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Slab Punching

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INTERNAL4.0USE 6.4.3(6) FACTORSCC16 @At col. face, vEd =3.01611/16/12CRITICAL PERIMETERSLOADED AREAS0.08AutoRadial onlyProjectSpreadsheets to EC2The Concrete CentreCALCULATE At hole face, vEd =3.016Per NoaInternaldeductFinal 1aInternal28.388AutomaticClientAdvisory GroupMade byDatePageCALCULATE 171068610686100.36050.31010AutomaticLocationECBP Typical Floor Column B3rmw41229.0197n =0.528fywd,ef =338.75MAX a =221929768534085342661.22278.51212PUNCHING SHEAR to BS EN 1992-1: 2004INTERNALCheckedRevisionJob Nofcd =20.00Max side600Hole face024000240000.360113.11616Originated from TCC13.xlsv4.0 on CD 2003-12 TCCCOLUMNchg-FB625k =1.751Hole deduct ?NOMin side600o/s hole =0.0000000001Col face024000240000.360201.12020314.22525MATERIALSfckN/mm230STATUSLEGENDSolution 6.22 (B)Solution 6.22 (A) Spurs =8Solution 6.22 (A) Spurs =12touchoverlap32fykN/mm2500VALID DESIGNShear Enhancementoutside face by70mmSt =475.0mmSt =278.2mmPer NovEd,redSide BN0-300AutoSteel classC.Asw/Sr req =7.899mmAsw/Sr min =0.2775127625mmAsw/Sr min =0.163mm11.0550Side AN0-3000try X spurs =3NoRequired =16mmRequired =16mmDIMENSIONSAmm600Emm0Link diameter on all pagestry Y spurs =3Nolink =16mmlink =16mmHOLE REDUCTIONBmm600Fmm0Required =16mmAsw/Sr req =7.899mmAsw/Sr req =7.899mmBLBRTLTRCentreNSGmm0Hmm0Spur layoutlink =16mmSr =200mmSr =265mmX = min =0.216mmAsw/Sr prov =8.042mmAsw/Sr prov =9.105mmY = =kNm400.0C req =1418mmC req =1391mmtan a =1.0000tan b =1.0000ult UDLkN/m219.76Mtz =kNm300.0Sr =265mmLast link @1000mmLast link @1060mmb/2c/2T TanR TanD/d =1.286to expression (6.43)X spurs =3NoC actual =1576mmC actual =1611mm1010.01010.00.29700.29700.0Y spurs =3NoSt, last links1217.9mmSt, last links820.6mm1276.31276.30.23510.23510.00.0%Reduction100.0%SLABdxmm365Asxmm2/m3140in B + 6dx = 0.860Mty and Mtz are moments transferred to the column under the same loading arrangement that produces VEd.Asw/Sr prov =9.105mmStmax