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Teaching Credentials. What is a Teaching Credential?. A credential is an authorization to teach a subject or subjects in a school setting grades K-12. What is the purpose of a Teaching Credential?. Thanks to No Child Left Behind - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Teaching Credentials

Teaching Credentials

What is a Teaching Credential?A credential is anauthorization to teacha subject or subjects in a school settinggrades K-12

What is the purpose of a Teaching Credential?Thanks to No Child Left BehindAll Teachers in the United States must be Highly Qualified to teach

What does it mean to be Highly Qualified?According to the Federal Governmentteachers must hold at least a bachelors degreebe appropriately licensed by the statedemonstrate subject matter competency

To earn any California teaching credential the following requirements must be met:Bachelor's Degree or higher from a regionally accredited universityTeacher preparation program: credential program, including student teachingInstructs K-12 teacher candidates on how to teach the subject matter in which they have demonstrated competency

To earn any California teaching credential the following requirements must be met:RICA for multiple subject credentialTB Skin Test & Fingerprint Clearance

To earn any California teaching credential the following requirements must be met:Developing English Language Skills (reading instruction course)U.S. Constitution course

To earn any California teaching credential the following requirements must be met:CSET Subject matter competence 3 Tests Good for 5 yearsCBESTBasic Skills Requirement

CBEST scores do not expire.Tests basic reading, mathematics, & writing skills found to be important for the job of an educatorthe test is not designed to measure the ability to teach those skills.

For more information on the CBEST log on to www.cbest.nesinc.com

Teacher CredentialsMultiple Subject: K 8Single Subject: 9 12

Multiple Subject CredentialGives authorization to teach more than one subject by one individual, such as in an elementary school

Multiple Subject CredentialSubject Matter CompetenceElementary Teachers Must KnowLanguage ArtsMathScienceSocial ScienceVisual & Performing ArtsPhysical Education and Human Development*All new elementary school teachers must demonstratesubject matter competence by obtaining a passing score on the CSET

Multiple Subject CredentialSubject Matter CompetenceCalifornia Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET): Multiple Subjects

Section I: Language Arts & Social Science

Section II: Mathematics & Science

Section III: Arts, Physical Education, Human Development

Single Subject CredentialAuthorizes an individual to teach only a single subject, such as in a classroom in a departmentalized high school or junior high school.

Single Subject CredentialSubject Matter CompetenceCan be met by one of two ways:

A. Complete a degree in the field that is like your credentialorB. Passing the state-approved subject matter exam (CSET)

Single Subject CredentialWhat Can I Teach?Best to Major in the subject you want to teachSingle Subject Credential Areas

AgricultureArtBiological Sciences (Specialized)BusinessChemistry (Specialized)EnglishFoundational-Level MathematicsFoundational-Level General ScienceGeosciences (Specialized)Health ScienceHome EconomicsIndustrial and Technology EducationLanguages other than English (Specialized)MathematicsMusicPhysical Education / KinesiologyPhysics (Specialized)Science: BiologyScience: ChemistryScience: GeosciencesScience: PhysicsSocial Science

AssignmentRespond to the following questions: What do you believe is the reason teachers must complete a credentialing program?Identify the key differences between a Multiple Subject & Single Subject Teaching Credential?Choose a credential & explain why you would pursue it

Teacher Credentialing PlanWhat are the requirements to becoming a teacher? Choose either Multiple Subject or Single SubjectWhich tests must you take to show subject matter competence and basic skills knowledge?What type of degree do you need?What other items must you complete?