.

    Example 1V presenter. How long are the mner spaTU? Engmeer. 771ey're 342 metres long.

    Task 9 Work in pairs. Find out the sl>C(:iflcations of your partners bridge .

    Student B. Turn to page 114. Type ol structure


    Student A: P 19fS (number) I Ask Student B questions about the Span (lengltl)

    Akashl-Kalkyo Bridge. Complete your spttlltcatlons chart. TI1en change roles. Turn to page 112 and answer Student ss questions about I he Rion-Ant irion Bridge.

    11111111111s1111tmrn1111 ~

  • , .. 1: ' "' t: '" ..

    Start here

    2 Quantities

    Try the quiz. Match lhe names of the buildings to the pk:tures. Write lhe number and the approxlmttte height of each building.

    A ~ToweraDoM,~

    f'ic1o.1'9 fl ___;'*11'1t--m B Flldilratlon Towtt, Rutti.

    lf'icUe - tieor.1t--"' C Abr I Al B i1 Tovrs, Stl.ldl Ar bl

    jpict1.X9 __;'lt ,,...

    0 Se.rsT_.,USA

    f'K."hn ~ 111 E ~sT--.W.i.y.i. ....... ---~ F T.ip.1101, Tlliw_,

    ~-,,.,,.--~ G ~Woftd ftrwK. ... c.ntr., ~

    FblN -hiV"

    2 1121111 Usten and check your answers to 1.

    Reading 3 Read the FAQs from the webslle and match them to the answers.

    ~IClOOtW,..,.eigf'll ---.... 1'f0.000~..,..-,....,.,,...,.'-"' --... s,_,.,. ... ~ ... ..,. This is Taipei 101 . It 11 currently the highest in the world. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the build ing.

    1 How hlg/> IS Taipei 101? 2 Whats the loo/pnnt ol the bWJding? 3 How many storeys does d have? 4 How do you gollo 1116 lop? 5 Whals the building made ol?

    How mvch steel and concrete 1s in the building exactly?

    A ~ 700.000 kw1oM

    B Syaiper-laslelemol'Thrt~h.MIWO~~Each~l,.,...117m.'a

    C U)1

    0 .,,...,. llboooe 1..,.. ..... ~ ht9lt ol """ 509 mcr... E Aewitorwd ccnc.-. -.. . ....,_.-Id gtna.

    F ThebMeollhetuldil'OMl81'1.,..cllibout.t50rri'

  • Language Countable nouns can be both singular and plural. E:.'
  • 56

    3 Future projects

    ----+---main tunnel

    Start here 1 Work in pairs Look at the picture. What is it? How does the vehicle move?

    2 CiFM Listen to this radio Interview and complete the specification chart.

    Trans-Atlantic MagLvTube

    Locahon of tubo ( 1) Under the Atlantic Ocean from to me USA

    Possible date of completlon (2) 2t00

    Length (3) km

    Depth below sea tevet (4) m

    N'"'1ber of cables (5)

    Speed of train (6) kmito

    Souroe of power tor train (7)

    Language l.:se will and won't to predict a future fact or event.

    They/We My company The engineers


    Wiii 11

    woll noc won't

    buolcl 11 n 2050.

    build n? In 2050. Wiii

    Will they/you

    build n In 2050? Yes, they Wiii. / No, they won't. __ _, 3 Disagree with each statement.

    I The engineers wlll start the tube in 2020. (2080) 2 The tube will be under the Pacific Ocean. (Atlantic) 3 The tube will connect Britain with Europe. (the USA) 4 The train will use diesel (magnetism) 5 The tube will contain compressed air. (a vacuum) 6 The trains wlll travel al I I .OOO km/h. (8000 kmfh)

    Example. I They u:on 1 start the tube m 2020. They'll start it in 208Q.

  • Reading 4 Read this interview and p roduce a specilicalions chart !or the bridge (see 2 on page 56). Use the words in the box.

    completion date deck height length materials pier pylon span

    Bridge of the Future:

    Europe-Africa Bridge RadloTech presenter Tom Burns interviews e ngineer Galal Ha1ndy.

    Tom: What project are you working on now? Galal: We're designing the world"s longest bridge. Tom Where will it be? Galal: ll

  • 2 Damage and loss

    Start here 1 Do you have any damaged too ls or equipment? Describe the damage to your partner.

    Vocabulary 2 Do you remember the verbs in the box'? Match them with the pictures.

    bend break burn crack cut dent scratch tear

    Task 3 Correct the mistakes in this checklist.

    Quick Start guide Check all these i tems are in the box and in good condition. lf any i tems are damaged or missing contacc Cuscomer Services immediately.

    60 11

    item in box condition

    radio .I damaged

    radio antenna OK body of radio cracked . display screen OK power cable wi!h plug noolug cable OK 4 AA batteries .I OK t user manual no manual -1 pair headphones .I OK 1 LH external speaker .I OK 1 AH external speaker .I OK 2 cables for speakers .I OK

    Listening 4 &"UW Look at the picture in 3. Listen to the telephone conversation and check the list.

    Speaking 5 Look at the picture in 3 again. Make sentences about the damage and the things that are missing. Use these sentence patterns.

    Ways to report damage

    The screen is scratched. There's a scratch on the screen. The speakers are denced. There are some dents on the speakers.

    Ways to report something missing

    The manual is missing. There's no manual in the box. The cable has no plug./ The cable doesn't have a plug. There's no plug on the cable.

  • Language Focus on action

    I have dented the radio.

    Ho has broken the speakers.

    I past participle I

    Focus on result o f action

    The radio

    The speakers



    dented broken.

    I adjective

    6 Rewrite the sentences In the same way as in the table above.

    Focus on action

    I've scratched 1he display screen.

    2 Someone has bent the anlenna.

    3 I've burn1 the body or the radio.

    4 Someone has dented the top of the speaker.

    5 They've cracked the cover or the plug.

    6 Someone has tom the user manual.

    Focus on result of action

    7 Complete the sentences with lhe correct form of the words in the box.

    bend crack cut denl scratch tear


    I The side of the box is ___ _

    2 The lenses of the goggles are -----

    3 The surface of the road Is -----

    4 The insulation o f the cable is -----

    5 The pipe below the tank is -----6 The overalls are ___ _

    8 Re\\'rite the sentences in 7 to give the same 111eaning.

    There's a .... f There are some .. . . Example: I There's a dent in the side of the box.

    Task 9 Work in pairs. f'ind out the damage to your partners car.

    fronl .,.. rear lho steering wheel Is always o/lsKJo.

    Student A: 1 Ask Student B questions about the

    damage to their car. Label your d iagram. 2 Then change roles. Turn to page 112.

    Student B. Turn to page 114. What's the problem? O 111e door is scrarcfled. Which door? O 771e back I from nearside one. Anything else?




    ReportJnR: 11 6t

  • 3 Past events

    Start here 1 Work In pairs. V.'hen did these events happen?

    Give the approximate year of the first ... I space station 6 1>accwalk 2 telescope In space 7 man on

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